Trafford's Trading Club - Chapter 974

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Volume 10 – Chapter 6: I Can Suck It Out For You In 3 Minutes (Part 2)

It didn’t take long for her to be surprised. Luo Qiu put down the travel booklet in his hand, stood up, smiled, and said, “We never charge a fee for entertaining customers here.”

“Really?” The girl was startled and looked around again.

The interior decoration style of this store did not match the slums outside.

She noticed everything here seemed to have a long history. Even if they weren’t, they should be valuable items.

She once had a chance to walk into a rich man’s manor, and the rich man showed off some valuable things. But it seemed to be incomparable to this place. Of course, this was just her intuition. She didn’t have any research on the identification of antiques. Even if valuable and famous paintings were placed before her, she would still prefer reliable banknotes.

In addition, she was more curious if the things here were counterfeits. They should still value a lot of money. Is the shop’s master a fool? He dares to reveal his wealth in such a place.

Speaking of, when did this shop open? She seemed to have no impression of this place. Moreover, this shop seemed to be quite wealthy, which made it much more peculiar.

This man seems like an Oriental. This maid appears to be of mixed blood?

There was a lot of speculation in the girl’s heart, but her expression slowly calmed down. With the threat from the outside world having temporarily subsided, she felt relaxed.

“Oh, isn’t it? That’s great.” Listening to the boss’s words, the girl unceremoniously found a stool and sat down. At the same time, she began to twist her clothes.

The water oozed out of the clothes. All of a sudden, there was a puddle on the floor. Only then did she remembered that the shop was not her place and looked at Luo Qiu with some anxiety.

“It’s fine.” Luo Qiu shook his head, “Do you need a change of clothes? We can provide it for you.”

“Are there no charges?” the girl suddenly asked.

She seemed to be unexpectedly obsessed with money, but Luo Qiu still shook his head. However, the girl didn’t seem to believe that such a good thing would happen and felt that this might be a trap. In the slums, there were too many traps. If she weren’t careful, she would fall into traps at any second.

So she shook her head quickly.

“Then have a drink…” Boss Luo didn’t mind and requested the maid, “Prepare a drink for this lady.”

Luo Qiu used his mother tongue, but the girl obviously couldn’t understand it. She immediately became vigilant. Luo Qiu took a look, then apologized, “Sorry, I just came to this place, and I haven’t gotten used to using your language. Relax, I just asked her to get you some hot drink. I think you will need to drink something hot now.”

The girl was startled. They just came to this place?

Judging from the accent previously, she thought the boss was a native here!

The girl nodded hesitantly. She then looked at Luo Qiu vigilant;y while continuing to twist her clothes dry. Since the shop owner didn’t mind, she naturally wouldn’t want her clothes to get wet. It was her feeling uncomfortable in the end.

You are pretending to be generous. I don’t think you should blame me for this!

Soon, the maid brought a steaming drink and delivered it to the young teen. She sniffed, then frowned. The smell of this drink was irritable to the nose.

The maid whispered at this moment, “This is ginger tea, which is good to keep the cold out of the body. This is a great drink in my master’s hometown.”

The girl took it but did not drink it. Instead, she just held the warm cup in both hands, purely using it to warm herself.

She still looked outside, disturbed. Through the glass window, the girl could see the men outside knocking on the shops’ doors at the moment.

The outside suddenly became rowdy.

But what surprised her was that the men outside had ignored this eye-catching shop. She saw a man walking past here as if they couldn’t see this place!

“They…Why didn’t they come in?” The girl suddenly became a little surprised.

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She knew the origins of the men who came for her outside. Even if this place seemed like for rich people, it should be more “welcome” by the thugs.

Could it be that the master of this shop has a background that deters the men outside?

“If they don’t have any demand from us, they shouldn’t come in today.” The boss said directly, “Of course, I’m not sure if they will come in in the future. We are always needed all of a sudden.”

The girl frowned. It was difficult for her to understand this, but it did not prevent her from interpreting it as: The men outside will not come in tonight. As long as she stays here, she will be safe.

She turned her gaze and suddenly said, “Can I stay here overnight?”

“Overnight?” Luo Qiu repeated the girl’s request. Since the girl walked in suddenly, he hadn’t had time to introduce how the club operated its business.

“Yes, staying overnight.” The girl stood up.

She felt more and more that this young Easterner should be quite capable. He wasn’t afraid of the men outside. Otherwise, he would have handed her off as soon as possible.

“To avoid danger?” Luo Qiu nodded, “If that’s the case, we charge differently.”

A simple overnight stay could be used as protection at certain times. Naturally, there were two different expenses.

But the girl seemed to have anticipated this answer for a long time. Before Boss Luo finished speaking, she said preemptively, “I don’t think you are a person who lacks money, so I don’t plan to give you money. But I can give you something else, and I promise you will be satisfied.”

“Oh? Really?” Luo Qiu found the girl quite interesting.

Every customer was different. Probably, this was the fun in the tedious business negotiation. Luo Qiu smiled at this time and said, “For example, what would that be?”

“My service.” The girl stood up suddenly at this moment.

Since the clothes were drenched, they were now directly attached to every inch of her skin. There was almost no excess fat on the girl, making her figure quite hot. She was like the samba girl on the poster.

“Service?” Luo Qiu was taken aback.

“Yes, my service.” The girl smiled, “I still have some confidence in my appearance. I may not be as good as the one next to you, but I think my skills will be better than her by a lot. Every one of my customers will never forget my skills and will come to me again! Men like me!”

That’s quite confident. This was the first time Luo Qiu had encountered an occupational type of person.

“I do a good job with my mouth too!” The girl suddenly licked the corner of her mouth, “I can suck it out for you in three minutes!”

She is a sex worker…

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