The Surgeon’s Studio - Chapter 1020

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Chapter 1020: Proficiency in Languages

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Special consultation card?

Zheng Ren thought about it and smiled. That was right. Zou Jiahua must have spent a lot of money in the Mayo Clinic. This so-called special consultation card should be another name for a VIP card.

However, the professor who came to welcome him at the Mayo Clinic did not have a good attitude. He looked down on him.

‘I should hurry up and complete the mission before I fly to Germany.’ Zheng Ren was afraid of trouble from the bottom of his heart, so he thought of this.

The sound of a System mission rang in Zheng Ren’s ears.

Hmm? There will be a mission? Could it be that there are other patients? Zheng Ren looked at the System interface curiously.

[System Mission: Head-on Strike.]

[Mission Content: In the face of provocation and hostility, cowardice will only make the other party more arrogant. Please give the other party a head-on blow and lay a solid foundation for becoming the best surgeon in the world]

[Mission Reward: proficiency in the common language (all languages in the current world), Reputation +1]

[Remarks: in order to better complete the mission and become the best surgeon in the world, the reward in the common language will be given before the mission. Please understand and give the System the most sincere praise]

Zheng Ren hesitated for a moment.

This System mission seemed to be different from usual.

The usual mission was to give the reward after completing it. And this [Head-on Strike] mission first allowed him to master the universal language. This was not the strangest part. Zheng Ren noticed the teasing words in the last remark.

‘Has the System finally started to joke with me?’

From Zheng Ren’s understanding, the System should be similar to some kind of artificial intelligence. Of course, it was the artificial intelligence of a high-level civilization. The level of that civilization was higher than Earth.

But why would it speak to him in a joking manner? This gave Zheng Ren the feeling of a disco happening on his grave.

If the artificial intelligence gained intelligence and self-awareness, would he still be able to completely trust the System in the future?

Zheng Ren had a headache.

Few people in the world could understand this kind of machine ethics. Zheng Ren only thought about it for a moment before giving up on further thinking. If he had the time, he might as well go to the System library to read.

As he was thinking, countless bits of information suddenly appeared in his mind. Zheng Ren vaguely heard crackling sounds.

It transpired especially in the left cortical area of his brain, which was burning hot. Zheng Ren even had an illusion that his skull was about to melt.

The language center was unique to the human cerebral cortex, mostly on the left side. Clinical practice proved that the language center of the right-handed people was in the left hemisphere. Most of the left-handed people also had the language center on the left, and only a few were in the right hemisphere.

The hemisphere where the language area was located was called the dominant hemisphere.

To master all languages, one’s brain would probably be overwhelmed.

Zheng Ren’s worry did not come true, and soon the heat wave stopped.

“Boss? Are you jet-lagged or scared by someone’s attitude?” Su Yun saw that Zheng Ren did not speak, and his body swayed slightly.

He was fine, so he retorted. “I’m fine.” Zheng Ren immediately returned to normal, and his smile was a little stiff.

“Good for you.” Su Yun said, “If that person continues to talk like this, I’ll go and kill him.”

“They can’t perform the surgery, yet they still have the face to talk like this. I really don’t know who gave them the confidence.” Su Yun was not convinced. He looked askance at Professor Danilo Acosta, his face full of eagerness to give it a try.

He did not know if letting Su Yun ‘hit them in the head’ counted as completing the mission.

This thought flashed through Zheng Ren’s mind, and then he listened carefully. He found that he could already understand their communication.

In the past, he could only understand half of it, and most of it was based on guesses.

But now, Professor Danilo Acosta’s American English with a slight Texas country accent was like Mandarin from the northeast. Zheng Ren knew that this was a benefit given in advance by the System.

‘Why was this guy like Su Yun, so hot-tempered and willing to fight?’ Zheng Ren thought to himself. If Su Yun obtained the System, would it be like adding wings to a tiger that would go fighting all over the world?

Shaking his head, Zheng Ren did not say anything. He just followed Professor Danilo Acosta out of the airport and into the car.

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The other party’s face was always cold, and the atmosphere in the car was a little awkward. However, Su Yun did not care. He just held his phone and complained about the poor wireless network signal in Rochester. Rudolf Wagner had been eyeing Danilo like a tiger eyeing its prey. He was like a gladiator in a gladiatorial arena.

“Lil Fugui, what are you doing?” Zheng Ren asked curiously.

“Boss, the people on this side always think that they are the best in the world and look down on people. I reckon that when they invite you to perform the surgery, they will be very unconvinced. If their momentum is weak, they will probably be pressed to the ground and rubbed the wrong way,” the Professor said.

Zheng Ren shook his head and looked at Danilo to ask, “May I know when the surgery can begin?”

Hearing Zheng Ren speak fluent American English with a Texas accent, Su Yun raised his head and frowned.

Professor Danilo Acosta was also stunned. His hometown, Texas, had a longer ending tone, which gave off a strong sense of a western cowboy’s rebellious aura.

Although people thought that it was a more rustic accent at the Mayo Clinic, he was proud of it. He thought that the New York accent was too high-pitched, and that both ‘A’ and ‘O’ had to make sounds like ‘aww’. It was too weird.

However, this Chinese man actually spoke in a fluent Texan accent, especially with that rebellious tone. If he had not lived in Texas since he was young, it would be very difficult to learn it.

“Boss, are you f*cking sick?” Su Yun spat out unhappily. “You can speak English, and you want me to translate for you?”

“I think it’s more appropriate for you to criticize others, but you’re playing with your phone.” Zheng Ren changed the topic and did not directly answer Su Yun.

“Then you go. I’ll be in charge of performing the surgery with you. Oh right, Mayo has an unspoken rule. It’s said that surgeons often break their instruments.” Su Yun’s expression was a little strange. Zheng Ren felt that this guy was tricking him.

“Break instruments? Isn’t that a poor show of temper?” Zheng Ren said.

At this moment, Professor Danilo Acosta suddenly said, “Doctor Zheng, have you been to Texas before?”

“No,” Zheng Ren said, “But language is much simpler than surgery. If you can’t even grasp a few foreign languages, then your surgical talent is probably just that.”

This kind of sophistry sounded reasonable, but after careful consideration, it was all nonsense. Zheng Ren rarely said this kind of thing.

Rather than saying it, it was better to do it. This was the principle that Zheng Ren followed.

But who would have thought that the System, this magical artificial intelligence, would actually allow him to insult others? For the sake of the reward, Zheng Ren temporarily played the role of Su Yun.

Professor Danilo Acosta’s face revealed an angry expression. “I think that language and surgery are two completely different things.”

Zheng Ren smiled and glanced at Su Yun.

“Professor Danilo, I think it’s the same. Otherwise, why did you invite my boss to do the surgery instead of you?” Su Yun answered without hesitation. Zheng Ren heaved a sigh of relief. It felt good to have Su Yun stand up for something he was not good at.

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