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Spirit VesselChapter 933
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Spirit Vessel takes place in a mysterious world. There are cultivators rebelling against the heavens and beautiful elegant women with endless grace. There are peerless experts reincarnating into the world and formidable ancient beasts. Beneath the ea

Chaotic Lightning CultivationChapter 923
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"His parents were the geniuses of the sect. But they were apparently killed while on a mission when he was barely 6. As he apparently did not excel in any of the 5 elements, in fact, all 5 elements are in balance in his body. Thus, our fatty is deeme

Empress Running Away with the Ball!
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On the wedding night, she was tied to his bed."Woman, you dare marry another man!"He was like a wolf as he devoured her until nothing was left."So the person forcing me into bed was you! You beast in human skin!" She clenched her teeth as she pushed

The Strongest Dan GodChapter 602
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He was the continent's strongest and most revered alchemist, Ye Zifeng. He was under one person and above millions.However, due to an unpredictable event, he had died.After his rebirth, he had become the super-trash of the Ye family.To make matters w

My Father in Law is Lu BuChapter 495
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Cosplayer Liu Mang accidentally cross through time and arrived at the Eastern Han Dynasty wearing Aries Gold Cloth. (Saint Seiya!) He arrived on top of the walls of XiaPi right when it was about to fall to Cao Cao."Don't kill me bro; I'm not working

The Ultimate Evolution
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I traverse along the pathway of darkness and imaginationEntering the realm born by human imaginationsChallenging Harry Potter's magic, commanding the great Pirates of the CaribbeanTerminating the Terminator's strength, tearing apart the Matrix's Hall

My Beautiful TeacherChapter 2018
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The story focuses on a university graduate Qin who gets possessed by an old and powerful evil spirit.My Beautiful Teacher tells the story of a university graduate Qin Chao who can't seem to find a job and is in a downward spiral in his life. Then one

Leveling Up And Becoming UndefeatableChapter 669
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After waking up in the body of the Young Master of the Luo family, he finds he has the knowledge of hundreds of games and Light Novels. However, he finds his Dantian is crippled, so he can't practice cultivation! Luckily, he has the Upgrade system. K

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination
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Xiao Yu who was a student in the modern earth accidentally trespasses to another world and becomes a lord of a territory. Facing unfavorable situation, he vows to take back family business, build his new territory, kill all those who covet his wealth

Shadow Hack
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By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity's age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten?I have neither aptitude nor innate skill,

Stunning Edge
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When a cold and crafty girl travels into the body of a foolish, man-crazy, young female aristocrat, what will happen?A young girl, Claire, falls off a horse while chasing his Royal Highness, the second prince, and falls unconscious. But when she fina

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven
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Defiance of natural order of a single young Dragon soul.

Gate of Revelation
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In life, we attend school, find love, work, buy a house, pay our housing loans, insert weird faces in WeChat, watch movies do any of you find anything amiss? One day, a group of strange people entered this world, equipped in strange clothing and poss

Transcending the Nine Heavens
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With a single smile, I caused the winds and thunder to tremble.With a feeling of anger, I caused the oceans to chill.With a single hand, I sundered the sky.With a single sword, I danced throughout the day!One man, one sword. Transcending the Nine Hea

Night Ranger
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Epic player Maven crossed over to the eve of The Cataclysm.This is the fourth age, The gods teamed-up and destroyed the Cosmic Magic Pool, The fourth Table of Fate started to gestate in the mortal realm.Gods, demons, epics, devils, liches, dragons an

Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons!
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One day, I fell into the river and drowned.The God of River looked at me, and said: "You're very brave, young one, so let me give you a mother as a reward. Would you like a golden-haired big-breasted elf mother with an extreme yandere personality, or

The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus
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In order to live he must get close to girls, what kind of rule is this? Tang Zheng possess the Nine Yang Saint Body, a rare body constitution that is hard to come across within a millennium, yet he must absorb pure Yin energy to stay alive. In order

Ultimate Scheming System
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I am the best when it comes to taking divergent paths. With just a flip of my hand, I shall take the path less commonly travelled. I search far and wide, only to find myself unbeatable and unrivaled. So now I ask, who else can match my awesomeness?Ac

