The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 487

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Chapter 487: No More Collaboration

Li Weiyun stood in place, eyeing the area Qiao Yanjue had left with a complicated expression.

“Sister Weiyun, let’s go,” Xia Qinghan came over and said carefully.

“Wait a little longer.”

Li Weiyun, however, was reluctant.

She must find out what the hell was going on here!

Looking at the security guards’ watchful gazes and the surrounding guests’ speculative eyes, Xia Qinghan was full of panic.

“Whatever you want to know… I’ll tell you when we get back, okay?”

“You know what’s going on?” Li Weiyun turned her head to look at her.

“Almost… Almost all of it,” Xia Qinghan stammered in reply.

Li Weiyun remembered what Xia Qinghan had told her about Xia Xibei earlier and instantly had an idea.

“Okay, let’s go.”

She adjusted her expression, resumed her previous haughtiness, turned around, and walked away.

No matter how things went, she couldn’t let herself lose her cool in front of the crowd.

Moreover, if you knew yourself and your enemy, you would never lose a battle.

It was useless to stay here. It was better to go back to understand the situation.

Mo Bonan asked the security guard to send the three out before turning around and going back.

He had brought Tang Luo to the room before coming back to drive Zhang Yiqi and the others out.

His face was gloomy and unsightly while thinking about the situation just now.

He didn’t expect Zhang Yiqi to dare make a move against Tang Luo right here!

The Zhang family was completely shameless! The older person didn’t come, but the younger one came to make trouble!

Thinking of this, he called over the project manager nearby.

“In the future, all collaboration with the Zhang family will be cancelled!”

“Okay, got it.”

The manager nodded repeatedly, but in his heart he complained. Didn’t they already cancel the collaboration with the Zhang family?

Mo Bonan reacted to the fact that their collaboration with the Zhang family had long been gone as he added, “In the future, any collaboration with the Zhang family need not be mentioned.”

If they wanted to collaborate, they might as well find someone else to work with; they would definitely be more reliable than the Zhang family.

After instructing the manager, Mo Bonan hurriedly rushed to his room.

When he reached the door, he was just in time to see the waiter delivering a bowl of ginger tea.

He took it and knocked on the door.

Tang Luo wore a white bathrobe to open the door.

The bathrobe was a bit large, and covered him up, revealing only his slender calves. His lips were a little pale and his hair drooped, looking like a poor, helpless little rabbit.

Mo Bonan frowned, a little worried.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Tang Luo shook his head.

“I had ginger tea made. Drink some.”

He handed the tea over, which Tang Luo took obediently.

“How is Beibei doing?”

Just now, when Xia Xibei quarreled with Zhang Yiqi and the girls, he was sent into the room by Mo Bonan, so he didn’t know the subsequent development.

“Don’t worry, she’s okay.” Mo Bonan patted his shoulder, “Qiao Yanjue is here, he took her to change her clothes.”

Hearing that Qiao Yanjue had arrived, Tang Luo breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s good.”

“Don’t think too much, take care of yourself first.”

Mo Bonan pushed him to the sofa and sat him down.

Tang Luo’s physique was far different from his, and with the encounter just now, he sat down without resistance.

His eyebrows lowered, he sipped ginger tea one sip at a time, looking innocent and harmless.

At this moment, Mo Bonan felt that he was too delicate.

“When we get back, I’ll teach you to swim.”

No more being pushed.

Pfft! Tang Luo spat out the ginger tea in his mouth, staining the bathrobe.

Mo Bonan was startled by his reaction.

“What’s wrong? Is it too hot?”

“No, nothing!” Tang Luo shook his head in a panic. “I’ll go wash up.”

Without waiting for Mo Bonan to speak, he rushed into the bathroom.

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