Thriller Trainee - Chapter 35

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Ch35 - The bad person behind the scene is going to be the enemy of the entire world

It was silent. Everyone was checking their identity card with their heads down.

The identity cards were divided into two camps, and everyone’s identity in the horror instance had some differences. 

In the roleplaying mode, failing to maintain character was a very serious thing. If an NPC found out anything, for light offenses, the trainee’s task completion process could be affected, and for big offenses, they could receive the judgment of obliteration after the instance ended. It was because of this that no one dared to let their guard down.

What was out of his expectations was that this instance didn’t have high requirements for roleplaying. Instead, it was like the mental asylum instance that Zong Jiu had experienced. As long as you barely passed, then it was fine. The main focus was still on the camps and the main task.



Zong Jiu also continued to observe the mole card that popped up in his head.

It was displayed that the person this identity card belonged to was originally not a person of this village. On the contrary, he was a refugee who had followed other refugees and escaped to this village. 

The above was their identity on the surface.


In fact, his real identity wasn’t that of a refugee, but rather a corpse chaser who came to this village to collect fresh corpses.

Are you surprised? Was this unexpected?.jpg

Zong Jiu: “…”


This identity was a bit chic.

According to the customs of corpse chasers, before herding and chasing corpses, they needed to train out an obedient “corpse leader” to act as the leader of the corpses. If they didn’t have a good leader, they wouldn’t be able to do any corpse herding or chasing.

Additionally, the identity card displayed that he was a fledgling beginner who had just entered the craft. With only a few spells that he couldn’t even fluently say and a few yellow talismans, he set off. It was comparable to the so-called saying “children aren’t afraid of tigers”. Right after completing his discipleship under his master, he did a divination to see if there were any places with heavy yin energy around. After rushing over here, he mixed in with these refugees who were trying to hide in the mountains, waiting for an opportunity to find a perfect corpse that could serve as a corpse leader.

No wonder. 

Zong Jiu had thought that between the mole and normal cards, there had to be some kind of conflict of interest. Now after he had seen the mole’s identity’s character settings, he didn’t feel it was strange at all.

Normal cards would definitely be on the opposite side of the corpse chaser. From this, it could be deduced that there was a high chance the main task of the normal cards was to protect the villagers.

According to the ironclad rule, trainees weren’t allowed to kill one another. Thus, this corpse must originally be an NPC in this deserted village.

Since the main task was to “find a perfect corpse”, then the implications of this task that the main system released was self-evident. 

Normal people had to protect the villagers. The mole only needed corpses.

Zong Jiu didn’t know who that “perfect corpse” was. However, without a doubt, during this instance, the more people that die, the better it was for him.

This village was probably not simple. With so many high-ranked trainees here, this instance’s difficulty level could only be raised, not lowered.

However, who cared? 

Before his hands had recovered, he had already dared to stir up trouble. Now that his hands had recovered and even his eyesight had also been strengthened to the max, Zong Jiu would only be more unrestrained.

Who didn’t love being the bad person behind the scenes?!


Thinking as such, Zong Jiu took his attention off the identity card.

Because his identity card was a corpse chaser, he was also equipped with the corresponding props. 

Without mentioning anything else, although the camps’ difference in numbers was thirty-something to one and it was more than enough to be referred to as being the enemy of the entire world, the welfare of this mole card was pretty good.

He directly got a bunch of corpse chaser props for nothing.

A C-rank Soul Photographing Bell. A bag of F-rank yellow talisman paper with unknown effects.

It was relatively hard to get special props in horror instances. Otherwise, new trainees wouldn’t exchange for them while missing arms and legs. If Zong Jiu could successfully clear the instance, these props would become his. Simply great. 

In the mental asylum instance, the mole had immunity to death caused by an invincible entity. Could the mole in this instance also have an immunity? Then Zong Jiu would be so damn happy.

Even though his head was filled with thoughts, the white-haired youth was still expressionless on the outside, maintaining his expression and posture.

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In order to fit in with the background of the instance, the trainees’ clothes were changed to plain villager clothes with straw shoes on their feet and a cloth bag slung over their shoulders. They seemed to fit right in.

Eluta atfc, atf rsrafw’r nblmf rbecvfv lc j alwfis ojrtlbc. 

[Famine Mountain Village has officially opened.]

[The duration of this instance is seven days. The instance will be closed at midnight on the seventh night. Trainees should pay attention to the time and make arrangements accordingly.]

Coafg atf wfmtjclmji nblmf vlrjqqfjgfv, kjafg rffwfv ab oibk bnfg atf reggbecvlcu rmfcfgs jr atf reggbecvlcur mjwf jilnf.

Ktf agjlcffr kfgf jii rfmgfais byrfgnlcu batfgr. Rb bcf abbx atf ifjv ab wjxf j wbnf olgra. 

“Lfs, ktb jgf sbe uesr? Qtfgf vlv sbe mbwf ogbw?!”

