Zhan Long - Volume 1 - Starting from Scratch - Chapter 48

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The freezing wind howled through the forest and pounded of the city walls of Dragon City, making a frozen whirlpool . Two people could be seen walking through it . One with a burly physique and carrying a heavy chain and another with a staff and a tiny bee .


”Sir, what’s the main responsibility of a scavenger in Dragon City?”

Dalin dragged the chains behind him, and smiled, answering: “Our main responsibility is to clean up the surrounding area of Dragon City from anything that would either pose a threat towards Dragon City or the ordinary soldiers transporting goods to or from Dragon City . ”

I nodded, thinking back to the time when Dalin killed the Cyclops with a single blow . If I had to hunt down such creatures, I’d probably die before scratching them .

“Moreover…” Beast Tamer Dalin looked into the distance with a cold look in his eyes: “There is another important duty . ”

“What duty?”

“Come with me!”


Dalin leaped forward, traveling more than a hundred yards in a single leap . I rushed after him with my staff, until I came to an earth slope which had large lumps of steaming hot excrement . Some were even giving off small sparks on the top while the others were frozen solid . The pile had a radius of around 1 meter from the top to the button .

“What is this?” I was quite startled .

Beast Tamer Dalin was looking in the sky, pretty curious, I looked as well: “Kid, what you see is the excrement of the phoenix . The phoenix’s main food is the fruit that grows in volcanoes . This causes the phoenix’s body to store lots of energy, which causes its excrement to be high quality and good for heating . Since the winters are unusually harsh in Dragon City, we must store lots of excrement to keep Dragon City warm in the winter . ”

Suddenly Dalin’s chains danced in the air and compacted the excrement before he started dragging them towards Dragon City .

I was completely astonished, was this my duty?

“Kid, don’t just stand around . That side has lots of frozen Wild Boar excrement, carry it away . ”

“Uhh . . Yeh…Yes… . Yes sir!……”

I glanced towards a huge pile of excrement . Was this really poop? How big were these Wild Boars? When I entered the ranks of Dragon City, I expected to become a mighty Dragon warrior or Dragon knight . Instead my profession turned out to be an excrement mover . .

Although there was a difference between the types of work, every job was vital, let’s work!


I stuck my staff directly into the excrement and made an effort to pick up the frozen excrement to carry back to the camp . The camp was extremely simple only consisting of a tent that could barely contain Dalin . I had to stand outside by the bonfire!

Next to our camp was a huge pit where we threw the excrement . I flicked my staff through the air and the excrement looked magnificent as it entered the pit .


System Notification: Congratulations, you have successfully cleaned up debris and obtained 900 points of experience .


Very unexpectedly I also gained experience by doing this? I couldn’t help but laugh, the experience was almost as good as hunting monsters . The only downside was that there was no chance of dropping equipment or illustration cards .

I kept walking back and forth between the excrement and the pit together with Dalin . This area belonged to Dragon City’s territory and since it was more than an hour’s walk from any major city with extremely high-leveled monsters, normal players would never venture here . This meant that I was alone in doing these humiliating tasks .

As I continued to move the excrement, I quickly got to 27% experience . I was striving to reach level 30 today . Then I would be able to wield Jade City Sword and Silver Locked Battle Boots, which would dramatically increase my strength .


Rustle… .

On the way uphill, Dalin quickly raised his arm in sign for me to stop and quietly said: “Kid, stop . ”

I narrowed my eyes as I looked around: “What’s going on?”

“A jackpot’s coming!”


The soil suddenly parted and a chubby head emerged . It looked a lot like an insect and a moment later my theory was confirmed, as the entire insect climbed out of the hole . It looked and moved like a sea cucumber . Its status displayed “Ginseng Earthworm” and its rank was unclear, which meant it was at least level 35 .

“I am truly lucky today . ”

The Beast Tamer Dalin was almost drooling while looking at it: “Kid, this Ginseng Earthworm is very high quality food . Within Tian Ling Empire a pound of its flesh can be sold for a hundred gold coins because of its rare taste and abundance of nutrition . In addition, it’s one of the best foods to fight against the cold . Such a big Ginseng Earthworm can feed the entirety of Dragon City for a week . ”

He firmly gripped his chains while staring at the mouthwatering Ginseng Earthworm . With a quick flourish, he pulled out some dried fish from his backpack: “Ginseng Earthworms have a fancy for fish, so I will lure it over here . You circle around it and ambush it, but be careful to not let it escape down into the hole . Once it’s down in the earth it’s as agile as a fish in the water and impossible to catch . ”

I nodded as I raised my staff and called Baby Bobo to circle around the worm .

