You’re Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 30

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Lu Yue had made the full use of Azir’s defensive abilities. Though his teammates at both top and bot had died several times in the hands of the enemy Jungler and his team’s kill count was much lower than the enemy’s, their mid turret had yet to fall-- --Close to the 30 minute mark, their mid turret was still standing because of Lu Yue. The enemy couldn’t push forward, couldn’t gain control of jungle, couldn’t kill dragon; the advantage that the enemy had earned from ganking in the early game was slowly slipping away……

At the 35 minute mark, the match had entered the late game. Leblanc was gradually getting weaker because he hadn’t been farming…...During team fights, the team with a strong Azir was in a better position to win. Winning several team fights helped Lu Yue’s team go from an inferior position to equal standing, then gaining the upper hand-- --

In the end, they turned the match around and won.

This was probably the textbook tactic when playing as Azir against a Leblanc: keep Azir alive and stubbornly defend the mid turret so the enemy’s mid will be trapped at mid as well. Let the teammates at the other lanes farm as much as they can and then carry the team to victory later during the team fights.

They watched the enemy Nexus crumble. Tong Yao kept her silence.  Lu Yue remained quiet until the last second when the enemy Nexus exploded then he flatly said, “Azir is fine for beating Leblanc, it just doesn’t suit you-- --Everybody has some champions that they’re good at and some that don’t suit them. You used a defensive champion to try and race for the most kills, you’re just falling for his trap.”

Tong Yao stood up, thought for a moment, and flipped her hair. “You do know how to play game.”

“I was the substitute for Ming god before.” Lu Yue smiled with his eyes narrowed. “Whenever there’s a need for a defense mid, they would put me on. That’s the reason why we were doing so well last year-- --”

“What’s the point.”

Little Fatty, sitting nearby, abruptly interrupted Lu Yue.

Everyone was surprised and raised their heads to look at the chubby guy who was usually overly cheerful-- --What they saw on Little Fatty’s face was certainly not cheerfulness. It was the first time that Tong Yao had seen him like this……

Little Fatty pushed his own keyboard away and stood up. He darted a glance at Lu Yue. “Did it matter that we played so well last year? Did it matter that we got invited to play in the world finals because our team was at the top of the rankings? How dare you mention Ming god; have you forgotten who’s the reason that he has to retire from injury this year-- --”

It was dead quiet in the room.

“I’m still standing firmly in my opinion.” Little Fatty turned to talk to the team manager, “It’s fine if he wants to be the substitute, that’s up to the club to decide. But, I personally refuse to accept a teammate like that.”

He turned to go back upstairs after he finished and slammed the door shut…...hard enough that it sounded like the door was going to break into pieces. Lu Sicheng stood up, patted Lu Yue’s shoulder, and dropped one line, “I’ll go see what’s going on.” He followed Little Fatty upstairs……

Old Cat and Old K seemed embarrassed by Little Fatty’s outburst. Old Cat murmured, “It was in the past a long time ago, why bring it up now…...Even Ming god hasn’t said anything.”

Lu Yue hadn’t spoke a word up till now. He raised his head to look at Old Cat after he heard him. “Don’t say that. It was my fault.”

Tong Yao: “? ? ? ? ?”

Tong Yao was completely lost.

What was going on?

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