Trafford's Trading Club - Chapter 975

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Chapter 975 Volume 10 – Chapter 7: You’re A Bully!

As the name suggested, a sex worker was just as it meant. There was no room for other analysis from the text.

Of course, this industry was barely legal because of the strange laws in this country.
According to the laws of this country, money and sex transactions were legal.

However, it was illegal to organize sex activities or be hired as sex workers. The government’s unclear laws made it seem like it neither encouraged nor prohibited this industry.

But nowadays, in this city and even in this country as a whole, there were so many sex workers that it became astonishing. But, their existence had indeed brought an indescribable beneficial effect to the economy.

Luo Qiu was not surprised that he would meet a sex worker here. After all, when a certain worldwide sports meeting was held in this city not long ago, there was a lot of sex work influx. There was even news of organized training classes conducting basic etiquette training.

Having the first customer to be a sex worker did catch Luo Qiu off guard.
This energetic girl spoke aggressively, which gave Boss Luo a sudden sign of confusion. He recalled that because of the regularity of his daily life, it seemed that he had never been approached by a sex worker.

He subconsciously observed You Ye. It was more than visual observation but on the mental plane.

You Ye still maintained a calm smile, excellent etiquette… This smile was so dreamlike that Luo Qiu even thought it was deliberate, missing a part of it being natural.

As the boss, he was above every employee in the club. Hence, Boss Luo could even feel the instantaneous emotional fluctuations of the doll’s soul.
The part of her that was humanized.

“Sir, what do you think?” Seemingly due to Luo Qiu’s delay in expressing his answer, the girl approached even more aggressively, “If you feel that doing it one time is not enough, I can even let you have at least three orgasms tonight.”

The maid’s eyes twitched slightly, and the arc of her smile seemed to be slightly larger.

Luo Qiu suddenly remembered Nero.
The Divine General, called Tyrant, was teasing him at first, but it was more of a prank, unlike the girl in front of him. The girl in front of her treated her teasing like her work, seemingly almost instinctively.

“Caroline, 19 years old. Birthday on March 18th,” said Boss Luo abruptly. He called out the girl’s name.

The girl… Caroline’s eyes widened at this time, and she looked towards Luo Qiu. Then, she frowned in deep thoughts. In the end, she asked in confusion, “Sir, have I done business with you before?”

Her idea was simple. Since this person could call her by her name, it should be someone who knew her.

She would remember all the people around her who could be called friends. Naturally, the person in front of her wasn’t part of the friend group.
Then, there was only one possibility. The shop owner was a customer who had patronized her service. But, when she searched in her memory, she couldn’t recall doing business with the shop owner either.

Boss Luo felt that it should pull the topic back to the main business after raising her identity up. But, he didn’t expect Caroline to look at him in a weirder gaze this time.

Caroline’s eyes, including her question just now, were clearly saying: Did you solicit me before?

Boss Luo was about to speak, but the maid suddenly moved. She came to Caroline at a very light pace, still smiling.

Caroline faced this woman who could make her feel ashamed with her chin lifted slightly.

The young teen was tall, at least half a head taller than You Ye in height, so she felt like being overlooked from the top at the moment.

“It may be a little uncomfortable, but please bear with me. After all, this is the fastest and most effective way to explain… I don’t think you will mind afterward.” You Ye suddenly whispered.
Smile, smile, smile, smile! The maid smiled from beginning to end.

But Caroline felt chills all over her body at this time. She didn’t know if it was because of the rain, but she felt a little cold or even her hands and feet were stiff.

The maid raised her hand at this moment. She then lightly touched Caroline’s forehead with her finger.

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Caroline felt like she had experienced an electric shock. The moment her whole body was paralyzed, her brain seemed to explode. A lot of strange information began to flood her brain.

She convulsed and had to squat on the ground, shivering, and then raised her head in horror. She looked at the woman standing in front of her with a… smile.

Caroline’s lips even turned pale, trembling, as if she wanted to speak. Her heart started beating wildly, as uncomfortable as a patient with heart disease after strenuous exercise.
Because at this time, she was reading the extra information appearing in her mind. It was describing how the shop she walked into was operated.

The maid took a look, then returned to Luo Qiu’s side, and whispered, “Master, is this okay?”

Luo Qiu felt that there should be no possibility of saying no in this situation.

He was a little surprised by You Ye’s actions. The club had always treated guests with excellent tolerance. Information implantation into the mind would be utilized sometimes due to its convenience. There should be at least no ramifications in Caroline, albeit it being seemingly intrusive.

However, strictly speaking, this was not a violation of the club rules. After all, it was important for customers to understand the nature of the club.
You Ye knew where the boundaries were. She operated it with ease.


Seeing the girl squatting on the ground and twitching, Boss Luo even believed that if it weren’t for not getting the place dirty, she might have pee herself?

“I think Miss Caroline must be starving. Let’s serve some food.” Luo Qiu ordered the maid.
But from Caroline’s still sober gaze at this time, it was clear that this man was covering up the maid… You’re a bully!

But she dared not say anything right now. The thoughts implanted in her mind about the situation of this shop made her terrified. She even understood why the men outside who were pursuing her turned a blind eye to this shop!

Seeing You Ye turned around and left, Luo Qiu looked at Caroline, then waved his hand to summon a stool from a distance to her side. He then slowly said under her horrified gaze again, “Miss Caroline, I’m sorry for the rude act before. However, if you plan to do business with us next, I can agree to give you a discount. How about a 99% discount?”

You might as well not give me a discount! Asshole!

You’re a bully!
Caroline felt like she was about to cry!

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