Dalin quickly ran up the hill and dropped the fish before concealing himself . Less than half a minute later the heavy earthworm had waddled over and began stuffing himself with the fish . Suddenly Dalin jumped up towards it and yelled: “This time you will not escape!”


The iron chains pierced directly into the Ginseng Earthworm and blood splattered in all direction . It was making an endless struggle and wriggled in an attempt to get free, before finally a snapping sound was heard . It had torn its own body through the iron chain and escaped . It took a huge chunk of damage, but that didn’t stop it from rushing towards me and the hole .


I crossed my staff as I prepared to encounter it, meanwhile I commanded Baby Bobo to rush towards it . Baby Bobo immediately used [Combo] and dealt over a 1000 points of damage . Hmm, the defense of the worm wasn’t even decent .

“Good, kid, stop it, STOP IT!” Dalin yelled as he prepared to throw his chains again .

The Ginseng Earthworm was desperately rushing forward, I attempted to stop it, but it simply bashed me away . Baby Bobo was still furiously attacking and even though the worm’s defense was low and it only had around a total of 5000 health, we were unable to kill it within such a limited time period .

Ka ka……

In a blink of an eye the Ginseng Earthworm was back in the ground and gone . The chance was gone . You could hear how disappointed and bitter Baby Bobo was from his buzzing .


Shortly afterwards, me and Dalin both stood in front of the hole . Dalin was looking quite sad and disappointed as he said: “Damn, it actually escaped, such a shame………… . Kid, it’s not your fault…………”

I pursed my lips: “I didn’t say that it was my fault…”

“Alright, there are a few giant boars up ahead, we will hunt those . As the winter draws closer, our employed convoys are often intercepted by either wild animals or bandits, so we cannot depend on them . We have to gather supplies ourselves . This is why we hunt . ”

I nodded but I asked: “Sir, as there are many strong generals in Dragon City, why don’t they also hunt?”

Dalin smiled as he said : “There are many outstanding people in Dragon City, but they are either meditating or practicing martial arts and combat . They have no time to hunt for animals . This is our responsibility and also one of the reasons Captain Frost allowed you to become a member of Dragon City . You could say that we are food providers to Dragon City’s kitchen . ”

A bit disappointed, I looked towards Dragon City and asked: “Sir, are there really dragons in this frozen wasteland?”


Dalin thought about it for a couple of moments before answering: “Who knows, it has been a couple of hundred years since anyone has seen a Dragon . I think the last time a Dragon was seen was 500 years ago in the war of empires . Maybe Dragons have since then lost the god’s blessing and become a fable to never appear again . ”

I took a deep breath . Looked like I wouldn’t get the chance to fight a Dragon .


We continued forward and soon encountered huge boars at the forest’s edge . Dalin was the main attack force, while I supported him . Less than 15 seconds later the boar dropped to the ground disturbing a huge cloud of dust .

“Even though this meat is very tough, it’s also quite a treasure in winter times . ”

Dalin threw his chains around the boar and dragged it back to the camp . When we arrived, there were already more than a dozen black armored Dragon warriors waiting . One of the men with a bunch of excrement in one hand, turned around respectfully asking: “ Dalin, did you find some more food?”

Dalin laid down the boar: “Yeah, it’s around a 500 kilo boar, you may take it . After all there is nothing like bacon, and a pot of wine in the winter . That is the good life . ”

“Haha, thank you sir . ”

When we handed over the porcupine a system message appeared .


System Notification: Congratulations, you have successfully delivered food and received 3000 experience points .


I felt joy, unspeakable joy! I also got experience from delivering dead monsters! This meant that I could get experience both from killing monsters as well as delivering them to the pit . Also it was giving reasonably more experience than simply throwing excrement into the pit .

If I was lucky the experience reward might increase further if I was doing it on my own . Either way, me and Dalin continued hunting and dragging monsters to the awaiting Dragon soldiers .

As the afternoon light dimmed, my experience had increased to 87% . I was extremely close to level 30 and became anxious, not wanting to get another setback .

“Kid, I’ll take a break now, go ahead and continue cleaning up the wilderness . ”

Dalin laid down inside his ripped tent, enjoying the little extra shelter and warmth it gave .

I walked away with my Baby Bobo, it was time to solo hunt .

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