The Surgeon’s Studio - Chapter 1019

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Chapter 1019: Could Represent a Man’s Taste

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Zheng Ren had never thought that he could sleep on a plane… Of course, he could sleep on his back. In his imagination, he would definitely be very tired after flying to the United States and sleeping on his back. However, there was nothing he could do. He could only grit his teeth and persevere.

It was still the same old saying: living in poverty limited one’s imagination.

From the looks of it, the long journey was not a problem at all. Zheng Ren was sure that once he got off the plane, he would be able to go for the surgery. After the surgery, he would be able to fly directly to the medical center of the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

In this way, the journey would be much shorter.

It was great to be rich. Zheng Ren began to envy the days when he was rich. Unfortunately, the money he had accumulated now had other uses. He could not spend it casually.

He could only sigh at the big bed on the private plane of Zou’s real estate and the operating theater. He might not be able to own such a plane in his lifetime. Even if he did, he would not be able to afford it.

Zheng Ren only sighed with emotion for this kind of huge toy that was close to 200 million US dollars. Then, he returned to the living room and sat opposite Zou Jiahua.

Zou Jiahua was reading the paper reports.

People at his age were still used to reading things made of paper, not electronic information.

“Boss, are you envious?” Su Yun asked.

“I think so.” Zheng Ren said, “The earliest private plane was available in 1957. The planes at that time couldn’t be compared to the planes now.”

“In another ten years, it will be even more incomparable,” Su Yun said.

“Sorry for the joke, Dr. Zheng.” Zou Jiahua put down the newspaper and smiled slightly. “Actually, I don’t need this kind of plane at all. It’s just that my father passed away on a commercial plane, so I have a psychological trauma.”

Zheng Ren thought about it and found that what he said was very true.

Those sets of medical equipment were probably prepared for the heart ion channel disease. They paid a high price just to survive.

Was that not the duty of a doctor? It seemed that there was no way to criticize Zou Jiahua for being a coward. If it were an ordinary person who got this disease, the grass on the grave would be three feet tall by now.

It was so good to be rich.

“Other people buy planes for the convenience of their small family’s house. But I modified this plane to save my life,” Zou Jiahua said with a smile. “The current economic situation is different from before. I have to fly around the world to talk about business and make the Zou family prosperous. So, this plane is necessary. However, Dr. Zheng has cured my illness. Perhaps I will sell it.”

“The cost of maintenance for a year is around 20 million US dollars. This is the price set by the private jet seller Steve.” Zou Jiahua was very satisfied with Zheng Ren’s reaction. If this luxurious private jet could not shock Dr. Zheng, he would have to assess whether he was human or not.

“I’m not a world-class rich man. It’s really difficult to keep this plane.” Zou Jiahua did not hide it, nor was he flaunting his wealth. Instead, he calmly told the truth.

“Yes, this should be the second-rate private jet,” Su Yun said.

“Yes.” Zou Jiahua smiled and said, “There are many planes that are better than mine.”

“Look at what you’ve all said, my…” Zheng Ren thought of the surgical instruments. Compared to private planes, he preferred the handy instruments.

“The rich businessmen in China like the Gulfstream series, such as the Gulfstream G550 and so on. But in 2008, Steve Wynn pushed the issue of owning a private plane to a new level. He renovated a Boeing 737.” Su Yun smiled and said, “He said that watches and belts can represent a man’s taste. In fact, a private plane can represent more.”

“We can’t compare with them. In 2009, Trump modified a Boeing 757. Not long after, Abramovich modified a Boeing 767 and installed an air missile avoidance system.” Zou Jiahua smiled. “It was not until Prince Alwaleed modified an Airbus A380 that this kind of ostentatious behavior was stopped. That’s because there are no more expensive planes.”

“Boss, are you interested?” Su Yun asked.

“I’m interested in the surgical instruments on the plane. This time, when I go to Germany, I’ll ask Lil Fugui to buy one. In the future, when I go for surgery, I’ll bring my own instruments. Just thinking about it makes me feel good.” Zheng Ren’s eyes were sparkling.

Su Yun shook his head. He had nothing in common with this guy.

Zou Jiahua nodded. The smile on his face did not change. Only such a simple and pure person could reach the peak of a certain field.

In other words, this was called not living without being crazy.

“By the way, you can access the Internet on the plane. Please feel free.” After Zou Jiahua said that, he began to read his documents.

Being able to access the Internet was not very important to Zheng Ren, but to Su Yun, it was almost everything in the world.

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Zheng Ren closed his eyes to rest. The plane took off very smoothly. There was almost no particularly large tremor.

Entering the System space, Zheng Ren began to read magazines.

Su Yun played with his phone while the Professor kept in contact with the doctors in Heidelberg. He made good use of the time to collect relevant patients and waited for Zheng Ren to perform the knife throwing.

The plane was very quiet and everyone was busy.

Zheng Ren also slept to make up for the upcoming jet lag.

On the plane, lying on a soft and comfortable bed, Zheng Ren felt very pleased to have a good sleep.

Seven and a half hours later, the plane landed at the airport in Rochester.

It was about 6 o’clock in the evening in Beijing time. The sky in Rochester had just brightened, and it was 5:15 in the morning.

The people from the Mayo Clinic were already waiting at the airport. Other than the staff, Professor Danilo Acosta was the ‘unlucky guy’ in charge of the project team to pick up Zheng Ren.

Professor Danilo Acosta was very dissatisfied with the need to pick up Zheng Ren in the morning.

Zheng Ren and his group got off the private plane and walked out of the airport from the VIP passage. Professor Rudolf Wagner had already contacted Danilo Acosta.

After meeting, Professor Danilo Acosta expressed his surprise at the huge team of observers.

In his impression, there should only be two or three people, but he did not expect there to be so many people.

He felt a little helpless for a moment.

He brought fewer cars, but he did not think that it was a mistake in his work. He began to argue with Professor Rudolf Wagner.

Zheng Ren saw the navy blue suit with the calm look of an Old English butler. He came to Danilo Acosta and said a few words to Rudolf Wagner, then the argument disappeared.

“Su Yun, what are they talking about?” Zheng Ren asked curiously.

Zheng Ren was not a language genius like the Professor. He could deal with oral English conversations if he was an exam candidate, but when it came to daily communication and speaking very fast, it was not enough.

“The Zou family told the person who was to pick them up that they had their own team to welcome them. They said that they were not qualified to enter Mayo, and then they were slapped in the face. Zou Zhi told him that there was a special treatment card for Mayo Clinic.”

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