The Rich Second Generation Villain’s Father - Chapter 51

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In general bars, an ordinary red wine would cost just a few hundred yuan a bottle.

The more expensive ones would cost more than a thousand yuan.

And there were also several drinks costing over two thousand yuan.

It was because most of the people who come to this bar belong to the middle class.

But as people nowadays had social pressure, there were only a few people who would dare to drink bottles of wine worth more than two thousand yuan.

Especially in a third-tier city like Qiuming City, that goes without saying.

If one wanted to drink a more expensive wine than this, they had to go to a five-star hotel.

As Xiao Hong heard Qin Tian’s casual words, she couldn’t help but smack her lips.

Though 8888 yuan to the current Qin Tian couldn’t even be called money, for her tonight’s performance, it was considered to be completely sufficient.

“Handsome, can just the two of us be able to finish those two bottles of red wine?”

Xiao Hong was a little bit panicked inside.

In fact, it was just a trivial matter to take two bottles of red wine from the bar.

But she was afraid that the manager would give herself a hard time if he knew.

“Then you should call two more sisters to drink together!”

Qin Tian said casually as he wouldn’t drink anyway.

He ordered the two bottles of wine just to pass some time.

So, on Qin Tian’s insistence, Xiao Hong called over two pretty sisters.

The three women chattered non-stop.

The girl sitting next to Qin Tian, after knowing that Qin Tian could be a big shot, intentionally or unintentionally leaned towards Qin Tian.

One could say, it was easy to forget oneself after experiencing this kind of treatment that only wealthy people could enjoy.

But Qin Tian, as a transmigrator, could keep his calm.

On the other hand, after hearing that Qin Tian ordered two bottles of Lafite, Manager Li’s heart was dripping blood.

But as he already promised, he could not back down now.

He just hoped that after his boss came over later, for the sake of his own dedication, she would give him a little raise in his salary.

Otherwise, he would really be at a big loss.


Thirteenth Lady Gu’s real name was Gu Qingcheng.

She was 35 years old this year.

She grew up without a father or mother and was brought up by the gangster Bai Yuntian.

She herself was also a ruthless character who had followed Boss Bai since her childhood.

At the age of twelve, her hands were already stained with blood.

Because of her beauty, she was named Gu Qingcheng1.

And as she was Bai Yuntian’s thirteenth adopted daughter, people called her Thirteenth Lady Gu.

In those days of social turmoil, people were dying at every turn.

Those who got mixed into gangs died faster.

In the process of procuring territories, all the thirteen sons of the Boss Bai almost died.

Only she, Third Master Jin, and Fifth Brother Long were left.

Later, when Boss Bai died of a recurrence of an old illness, the three of them divided the territory of Qiuming City.

As social order was restored, she was also aware that being involved in the underground would do no good.

So she had been trying to lead her men to earn money from the business.

But their business talent was so limited that the current progress of profiting wasn’t that good.

So, they had to rely on some bars, KTV to make ends meet.

Rather than saying that they were of three major underground forces in Qiuming City, it would be better to say that they are poor businessmen raising a large number of thugs.

Their business wasn’t big. But it wouldn’t collapse either.

One could say that they were just here making a living.

Since the moment she decided to earn money legitimately, Gu Qingcheng had been contemplating.

If they could find a wealthy person they could do business with, perhaps they might solve their financial issues.

However, after knowing of their past, none of the influential businessmen were willing to work with them.

Even if they planned to cooperate, it wasn’t that easy.


“Where is President Qin?”

After walking into the bar along with her two bodyguards, Gu Qingcheng asked immediately.

She was too eager to enter the wealthy and powerful circle of Qiuming City.

Hearing this, Qin Tian, who was sitting in the lounge area watching a few girls playing, subconsciously looked over in the direction of the door.

This was a woman who could melt one’s bones.

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Her figure was tall, celadon patterned open cheongsam, slender white thighs, and the unconscious flow of charm between her eyebrows.

All of them exude the style of a woman.

The corners of her mouth were raised without making any expression as if she was smiling at one.

“This woman… is the best.” Qin Tian couldn’t help but blurt out.

Although he had seen many beautiful women, it was his first time seeing a woman as charming as her.

Of course, he had never seen Gu Qingcheng before.

The reason why he came here was that he knew that the boss of this gang was a woman.

According to the structure of the novel, Lin Feng, a divine doctor who goes down the mountain, would be pursued by nurses, policewomen, and cold lady presidents.

A sexy and charming underground boss naturally wouldn’t be missed.

So, he figured that this Thirteenth Lady Gu was likely to be the sexy and flirtatious underground boss.

If he cooperated with her, not only would he have a cooperation partner, but he would also have an extra female lead to harvest the Villain points. Why wouldn’t he do it?

As he took a look at her, it was true that the urban novels didn’t deceive him at all.

This woman was not only sexy and charming but also was more seductive than what was described in the novel.

The woman was not just sexy, but also more attractive than told in the novel.

With her unparalleled beauty and style, even a city would fall.

With her knitted brows and her smile, any soul would be hooked.


As the manager came over to talk, Gu Qingcheng noticed Qin Tian sitting on the sofa.

She stepped on her high heels and took enchanting steps while walking over to Qin Tian.

Her two female bodyguards with short hair and suits followed closely behind her.

After taking a clear look at Qin Tian, Gu Qingcheng, who was walking at the forefront, could not help but knit her eyebrows.

“Are you Qin Tian from the Qin Group, President Qin?”

Her voice was dignified, except that her tone was laced with suspicion.

She had only seen Qin Tian once on TV and had not seen him in person.

As she saw Qin Tian who looked much younger than what she remembered, she was a little uncertain.

“What? Do I not look like what you think?”

“No, it’s just that I didn’t expect President Qin to be more attractive in person than on TV.”

Gu Qingcheng, who recognized Qin Tian without a doubt, suddenly smiled flirtatiously and waved her hand towards the little sisters of Xiao Hong.

The sisters left understandingly.

Then she extended her hand towards Qin Tian, “My name is Gu Qingcheng. It’s nice to meet you, President Qin.”

“It’s nice to meet you too!”

Qin Tian politely reached out his hand and shook it.

Her hand was round as a pearl, soft as if there wasn’t a bone, and…

“Hmm? Miss Gu, are you sick?”

Translated by: MelonSmasher

Edited by: Summit

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