Warrior's Promise - Chapter 2336

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Chapter 2336: The Geniuses Gathered Together

The Great Sword Sepulcher was not far from Holy Sword Mountain. After more than two hours, Su Mo reached the Great Sword Sepulcher.

The place was deserted and there was no greenery, cities, or towns around.

There was an abyss on the ground which had a radius of 16 kilometers.

Dense grey fog surged in the abyss but it was contained within the abyss and would not get out of it.

The grey fog covered one’s vision and blocked off the Holy Senses to prevent one from seeing what was within the abyss.

Previously, Su Mo had asked Ling Chang about the situation at the Great Sword Sepulcher.

She had told him that the Great Sword Sepulcher was filled with holes that were joined together and there was no end to it.

At least, so far, no one had made it to the end.

Su Mo looked around and saw no one around. There were two more months before the opening of the Great Sword Sepulcher and thus no one was around at the moment.

Su Mo flew to some rocky stones and sat cross-legged on two large stones.

He was not anxious. Since there were still two more months before the opening, he would simply wait.

Su Mo shut his eyes and started to work on his cultivation.

He could not absorb any Dawn Stones as his cultivation level was at its bottleneck. He needed some time to ground it and stabilize his cultivation level.

As Su Mo condensed his cultivation level, he tried to comprehend the Devouring Rules.

Time passed quickly as he cultivated. In the blink of an eye, more than one month had passed.

More and more martial artists appeared near the entrance to the Great Sword Sepulcher.

The martial artists scattered around the entrance and waited.

Su Mo opened his eyes and after looking around, he found that they had a high cultivation level.

The one with the lowest cultivation level was similar to his and he was a Rank 2 Advanced True God. The ones with the higher cultivation levels were Rank 3 True Gods and some of them were Rank 3 Advanced True Gods.

“Haha, Brother Gu, I didn’t expect to see you here!”

“Brother Gu, I haven’t seen you for decades and I see that your cultivation level has been enhanced!”

“Hello, Brother Gu!”

Suddenly, some of them spoke loudly as a tall figure flew over from the sky and stopped above the Great Sword Sepulcher.

Many martial artists greeted the tall figure and they were respectful toward him.

The tall figure looked firm and he had a unique temperament. He was none other than Gujian Shan.

Everyone wanted to befriend Gujian Shan as he was one of the Favored Ones. All of a sudden, a group of martial artists flooded over to him.

Gujian Shan was not proud. He nodded at the martial artists and landed beside the abyss and waited patiently.

Every now and then, several martial artists would arrive at the Great Sword Sepulcher. Most of them were young and all of them were geniuses.

Within a few days, more than 1,000 martial artists had gathered near the Great Sword Sepulcher.

Su Mo stood up and traversed 330 meters in one step. Soon, he was near the Great Sword Sepulcher.

He did not want to attract the attention of the people and he had chosen to stay among the crowd.

As Su Mo stood at the side of the abyss, he looked around. He was surprised to see that the geniuses were extraordinary.

Many people continued to flood in from all directions. Basically, all of them were swordsmen and they exuded an invisible sharp aura.

Suddenly, three people flew over from the horizon and they were quick as lightning.

Two of them were Rank 3 Advanced True Gods and one of them was a Rank 3 Middle True God.

The Rank 3 Middle True God was none other than Gongsun Jia.

When Gongsun Jia arrived, he caught the attention of a lot of people. Many of them knew him and they started to greet him.

“How have you been?”

Gongsun Jia cupped his fist as he greeted everyone. After going through the formalities, he started to search around.

He was searching for Su Mo. However, he was disappointed as he did not see Su Mo.

He may have changed his looks! Gongsun Jia reckoned that Su Mo might have changed his looks when he recalled how Su Mo had taken on the looks of Xu Yan and had even deceived experts like the governor of Void City.

Su Mo glanced at Gongsun Jia and ignored him. He would not go up to him to reveal himself.

Since Gongsun Jia knew his true identity, many people would have known that Tian Chenyu was searching around for him.

Thus, he had to be careful.

“Gongsun Jia, after so many years, why have you not made any progress?” Gujian Shan looked at Gongsun Jia and ridiculed him.

Back then, he was at the same rank as Gongsun Jia. However, Gongsun Jia was still a Rank 3 Middle True God when he had advanced to Rank 3 Advanced True God.

“Gujian Shan, I can easily catch up with you!” Gongsun Jia said with a smile. There were signs of him breaking through his cultivation level and soon he would advance to Rank 3 Advanced True God Realm.