The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage
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The Di daughter of military lineage, pure, amiable, quiet and yielding, foolishly in love with Prince Ding, throwing oneself to the role of a wife.After assisting (a ruler) for six year, she finally became the mother to the world.Accompanying him to

Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease!
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"Is this man not going to divorce me? Why does he still ask me to warm the bed every night?"A certain man said this was due to the winter being too cold. However, when summer finally arrived, she still needed to warm the bed, thus a certain girl coul

Star Rank HunterChapter 359.1
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The universe. This infinite field of stars is the dream of every Hunter.For the Hunters who run amidst the stars, the only limit they truly have is the universe.Is there a limit to the universe? And where would this limit lay?When the Shadow Hunter;

The Dark King
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Disaster outbreaks which ends the civilization we know. Sleeping in the cold storage for three hundred years Dudian wakes up into a new "world".

Shadow Rogue
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As a promise, he went out into the world as an assassin. 3 years later, after becoming the Supreme Assassin, he gave up on everything he had and returned to the ranks of ordinary people. But one day, Kismet, a mystical game created by the National Re

The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady
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A story of time-travel. Sly and cunning, she unexpectedly became a sickly noble lady whose fianc is mercenary and demotes her to a lowly concubine. She sneers and bravely breaks off the engagement. To hell with scumbags, marry heirs to lords, blind t

Tempest of the Stellar War
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In a distant future, the empires of mankind span the galaxy, and glorious Earth has devolved into a peripheral backwater.In Shanjing city in the Asian region, Wang Zheng's dreams of becoming a mech pilot are crushed when his college entrance exam gen

A Step into the Past
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This series is about a man, Hong Siu Long, who is from 21st century-Hong Kong, who travels into the past during the Warring States Period in China. Unfortunately, the time machine runs into an error when he is being transferred into the past. As a re

Monster FactoryChapter 494
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I am Ye Qing. Lucky I found a [Monster Factory] application.This bunch of super strong monsters are individually comparable to over 100 human beings, and they bring all kinds of skills!Efficiency? With the skill processing speed +300, you still want

Beast Piercing The Heavens
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Synopsis by xianxiaworld:1. Anyone who has a heart disease Please, don't read any further.2. Anyone who is emotionally fragile Please, don't read any further.3. Anyone who is less intelligent Please, don't read any further.4. Anyone who is reading ot

Gourmet Food Supplier
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"In a land far to the east, there exists a strange store that has rejected a three Michelin star rating multiple times.The prices are expensive. A combo set of soup and egg fried rice costs 288 RMB. Oh, I forgot it also includes a side dish of pickle

The Portal of Wonderland
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Born in a small fishing village, Shi Mu grew up without a father. At a young age his mother succumbed to illness and died. Having no one to rely on other then himself, he quickly matured.One day when out diving for pearls he came across a majestic cl

God of Thunder
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After being transported to another world, Lei XinFeng must struggle to survive. His village is settled in a forest, far away from any major cities.The simple hunter's life is the norm. The village struggles every year to gather enough food in summer

Godly Thief Incarnation
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What is the most painful thing in life? What is the happiest thing in life?The most painful thing was that after untold hardships, for that small glory at the end but was returned back to the starting point in just one night.The happiest thing was th

My Girlfriend is a ZombieChapter 477
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When the disaster really broke out, Ling Mo know that the kind of zombies depicted in doomsday movies, in fact, is totally different from the reality.Normally, the most important thing to do during the end of the world is to survive, but when Ling Mo

Battle Emperor
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Freak Xie Ao Yu originally had no way of cultivating battle qi but with accidents, he got a mysterious godly pellet and he received a supreme emperor blade. That changed his destiny and from then on, he felt the real meaning of life and he made origi

Bringing the Nation's Husband Home
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You are not allowed to touch me in public. You are not allowed to tell anyone that I'm your wife. You are not allowed to tell anyone that we stay together.'Under the pressure of their parents, Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao were forced to get married. Qia

108 Maidens of DestinyChapter 767
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"Your servant is Majestic Star Panther Head' Lin Chong, from this day forward I am your woman!"When the beautiful and heroic young girl in front of him shouted those heaven shattering words, Shu Jing was overwhelmed with shock.And so the tale of the