Zannen Kei na Ojou-sama no Nichijou

Disappointing Lady's Daily Life 残念系お嬢様の日常

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance , Shoujo

Chapters: 23

Last update: a year ago

1.8 /5

I have reincarnated in the world of a romance manga, A little spice in love. Wait a minute aren't I that antagonist with an extremely poor personality who bullies the cross-dressing heroine, gets resented, then murdered!? The criminal is that's right! I died before reading that last volume!Etto, let's live a life always keeping in mind to avoid resentment and train with a dumbbell while I'm at it but is this really the same world as that shoujo manga? A-re-re there're a lot of disappointing ladies here and there

Zannen Kei na Ojou-sama no Nichijou