Zero Ranker - Chapter 6

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Xeniths unkempt brown hair fluttered from the winds caused by the rift . His thin yet youthful chiseled face glowed from the afternoon suns illumination, making his appearance apparent to Xin Jung and to the media surrounding him .
A person came out of the rift? muttered a cameraman . His lens focusing on Xenith .
That shouldnt be normal, right? Is he human? I cant sense anything from him though another media crew commented .
This could be a juicy story… hehe added the brazen yet pretty reporter, who unhesitantly walked towards the direction of Xenith .

Little one, why did you follow me?
Xenith was shocked to see that the hatchling Roc followed over from the other side of the rift . Soon, winds blew slower as the rift gradually faded and disappeared . Its sudden disappearance, however, shocked everyone .
Wait? That was it? The rift spawned a human an infant rift beast? Xin Jung was baffled . He could not understand what was going on and decided to just approach Xenith .
However, it would be foolish for him to let his guard down . After all, this boy somehow came from the other side of the rift, the Otherworld .
His initial plan to use the creatures appearing from the rift as a way to a breakthrough was gone, but his curiosity still piqued as to why the boy appeared coming from a rift in the first place . Young man, identify yourself and explain your situation .
Albeit Xin Jung got closer to Xenith, he was still apprehensive about him and kept his distance, lightly yelling; asking for a proof of Xeniths identity .
. . . the Association would surely kill this hatchling . Xenith thought . He was way too distracted that he did not notice Xin Jung immediately . Xin Jung . on the other hand, had not expected the stranger to be completely neglecting him .
He might not have heard me . Xin Jung thought . He then moved a little closer . As he went towards Xenith, his gaze landed on the creature he had not noticed up until now . A small rift beast just lurking behind the mysterious boys leg .
Eh, young man? Is that a rift beast with you? . . . Please identify yourself immediately, or else I have to take action myself… Xin Jung, seeing that the young man had a rift beast with him, immediately became apprehensive .
Either the young man was a New Human registered as a Tamer: a sub-class for registered New Humans with a unique set of abilities to control and tame rift beast to do their bidding, or he was someone whos a resident of the Otherworld: humans who have abandoned Earth to seek for a New world order beyond the rift— They are dubbed as Deserters, and are enemies to the humans who have struggled to survive on what was left of Earth during the Great Rift calamity .
— Albeit, either guess would be dangerous for Xin Jung .
Tamers, unlike Exterminators and Adventurers, is a group unlikely to kill any rift beasts, they are technically pro-life and would not want to cause any harm . But, contrary to their peaceful nature, they have powers similar to waring gods— not a single registered Tamer have ranks below 8-star .
Their genes have ironically been blessed to be the strongest among New Humans .
Xin Jung keenly gazed at Xenith, thoroughly observing the latter .
Eh? Finally, Xenith noticed Xin Jung . The hatchling Roc then scootched behind Xenith, albeit its enormous size for a chick overlapped Xeniths skinny legs . Ah, yes, identification . Xenith immediately handed over a company issued I . D . , the one he has for Xin Corp .
Xin Jung inspected the I . D . , the logo in it was all too familiar to him Oh? Do you work for the Xin Corp? I am Xin Jung, one of the grandsons of old Xin Shuei . Given the opportunity, Xin Jung would not miss boasting about his status, but besides seeing Xeniths name and confirming that he works for the Xin Corp . , he could not get anything more out of it .
Not even an explanation as to how he traversed from a rift .
-- Ah, that aside, can you provide another identification? An associations I . D . perhaps? Xin Jung inquired . At the least, he was curious how strong Xenith was .
I apologize, senior . I have not yet registered to any association . Xenith sincerely clarified .
Ah… Xin Jung nodded . If his guess was correct, neither Tamers nor Deserters would even bother registering in an association . Their strengths were far too superior that the benefits offered by any association would only be mere crumbs to them .
Looking up to see the setting sun, the ever dimming skies, Xenith seemingly remembered something important…
Wait… Grampa! Xenith exclaimed . Hurriedly bowing and leaving Xin Jung, he rushed towards the public hospital .
A— Xin Jung could not utter a single word before Xenith disappeared in front of him . Fixing his tie and suit, he dismissed the thought of pursuing the young man . After all, he was working for the Xin Corporation . There was no need to doubt any further .
Turning around, he saw the expectant faces of the media turning into that of shock . Wait, where did that boy go? They all questioned . Xin Jung casually waved his hands, asking them to make way, as he returned to the limousine .
The hatchling obediently followed Xenith .
Gazes were directed at the duo, although the scene wasnt all too odd, it was just that, Tamers rarely bring their beasts casually outside, not because they dont want to, but just the terrifying sizes of those beasts would easily scare anyone and everyone—
In short, they rarely see Tamers with a young or adolescent beast with .
Xenith knew for the fact that he was no tamer . He could hear the whispers around, but he did not bother clarifying it to anyone . He hurried his pace, worried about his grampa .
The streets were slowly getting darker, the roads alongside the path leading to the public hospital are, oddly, not well lit . Xenith squinted his eyes, forcing it to see clearly .
Little Xen, what are you doing here? A nurse cheerfully greeted Xenith . It was nurse Amy, a foreign nurse assigned in Shen Public Hospital . Old man Ben had stayed in the hospital for quite some time that Xenith became a bit close with the hospitals staff .
My shift ended early . I am on my way home, do you want to go with me? Its quite dark already, I could use a man to escort me safely . nurse Amy added, jeeringly smiling . Nurse Amys apartment, after all, was only a block away from Xeniths home .
Sorry nurse Amy, but I have to tend to grampa for now . I mean, as always Xenith replied with a sincere smile, scratching the back of his head .
Eh? Your gramps? He checked out this afternoon, though . Were you not together? nurse Amy inquired . She was sure that Old man Ben checked out earlier . But seeing the suddenly worried expression painted all over Xeniths face, it was apparent that they have not met since then .
Excuse me nurse Amy, I have to go… Without talking any further, Xenith turned around and ran home . How did gramps checked out on his own? How did he pay for the bill all by himself? Xeniths thoughts were a bit muddled that he could not really think straight .
He was just hoping that his gramps would have safely arrived home .
Fingers crossed, Xenith hastened his pace . The hatchling ceaselessly followed .

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