The Tale of the Void Emperor - Chapter 517

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It's been three days since Athan told the Nimpere brothers to showcase the voidling-zoids, and today, its name reached the Sun-moon news organization as they sent a representative to meet Athan and to know more about his unique invention.
At this time, the Public was gathered at Newcomer's abode, right outside of the Efyeed and the barrier field around it.
"Hahaha, nice to finally to you, Athan. You can simply call me Shikas," Shikas said as he sat down on a soft couch under Efyeed.
Under Efyeed, there were four couches and a table in the middle at one of its sides. Athan, Tiana, Avelia, Linci, Dean Lenix, and the recently arrived Shikas sat on the couches.
"Let's come to the point without wasting time. I am here to interview you and to know more about voidling-zoids. After all, you have truly made something ground-breaking," Shikas said with a laugh.
He then took out a scroll and put it on the table before saying with a smile, "We already know some things about the voidling-zoids since the display you put a few days ago at the market was spread as some people recorded it with reflection stones. But still, we want to hear about the full capabilities of those voidling-zoids so we can note them down."
Athan nodded before he told them each point about voidling-zoids on how to use them and what capabilities they have.
Shikas noted everything down as he nodded, and after Athan finished explaining everything, Shikas sighed in amazement, "How is something like this possible to create? It's clear that you have used your capabilities as Runic Artist to create them. But...this is unlike anything we've seen before."
Athan just faintly smiled.
"Do you think other Runic artists can study and create them?" Shikas asked with a curious expression. 
Athan's mouth formed a small arc as he spoke serenely, "They can try."
Shikas wryly smiled and nodded before he asked another question, "One of the main questions is how are you going to sell voidling-zoids? The value of these things is vastly different in different people's hands.
"After all, if used by zen order elite, these voidlings-zoids displays battle power comparable to 7-star chaos beasts but more powerful in their respective aspects and compatible with the user. But.."-Shikas grinned as he took a sip from the teacup-," But if used by Zen order Grandmaster, then they will display power comparable to 9-star chaos beasts but more powerful."
Shaking his head, Shikas continued, "With such difference in values, have you thought about how will you set their price?"
Athan grinned as he crossed his arm and leaned back on the couch before saying, "I have thought about how to sell them. You might as well write it down so that people can know the requirement to buy them and their price. Dean Lenix, can you please elaborate on that?"
"Oh?...," Shikas was surprised before he looked at Dean Lenix.
Dean Lenix nodded at Athan with a smile as they have thought of this selling method together. He then turned to Shikas and started telling him about the requirement and price to buy these voidling-zoids.
After hearing everything, Shikas was dumbfounded for a moment before he laughed out loud, "Hahaha, This is indeed a very strange way to sell things, but it's very suitable for this product."
The selling method of Voidling-Zoids had certain requirements and different prices according to the buyer.
1--> They can only buy it at Void Pavilion. This void pavilion is a new building that will be constructed beside Efyeed after a few days. Athan will also expand the barrier, and Dean Lenix will also put a solid formation around it such that without Athan and other members' permission, nobody can go inside.
2-->The prices of voidling-zoids will be different for people at different levels of strength.
People in Orderic Catastrophe can buy one voidling-zoid for 500 medium-grade chaos stones.

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Those at Zen order Elite can buy one voidling-zoid for 500 high-grade chaos stones, while those at Zen order Master and Grandmaster can buy one for 1,000 & 1,500 high-grade chaos stones, respectively.
As for those at the Evagon stage, they need to pay 5,000 high-grade chaos stones to buy one voidling-zoid.
3--> People who come to buy voidling-zoids will have to soul bind them before taking them out from the void pavilion. This way, people of the higher stage can't take advantage of asking lower-stage people to buy for them at a lower price.
4--> The price to enter inside void pavilion will be 124 low-grade chaos stones. 
"When will you start selling? Is there any limitation on the amount you will sell? Also, why the entrance fee? Although everyone will pay it since it's cheap, but is there any reason behind that?"
Athan smiled faintly and said, "There is a reason behind putting up that entrance fee, but that's a secret. The selling will start after a month and a half.
"There will be three thousand voidling-zoids on sale that day, and"-Athan took a sip from teacup-" They will be sold per set. One set will contain each type of one voidling-zoid. 
"And after that, I will sell five hundred sets of voidling-zoids every month, meaning two thousand of them per month."
Hearing that, Shikas was dumbfounded, "So many? Will you be spending all of your time creating them?"
"Hahaha, of course not," Athan shook his head with a grin, "I have my own ways of creating them. You see, I have a slightly better multi-tasking ability, so I can train while creating the voidling-zoids."
Hearing that, Everyone became speechless. Dean also didn't know about the amount of voidling-zoids Athan wil be selling since they only thought of the selling method and not the amount. So he was also dumbfounded when he heard about Athan's remark of doing two tough things at the same time and the number of voidling-zoid's production each month.
Even Coddys, who was sitting at the other side of Efyeed had woken up from his meditation due to this commotion, was speechless while listening to Athan's boast.
Creating a work of Runic Artist that requires focus and concentration while training at the same time? Who are you kidding!!!?
"Hahaha, surely you are joking," Shikas asked before laughing.

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