The Sleepless Night of the Maid - Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

“People are unpredictable. What if she tries to seduce him to get out of her situation? Not to mention, Sir Ruth seems to particularly care about Eva.”

“That’s because she looks pitiful.”

Pamela retorted right after the Baronetess finished speaking, not missing a beat. It was an act of convincing the other part of her that also shared the same uneasiness. Although her priority was to seduce Count Holland, she couldn’t refrain from being interested in Sir Ruth. Quite the opposite, seeing him not even batting an eye at her, it aroused an odd thrill inside.

Sir Ruth might not be an ordinary person, though she couldn’t ask in detail because he didn’t reveal it himself. Being in the Imperial Order alone was a high enough position, and becoming a part of it was equivalent to, or more than, a Baronet. Above all, she liked his aura, and his looks far exceeded all of her standards. To tell the truth, despite his background, Sir Ruth stood out far more than Count Holland.

However, he seemed to care about Eva and it irked Pamela. So she secretly observed them while acting nonchalant. She was trying to find out why he cared about Eva, but no matter how much she looked into it, there was nothing special in Eva.

Eva was beautiful, but unrivalled by Pamela. Eva and Sir Ruth had only just met, so they couldn’t fall for each other so quickly. And it was impossible that they got closer just because they share the same interest.

In summary, it was sympathy, that’s all. It must have bothered him that the daughter of a ruined aristocrat family was drowning in the water and shaking, then placed in the corner and treated like nothing. After all, he’s a knight who learned about chivalry, so the behaviour came naturally, no? The attractive person looks after the unattractive person.

“Even so, don’t trust Eva too much.”

“Cut it out and go. I’ll take care of everything.”

Pamela responded coldly, turning her head away from her mother. Her mother’s concern was unwarranted and distasteful. Title, power, and money. She didn’t even do anything right as a parent, but what now, giving Pamela advice? What does she know? When Pamela was young, they made her bow her head to Eva. They made her sing higher and higher praises to get the title.

“There’s a girl over there called Lady Eva. You have to be genteel so that your father can receive a noble title, understand?”

That was the day she first went to Bale Castle with her father. She saw the huge fortress, the luxurious interior as if a deity lived in it, and other valuable items she had never seen before. It overwhelmed her. The huge differences between them shocked Pamela and crushed her self-esteem.

“Good day, Lady Eva.”

The first time she saw Eva, she was wearing an expensive dress with her blonde hair braided lovingly as she held a beautiful doll. Pamela greeted her, inclining her head first, bending her knees while stashing her envy deep inside.

“It’s alright. Just call me by my name, Pamela.”

It wasn’t until Eva ordered her to do so that Pamela qualified to be her friend.

Perhaps the memory of that day was greatly attached to her heart. Even after her father gained the title of Baronet, Pamela felt strange every time she faced Eva. It wasn’t just about Eva.

Eva has always been placed on a high pedestal. The staff of Bale Castle held their chin high and behaved like they were a noble. Although from a low-status aristocrat, Pamela was still a daughter of a noble, yet she was frightened and felt trampled on when she came face to face with them. However, their names flowed out of Eva’s mouth effortlessly as they looked at her with fondness and adoration eyes.

It was unfair. There was nothing worse than Eva, and the fact that Eva was a noble by birth and that Pamela was a commoner set a clear division between them. That was why Pamela liked and hated her.

By the time her jealousy grew into hatred, Eva’s family collapsed. Pamela remembered that day, she cried a lot for the first time since she was born.

Because she was glad.

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She was happy that Eva plummeted down from the high place and came to her side. She felt good that she wouldn’t have to hate Eva anymore. Eva shouldn’t climb to a higher position than her nor become happier than her. That way, they could remain friends.

“Excuse me…”

Pamela heard a voice coming from the entrance of the parlor. Knitting her brows as she was checking the figure, Rossy stood there and put her hands together.

“What is it, Rossy?” The Baronetess, who had still not left, scowled and raised her voice.

“There’s something I want to report to Madam and Lady Pamela.”

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