You’re Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 41

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When they arrived back to the base, Tong Yao rushed off the van. A male staff behind her naively asked: “Didn’t you say your relative’s here, where is she?”

Tong Yao stood next to the van, turned her head to face him, and replied in a composed manner: “Between my legs.”

The staff looked as if he had been struck by lightning.

At the same time, the tall man, with his jacket on, walked off the van. He took a glance at the girl who was standing there waiting for the front door to open with arms akimbo and backpack on her shoulders. He softly coughed a few times and spoke in a low and hoarse voice: “Can’t you be more civilized?”

Tong Yao simply countered: “No.” Then she strode into the base when the door opened-- --She went back to her room to shower and changed before coming downstairs with her comfortable pajama on. As she had expected, the base was empty. All the staff had left since most of the team had gone to the event tonight, including the housekeeper who would sometimes cook dinner for them to save them from eating take out all the time.

Tong Yao checked the time and was thinking of going back upstairs to order take out and lazeabout in her bed…...Among all the congratulatory messages for her first victory, she received a text message from Xiao Rui. The team manager told her to make sure Lu Sicheng had taken his medicine.

[ZGDX-Smiling: ...He’s a big guy, can’t he take his own medicine?]

[ZGDX-Xiao Rui: He won’t take it if you leave it to him. Be more considerate. If he dies, we won’t have a captain.]

[ZGDX-Smiling: Promote that sycophantic Little Fatty.]

[ZGDX-Xiao Rui: Then when you fight with Lu Yue, there won’t be anyone who can help you. Little Fatty can’t keep Lu Yue under control. Lately he’s been so nice to Lu Yue since he feels guilty, even helping him get food at the dinner table.]

[ZGDX-Smiling: ………………..Where’s the medicine?]

Can’t let the captain die.

If he dies, Lu Yue would be the king here.

Tong Yao figured that she should be drinking some hot brown sugar tea[1] as well. She went in the kitchen to boil some water and, under the direction of Xiao Rui, located the medicine box and retrieve some cold pills. She started to feel pressure on her stomach again.

Enduring the discomfort, Tong Yao held the hot water cup and medicine in hands and went upstairs. Lu Sicheng’s room door was ajar…...With one hand holding the cup and the other the medicine, Tong Yao kicked open the door and walked in the room shared by Lu Sicheng and Little Fatty-- --

This was the second time that she had entered Lu Sicheng’s room.

Last time she was in a rush and didn’t really see the inside of the room clearly. Today, she could take her time to look around-- --The room was very clean, with what looked like an expensive carpet on the floor. There were slippers near the door. Tong Yao hesitated for a while then took off her slippers and walked onto the carpet barefoot. She looked around, the bedding was black. There was a small coffee table with a laptop and a few books on it. Next to the coffee table was a beanbag……

The bed closer to the door must be Little Fatty’s. On his bed, he had placed various stuffed toys on it, a crocodile, Captain America’s shield, a piggy…...probably from his fans. The bed deep in the room on the contrary, didn’t have any decoration at all. At the moment, Lu Sicheng was lying on that bed, with his back facing Tong Yao, still wearing his team uniform.

“Mr. Captain, time to take medicine.”

Tong Yao walked over with medicine in hand.

The man didn’t respond

Tong Yao circled around to his front.

She put the cup and medicine on the table and squatted down next to the bed holding her knees, watching silently at the face that seemed to be in a deep slumber. She thought to herself: Lu Sicheng does look very handsome. His features looked like those used in plastic surgery advertisements. Though it looks a bit mean when all the features were put together, he’s still a rather good look guy.

Tong Yao had a poor vocabulary and couldn’t really put her feelings into words. But she knew that when she fixed her eyes on the tip of his slightly pinkish nose and the corners of his eyes, she couldn’t move her eyes away-- --

Until the man who she thought was sound asleep suddenly opened his eyes without making any noise.

[1]:  It’s believed in China that hot sweet tea can relieve cramps.

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