You’re Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 187.3

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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 187 Part 3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 187 Part 3


There was a sudden influx of bullet comments on Jian Yang’s stream-- --




[I feel you, buddy.]


[It hurts.]


[....................................You better not laugh. Your laugh makes me hurt for you, brother.]


[How does it feel when your ex-girlfriend plays better games than you @Yang god. When you started playing professionally, you would never have thought that one day you’re going to sit at base all by yourself commentating the S series semi-finals for your ex-girlfriend……]


Jian Yang probably saw that last comment. He started out by saying [congratulations to ZGDX, congratulations to LPL], then after being silent for a few seconds, he continued: [Indeed, I’ve never thought about it-- --Me and her, aiya, it was that summer vacation when I taught her how to play League of Legends. We played ranked matches together for that whole summer, she was mid and I, jungler…… That’s right, she played mid from the very beginning. With me, a Challenger on the top server of the country playing with her, she would crush the other side no matter which lane she was at.]


Tong Yao: “......”


Jian Yang’s voice was calm, with a hint of a smile at the corners of his lips-- --


It wasn’t a forced smile either.


It looked like Tong Yao wasn’t the only one who had finally grown up after such a long time.


[After that summer vacation was over, I received the invitation from CK to play professionally-- --I was way too excited and didn’t think too much about other things…… I still remember when the vacation was almost over, she came to find me and asked whether I had finished my summer assignments.] As if he had recalled something, Jian Yang’s smile became wilder. He turned off the match video and leaned back to the chair: [I said I didn’t do the summer assignments because I’m going to play for a professional team…… At the time, she looked at me as if I was nuts. She looked so confused, hahahahahahahahahaha…… Nothing, there’s nothing that I can’t talk about-- --It’s in the past anyway. Now we are all professional players. To tell the truth, I’m actually quite proud. If it wasn't for me, there wouldn’t be a world first mid, Smiling or the LPL Twisted Fate double stars.]


Bullet comments were filled with “It hurts” “Damn, I’m going to cry” “Shit, how can you be this miserable. I can’t stand a story like this’...... Jian Yang was speechless but still continued with a smile-- --


[Seeing her shine on the international stage, I’m also quite happy for her. Really, the LPL really needs a world championship.] Jian Yang lightly said: [Though one year ago, I would never have imagined that it would be Tong Yao who would make the LPL’s dream come true-- --]


Jian Yang: [Do I regret teaching her League of Legends?]


Jian Yang: [I certainly don’t regret it.]

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Jian Yang: [Though it’s Cheng Ge who benefits from it, it’s Cheng Ge after all…… If I were a woman, I'd like him too. There’s nothing wrong with it-- --Really, really, best wishes to them. Though I can be sarcastic for a while, that’s for sure. It’s like having the disciple master the trade and then runs the master out of business. The disciple is marching towards the world championship while the master got eliminated at the quarter-finals, damn it…… But it’s still a must to send over my best wishes!]


In the end, Jian Yang waved goodbye with a smile to the viewers before turning off the camera. 


The video of the stream ended. Lu Sicheng took a look at the heading of the video, [The most heart piercing commentary in the history of LPL]......


Lu Sicheng: “......”


Tong Yao was still leaning against him without moving. Lu Sicheng patted her shoulder and looked down at her. Her eyes were slightly reddish…… He used his rough thumb to press down the corner of her eye: “Deeply moved?’


“I’m moved.” Tong Yao’s voice was a little hoarse: “It’s the kind of feeling that your son has grown up all of a sudden.”


“..........................” The hand resting on the corner of her eye stopped moving. Then Lu Sicheng started laughing and held her in his arms.


“What are you laughing at?” Tong Yao looked up at him.


“I’m hurting for Yang god. His emotional talk turned him into a son.”




Tong Yao rolled her eyes. Lu Sicheng patted her head: “Play well at the finals, avenge CK and YQCB.”


Tong Yao nodded and used both her hands to circle around Lu Sicheng’s waist. She buried her face in his chest to take a deep breath, it was a familiar scent-- --


At this moment, she felt a calmness she had never felt before. She was filled with zeal, full of the yearning and determination for winning the upcoming finals.

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