The village square of Tong Bai village was near the entrance of the village. Thirty-some unfamiliar and strange faces suddenly appeared. Naturally, it attracted the attention of the NPC villagers.

The villager Wang Shou, who appeared in the plot introduction, stood not far away. With an unkind gaze, he walked over.

Behind him, a few dozen villagers were carrying hoes and sickles in their hands, their faces filled with vigilance. 

In this instance, there wasn’t a Holy Son who had enough prestige and was warm and kind like Messiah, and the two S-ranks in this instance were people who didn’t like to talk, preferring to be a lone wolf. They had no interest to help and preside over the situation.

For a moment, everyone looked at each other. They were scattered like a plate of loose sand, not knowing how to answer.


The two sides faced off for dozens of seconds. Seeing that the smell of gunpowder in the air seemed to be getting thicker and thicker, finally, an A-rank who looked honest and good-tempered opened his mouth.

“Please don’t misunderstand. We are escaping from famine and came here from the outside. We mean no harm. We only want to ask for a place to stay in this village.” 

Wang Shou suspiciously sized them up, “Escaping famine and came here?”

Everyone in the village was skinny and had yellow faces. From their open neckline, individual ribs could be seen, their body so skinny that it was just skin and bones, and they were covered in frostbites and dirt.

And anyone with eyes could see that this group of people who claimed to be escaping from famine not only wore clean and neat clothes but were also all white and fat, their lips red and teeth white.

They said that they were escaping from famine. However, they looked more spirited than the young masters in the city. 

“Our village doesn’t welcome outsiders.”

He said in a vicious tone as he moved to chase them out with the villagers behind him.

The trainees became anxious.

Lin Guoxing quickly took a step forward, “Wait!” 

He was the honest-looking A-rank who had opened his mouth first just now.

As an experienced veteran, Lin Guoxing was naturally clear about the current situation.


If they were really chased out by the villagers, living out in the wild wasn’t a big deal. The most important thing was that they still needed to complete the main task! 

Remembering the main task “protect the villagers” on his identity card, Lin Guoxing laughed bitterly in his heart.

Higher rank trainees had more privileges. The privileges granted to A-ranks weren’t only an exclusive presidential suite; they could also receive clues about the next instance in advance.

After the last instance had ended, Lin Guoxing already knew the setting of the second round’s instance.

The setting of a deserted village was pretty common in horror instances. It was one of the classic horror settings. Lin Guoxing had guessed that this instance might be in the roleplaying mode. However, he didn’t expect that after the instance opened, the main system would actually tell him that this instance was split into camps. It was fine even if there was camp splitting, but the main task was actually the most troublesome protection type of task. 

Generally, horror instance main tasks were split into many types. There were many types of tasks such as investigating the truth, finding an object, completing a given commission, escaping from a desperate scenario, and surviving for a certain amount of time… However, if you were to ask what type the contenders didn’t want to encounter the most, protection type tasks would definitely top the list.

It was well known that the thought processes of NPCs in horror instances were different from normal people. It was difficult to communicate with them using a normal person’s thinking process. Wanting to protect them or wanting them to not seek death was more difficult than flying to the heavens.


There were many bloody examples in the infinite loop. In a certain A-rank instance, the contenders had to protect a family of old and young, and escape from the pursuit of a ghost.

According to how protection type tasks generally go, as long as you could protect one person in the family, it would count as completing the main task. However, in that instance, it was as if the entire family was under a spell. They just had to seek death and run back. As if they were the Calabash Brothers saving their grandpa, they one by one sent themselves to the ghost. In the end, it led to the tragic destruction of the entire small team of contenders. 

It was the same as the deserted village in front of him.

If the trainees couldn’t even stay in the village, how could they protect them?

Very obviously, the others had also realized this, and all came forward.

“That’s right, that’s right. We’re only temporarily escaping from famine. We won’t cause any trouble to the people in your village.” 

“Big brothers, please be magnanimous. We’ll leave after resting here for seven to eight days. We definitely won’t bother you guys.”

Seeing the anxiousness on these people’s faces, Wang Shou’s eyes flashed.

He waved his hand, motioning to the villagers behind him to calm down, and then he put on an impatient and annoyed posture.

“Okay. If you want to live here, that’s fine. However, it’s impossible for the village to let you guys stay for nothing. You gotta give some benefits.” 


Everyone exchanged glances.

[Giving benefits is really too practical.]

[Speaking of which, the trainees shouldn’t have any money from that era, right?] 

A trainee asked, “The benefits you’re talking about are…?”

Wang Shou lifted the hoe on the ground and pointed at the trainee’s backpack.

The other villagers all exchanged glances.

It wasn’t that there weren’t any people who had escaped to Tong Bai village before; however, bringing so many things even when escaping from the famine was a first. 

“But——” The trainee hesitated.

Although they were all refugees, their identities had some differences. The things in each others’ bags were all different.


The villagers became impatient, “Less nonsense. If you want to stay in the village, then take off your backpacks!”

The situation fell into a stalemate. 

