You’re Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 46

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Tong Yao scurried over and abruptly stopped right in front of the man under the streetlamp. Before Jian Yang opened his mouth, she asked first: “What are you doing here?”

Jian Yang had both of his hands in his pockets with a gloomy expression. Tong Yao thought he was going to give her a lecture again, when he suddenly stretched his hands out and picked her up without making a sound------

Dumbfounded, Tong Yao hadn’t realized what had happened as her feet left the ground and her nose hit Jian Yang’s shoulder. The heat from his breath warmed her shoulder.

Tong Yao: “? ? ?”

Question marks were written all over Tong Yao’s face.


Behind Tong Yao, someone screamed “damn” from the bushes. The shallots planted in the YQCB base garden were destroyed by her high heels. She flew back into the base and yanked YQCB mid’s cell phone out of his hands, amidst Ai Jia’s protest.

Three minutes later, inside the ZGDX base, the cell phone of the man with a cold face who was playing game lit up. He lowered his head to take a glance at it-----

Lu Sicheng: “? ? ?”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

The corner of his lips twitched but he ignored it.

He continued with his game. Then he abruptly asked Lu Yue who was sitting on Tong Yao’s seat and playing with her account: “Do you have a cigarette?”

“What?” The young man with green hair gave a look at the man who almost looked like him: “I quit smoking. You know that.”


“You should quit too. Didn’t you survive the past few days without smoking? What’s wrong with you, wanting to smoke while you’re still coughing. I’ll tell mom about you. Wait till she flies over to Shanghai to crack down on you-----By the way, don’t you have your own?”

“It’s all gone.”

“Nonsense, behind that fortune cat piggy bank of yours------”

As Lu Yue spoke, he lifted his body, stretching his hand towards the piggy bank on Lu Sicheng’s desk. Before his finger tips reached, his brother struck the back of his hand. He shrieked and retracted his hand, staring at the man who had just hit him. His brother calmly said: “Don’t touch it. Last time Xiao Rui saw me taking a cigarette from there, I don’t hide it there anymore. I’m not a fool.”

Lu Yue mumbled as he returned to his seat.

Lu Sicheng thought for a while then asked again: “If I give you money, will you go buy it?”

Lu Yue: “Don’t even think about it. You think I’m a three year old who runs errands for his dad?”

Lu Sicheng: “I’m your dad when we’re playing competitions. You can ask the bullet comments and see whether they agree.”

The bullet comments were very cooperative: “233333333”[1] “Agree, agree, agree” “Don’t bully our Lulu” ------

Lu Yue rolled his eyes: “Go buy it yourself. I’m not going.”

Lu Sicheng thought a while again, then said: “Oh.”

Lu Yue couldn’t stop himself from turning to look at his brother in surprise. It was truly rare to get his brother off his back this easily, what was wrong with him today?

[1]: Internet slang for laughing, the emoji on the Mop forums is No. 233.

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