“Haha! I hope you can do so!” Gujian Shan laughed loudly. He believed that Gongsun Jia could not catch up with him. In another 20 years, Gujian Shan would have advanced to Rank 4 True God Realm.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At that moment, air-rending sounds broke out at the end of the horizon.

Everyone turned around and saw a big group of people flying in.

There were more than 20 people in the group and all of them had strong auras. They were awe-inspiring.

“They are from the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace!”

When the martial artists saw the array, they knew that the group of people were from the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace.

The Ultimate Sword Domain and Ultimate Supreme Being Palace were related. Every time the Great Sword Sepulcher opened, many of the gifted geniuses from the Ultimate Supreme Being would be present.

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As Su Mo watched the group of people flying toward them, he caught sight of someone, and it was none other than Murong Leili.

Murong Leili’s cultivation level was still at Rank 3 Middle True God Realm and the rest of the disciples from Ultimate Supreme Being Palace had different cultivation levels.

There were Rank 2 Advanced True Gods and even Rank 4 True Gods. All of them had a mighty aura.

That said, having a high cultivation level was not equivalent to having strong combat strength. Murong Leili was the only Favored One in Ultimate Supreme Palace.

When Gujian Shan saw the group of people, a sharp ray of light shot out from his eyes.

His objective for coming to the Great Sword Sepulcher was not only to polish his swordsmanship but to defeat all the gifted geniuses from the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace, including Murong Leili.

In the blink of an eye, the group of disciples from Ultimate Supreme Being Palace was above the Great Sword Sepulcher.

The group of disciples looked at the crowd below them and the one taking the lead said, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Great Sword Sepulcher. I am Han Sheng. As the host, I would like to remind everyone on behalf of the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace not to go beyond their capabilities. Please do not put your lives at risk!”

Han Sheng’s voice resounded in the area. He was in a white robe and he had a stern look. His cultivation level was at Rank 4 Lower True God Realm.

The martial artists who were present were gifted geniuses from various regions, including the Favored Ones. The Ultimate Supreme Being Palace always reminded everyone not to go beyond their limit as they did not want too many gifted geniuses to lose their lives.

“Thank you for your reminder, Han Sheng!”

“Han Sheng, congratulations! I haven’t seen you for decades and I am surprised that you have reached Rank 4.”

“I hope that the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace will not oppress us because they’ve outnumbered us!”

Many of the martial artists responded. Some of them expressed their gratitude, some gave compliments, but some of them mocked him.

After all, there were several disciples from Ultimate Supreme Being Palace and they could easily join forces to oppress the rest of the martial artists.

Although Han Sheng was not one of the Favored Ones, the martial artists knew him well. He was a gifted genius and his talent was comparable to the Favored Ones. His formidable swordsmanship was impressive.

Although Han Sheng received different kinds of responses, he was not affected by them. His task was to remind them.

If anyone overestimated their strength and ended up losing their lives, it had nothing to do with him.

After Han Sheng had carried out his task, he and the disciples from Ultimate Supreme Being Palace landed on the ground.

“How are you, Brother Murong?”

“Murong Leili, are you progressing well for your Rules of Lightning?”

As a Favored One, it was apparent that Murong Leili was more well-received than Han Sheng. The moment Murong Leili landed on the ground, many martial artists went up to talk to him.

Murong Leili was not interested in talking to the people and after chatting with them for a short while, he went up to Gongsun Jia.

“Brother Gongsun, I am sorry for getting you into trouble previously. I hope you will not take it to heart!”

Murong Leili said as he cupped his fist at Gongsun Jia. After Gongsun Jia had been captured by Qin Yun back then, Murong Leili had returned to the Ultimate Sword Domain. It was until some time later that he found out that Qin Yun had released Gongsun Jia and not harmed him.

“Don’t worry about that. It is not your fault!” Gongsun Jia shook his head and did not put the blame on Murong Leili.

“Brother Gongsun, the next time I see Qin Yun, I will bash him up and let you deal with him!” Murong Leili said. When he thought of Qin Yun, he was fuming with anger.

Su Mo, who was standing nearby, heard what Murong Leili had said. He squinted his eyes and cold light started to glitter in them.

This time around, I shall kill you! Su Mo said in his heart. If he had the opportunity, he would definitely kill Murong Leili.

Su Mo had never devoured a Favored One before and Murong Leili might be the first one whom he would devour.

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