No one had expected that Black-Robed Azan, who had been standing at the edge of the crowd of people, would be the first to move.

He walked over and threw the backpack that he was holding in his hands in front of the villagers.

Many pairs of dirty hands pulled open the bag together. After seeing the things inside, their eyes lit up with greed and envy.

Black-Robed Azan’s backpack didn’t have much. Other than a few copper coins, there was only a handful of dusty dried meat. 

The eyes of all the people surrounding the backpack filled with greed as they stretched out their hands to grab it. Wang Shou swung his hoe over.

“What are you in a hurry for?! I haven’t even grabbed anything yet. You have a lot of guts.”

He was the son of the village head, a well-known bully. Anything good in the village, he would be the first to get a share of. Even though a bloody hole had been smashed into that villager’s hand by the hoe, he didn’t dare to rebut. They could only act more meek and smile.

Wang Shou coldly snorted, then turned his head around and picked up a piece of dried meat, stuffing it into his mouth. 

The gazes of all the villagers behind him stuck to his hand, filled with obvious yearning and hunger. Swallowing sounds emerged one after another.

In the past few years, famine swept across the country. The weather was horrible, and swarms of locusts passed by. In just one county, the number of people who had starved to death was uncountable. When it was extra severe, dozens of floating corpses could be seen drifting down the nearby river every day.

Under these kinds of circumstances, people couldn’t even eat their fill. How could they care for livestock? Even the bark from the trees that were deep in the mountains was peeled clean by the extremely hungry people. Their meals were all grounded tree bark.

Obviously, there was enough for him to eat his fill, but a strange thirst sprung up from Wang Shou’s stomach. 

“Passable. The taste is far worse than the white meat at the back of our village.”

He smacked his mouth, pulling the rest of the dried meat and copper coins into his arms, “Okay, you pass.”

The rest of the trainees whispered in the back, seeming to be relieved.

“It’s that simple? As long as you hand over your backpack, then you can pass?” 

“I just took a look. My bag also has some rations.”

There were also trainees who wished to cry but had no tears, “Ah! What do I do? There’s no backpack in my character setting.”


“I also don’t have anything. Could it be that we can’t enter?”

After entering the infinite loop, the physiological functions of the contenders had been paused. Although they could still fulfill their desire for food, they didn’t have the human need to eat. They wouldn’t be like the NPCs in this instance, who would die of hunger. Besides, even if they felt any cravings, those who had eaten the delicacies in the trainee dormitory cafeteria wouldn’t crave these poor quality foods. 

With an S-rank taking the lead, many trainees also obediently lined up under the watch of the villagers and waited to hand in their stuff.

Trainees who didn’t have a backpack could only awkwardly stand off to the side.

[Was the camps thing just announced? Everyone’s expressions are all very vigilant right now.]

[That’s right. They seemed to all be staring at their backpack, but how come some people have a backpack, and some don’t?] 

[This… It might be that even refugees have high and low distinctions? /Light a candle.jpg]

[I think there’s nothing wrong with that idea. If there’s a mole, even if they are dressed the same, their personal belongings would be slightly different, right? In the village square just now, everyone was watching closely. It would be difficult to secretly relocate them.]

[Sigh. It’s a pity that this round of the competition has only opened the public, overall camera and didn’t open the personal live broadcast rooms. Otherwise, we, the audience, would at least be able to easily guess who the mole is.]

Zong Jiu was calm and steady. His two hands were originally empty. The yellow talismans and the Soul Photographing Bell were tied onto his waist. 

Since they were props, they could be placed into the system space. Even if that wasn’t possible, he could stuff the corpse chaser special props into the system backpack, and all would be good. He didn’t need to worry that his identity would be exposed over these small things.

After everyone was searched and examined, there was no need to mention the trainees; even the bullet chat couldn’t find anything.

The other side had also come to a conclusion.

Having found a large pile of food, the villagers’ faces were filled with happiness. Their attitudes also relaxed a lot. 

“Okay. Since you’ve handed over benefits, our village will take you guys in for a while.”

However, there were thirty-some people here. Wang Shou remembered that the village didn’t have that many vacant rooms.

He thought for a while, “How about this? Those who have handed over food, you take them to the vacant rooms. Those who didn’t hand over food, take them over to the old locust tree in the back.”

That villager called Lao Qiang abruptly raised his head, hesitant, “Over there… Would that not be very good?” 

“How could that not be good?”

Wang Shou impatiently said, “It’s already been so long. You guys are just too superstitious.”


Lao Qiang didn’t dare to refute him. He could only assent to it.

Before leaving, Wang Shou motioned for the villagers to lean over and bring their ears closer. 

“Watch them closely. They must still have lots of good stuff on them.”

Not far away, Zong Jiu mixed into the group that didn’t hand over any food and silently drew a card for the “old locust tree” they talked about.

The white-haired youth lowered his head and calmly looked at the inverted card in his hand, sinking into thought.

He drew the thirteenth card from the Major Arcana Deck, Death God. 

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