You’re Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 40

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After bowing to the audience, Tong Yao and her teammates returned to their seats to pack their mice and keyboards. Lu Sicheng declared that he had a headache and let Little Fatty pack his stuff-- --

“I’m your support, not your babysitter!”

Though he complained, Little Fatty still carefully picked up Lu Sicheng’s equipment and placed it into his backpack. Tong Yao saw Little Fatty take the earphones off the computer and realized that Lu Sicheng even brought his own earphones-- --

“Is it really necessary to bring your own earphones?”

“Some players may sweat when they’re under pressure. Because he’s picky, because he’s a germaphobe, so many reasons, just pick any one of them.” Little Fatty packed up the keyboard as well, then put the backpack over his shoulder. “By the way, this pair of earphones costs 50K.”

Tong Yao, walking in front, almost tripped. She jerked back to stare at Little Fatty as if she had seen a ghost. Little Fatty cracked a smile: “That’s right. It’s enough to buy a bathroom in an eighth-tier city like my hometown. Our captain lives such a luxurious and extravagant life.”


Tong Yao straightened her backpack a bit. She had thought her 4 digit keyboard was already luxurious and extravagant for a professional player. Now her pride had been shattered……

When they walked back to the rest area, their captain was gone already-- --According to Xiao Rui, he had already headed back to the base on the van and finally able to lie down……

The rest of the team gave their equipments to the staff so they could take another van to go to the event tonight. Tong Yao also handed her backpack to the staff. She was about to ask whether they should bring anything back to Lu Sicheng when she was attacked by another wave of cramps in her lower abdomen-- --

Those elephants who had just stomped over her tummy had come back in herds.

Tong Yao bent over and thought it didn’t make much sense that she would get stomach aches from stress since the game was over. Before she could figure it out, she felt something wasn’t right-- --

To be more precise… was the feeling that something was flowing out of her body.

Tong Yao hastily said: “Going to the restroom.” Amid Little Fatty’s nagging of “restroom, again,” Tong Yao rushed to the restroom-- --

She closed the door, took off her pants, took a look, put the pants back on, opened the door, walked out, and washed her hands.

Three minutes later, Tong Yao appeared in front of the team manager with her hands on her waist and calmly said: “Rui Ge, I can’t go to that event either.”

Xiao Rui was starting to go crazy: “What’s wrong with you again? You’re going down with Cheng Ge?”

Tong Yao replied with a stone face: “My pants got dirty.”

Xiao Rui was shocked: “......You pooped in your pants?”

Everyone in the rest area jerked their heads to look over.

Tong Yao still kept her stone face.

About 30 seconds later, Xiao Rui finally figured it out based on all her symptoms earlier. He cried out, “oh, my,” then paused, followed by another, “oh, my.” He waved his hand in frustration: “Go ahead. I’ll call Cheng Ge’s van to come back to take you back. They shouldn’t have gone too far anyway.”


Ten minutes later, Lu Sicheng who was lying down on the last row of seats found the moving van had stopped. He removed the clothes covering his face and sat up out of curiosity. He took a look outside the window and found the van back at the parking lot of the arena…...He tiredly asked: “What’s going on?”

Just as he finished speaking, the car door opened.

A shorty climbed into the van. She put down her backpack and told the captain who was staring at her in bewilderment: “I volunteered to take care of you.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “I have a fever, but my brain hasn’t been fried.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “What’s going on?”

Tong Yao: “My pants got dirty.”

Lu Sicheng: “Oh.” Then he calmly added: “You pooped in your pants? Then stay away from me.”

“...........................” Tong Yao moved away from Lu Sicheng, three rows away, while mumbling: “You can’t smell with your stuffy nose.”

“It won’t do if it stinks my eyes.”

The man gave a glance then pulled the jacket over his face, sliding down to go back to sleep…...Tong Yao sat in the van with a couple of staff member who all looked confused. Tong Yao kept her silence. Finally, she felt compelled to speak up as more stuff began flowing out of her body: “Mr. driver, could you please hurry up. My big aunt[1] is coming, I’m in a hurry to go back to see her.”

[1]: Girls sometimes use the word 大姨妈 (da yi ma), big aunt, to refer to having their periods.

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