The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 488

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Chapter 488: Seeds of Doubt

There was a knock on the door. Mo Bonan opened it, and outside the door was the attendant, holding Tang Luo’s clean laundry.

Mo Bonan took the clothes, then went to knock on the bathroom door.

Tang Luo poked out his head.

“Your clothes.”


Tang Luo stretched out his hand and took the clothes.

“You change first, I’ll go out to greet the other guests.”

“Okay, you go ahead.”

Tang Luo let out a faint sigh of relief and shrank back his head.

Mo Bonan turned around and was about to leave, but just as he opened the room’s door, his phone suddenly vibrated.

He subconsciously closed the door behind him.

Tapping on his phone, he saw a message from his mother asking how Tang Luo was doing.

This was Mo Bonan’s event, so his parents and their friends of the same age left early.

Without the elders, the young people could have fun.

But they did not expect that after leaving, they would hear that something had happened. They were instantly anxious.

Mo Bonan’s mother called Tang Luo but did not get through. Supposedly, the phone broke from being in the water.

So, she could only send a message to Mo Bonan.

Mo Bonan was messaging his mother when he heard the sound of a blow dryer coming from the bathroom.

Mo Bonan didn’t think so much about it; maybe Tang Luo was blowing dry clothes.

At the other end, Mo’s mother sent a message, saying that she wanted Tang Luo to report that he was safe, as she didn’t believe what Mo Bonan said.

The fact that Zhang Yiqi came to the party and targeted Tang Luo could not be unrelated to Mo Bonan.

As a woman, Mo’s mother could certainly see that Zhang Yiqi was interested in Mo Bonan.

What she found amazing was that Zhang Yiqi wanted to target Tang Luo.

Was this not ridiculous? How could Tang Luo affect Zhang Yiqi?

Mo’s mother was also very angry at Mo Bonan, who provoked Zhang Yiqi.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she couldn’t contact Tang Luo, she wouldn’t want to deal with him.

Mo Bonan was very aggrieved at being blamed by his mother.

He was very wronged! Who knew that Zhang Yiqi was a crazy person?

He didn’t even send an invitation to the Zhang family, so who knew where Zhang Yiqi got the invitation from?

He was also annoyed that something like this had happened!

At the other end, Mo’s mother was still insisting that Tang Luo call her. So Mo Bonan touched his nose and could only turn around to find Tang Luo.

In the bathroom, the sound of the hair dryer continued.

Mo Bonan knocked a few times but didn’t hear Tang Luo’s answer.

He could not help but worry. Did he not hear, or had something happened?

Although Tang Luo was rescued quickly, his health was not good, and he got sick easily.

In this case, weakness was also possible.

Thinking that something would happen to Tang Luo, Mo Bonan’s worries intensified.

He couldn’t help but turn the door handle lock, and to his surprise, the door was unlocked and opened with a twist.

Just as his hand turned the door handle, the sound inside stopped.

However, he still subconsciously pushed the door open.

With the lock open, who wouldn’t give it a push?



As soon as the door was pushed open, he saw the person inside turn around violently, grabbing his clothes and covering his chest while giving a shrill scream.

He was startled into closing the door.

The screaming inside stopped, and Mo Bonan’s wildly beating heart slowly calmed down. He wordlessly shook his head.

But in the next second, the slender and pale back that had just flashed by was imprinted in his mind.

Although it was just a glimpse, he was impressed.

The back was too thin, while the waist was too slender.

If he didn’t know that the person inside was Tang Luo, he would have thought it was a girl!

Moreover, Tang Luo’s scream was too sharp, like a girl’s…

Wait a minute?

Mo Bonan frowned.

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