The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 504

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Chapter 504: Fu Zhi: I’m Still Growing

The male bodyguard nodded in assent. Following after, he took a black wallet from his pocket and pulled a few notes out of the wallet.

“Since you’re Young Master Wu’s friend, let’s do it the polite way,” he said as he handed the money to Fu Zhi. When he saw Fu Zhi was not taking the money, he threw them on the floor.

“It took you only a hundred to get to the hotel. Consider the extra as a little tip from my young master.”

‘Well, birds of the same feather flock together,’ Fu Zhi thought inwardly.

Wu Zhiheng just stood at the sideline and watched his bodyguards humiliate Fu Zhi. It was just that the driver could not stand their attitude anymore and he snarled, “I already said I will come back to get you guys after I send this girl to the hotel! How could you throw money at someone’s face? Have your parents never taught you any manners?”

“I will say this one more time. We already gave her the money, so take us to our destination right away!” The female bodyguard chimed in, as she opened the door to the backseat.

Before Wu Zhiheng could do anything, Fu Zhi took a step forward and closed the door.

“Did I ever say I’m giving you guys the car?”

The female bodyguard did not expect something like this at all. She stared at Fu Zhi and growled angrily, “Miss, open your eyes and look around you. You’re not in your own country right now. You’re alone, and there are three of us here. It’s 3 versus 1, and are you sure you still want to go up against us?”

A hint of annoyance entered Fu Zhi’s eyes and she hissed, “Move aside.”

There were so many cabs on the other side, but the female bodyguard had to make things hard for her. Fu Zhi was certain that it must be Wu Zhiheng’s order.

Fu Zhi turned her gaze around and she noticed the gun in the female bodyguard’s pocket.

The female bodyguard was infuriated. She grabbed at the handle of the door and snarled, “Do you know who the hell we are? Get out of our way, or else you will face the consequences!”


A voice sounded out, and in the next second, a hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed her arm like an iron vice. The female bodyguard yelped out in pain, and before she knew anything, she was flung into the air and fell on the ground with a meaty smack not far away.

She raised her head and she saw a man. The man was wearing a black trench coat. He was tall and he had an imposing air about him.

The female bodyguard sized him up as she grabbed at her own wrist. She could still feel pulses of pain emanating from her wrist. “Who are you? I’m talking to this woman, so what does it have to do with you? How dare you hit me? Do you have a death wish?”

“You really have a lot of nerves for laying your finger on the people from the Ouyang Family, huh,” the male bodyguard added. He took a big step forward and delivered a punch at Shen Cizhou’s face.

It was just that before his fist could even land on its target, a few black sport cars suddenly appeared at the end of the road. They all came towards them at high speed and they all parked neatly in the parking lot.

The wheels rubbed against the ground with an ear-piercing noise.

Then, a dozen men dressed in black came down from the cars and stood behind Shen Cizhou with their hands on their back.

The male bodyguard was stunned.

“Young man,” Shen Cizhou said as he patted his shoulder, “You guys are all barks but no bite, and honestly, I’m kind of amazed by the fact that you can act so high and mighty outside although you have only two guns with you.”

The male bodyguard’s face turned ashen.

Shen Cizhou then turned his body sideways and asked, “So what do you want us to do with them?”

Fu Zhi glanced at them coldly and replied, “They can give me some money to avoid misfortune. It’s just that I’m not sure if they’re willing to do that or not.”

Shen Cizhou then turned back to the three people in front of him, and the three of them instantly felt a chill down their spines.

“Yes! Yes! You want money, righ? We can do that!” Wu Zhiheng nodded.

“After you take their money, distribute the money to the cab drivers and ask them to go around the street,” Fu Zhi said before she got into Shen Cizhou’s car.

“You guys heard it?” Shen Cizhou shouted. Before he went into his car, he glanced at Wu Zhiheng.

He sized him up from his head to his toe, and he was certain that this young man in front of him was the one who kept making things warm for Fu Zhi. Then, he hissed, “Don’t let me see you messing with her again.”

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For a moment, Wu Zhiheng felt as if an invisible hand was strangling him.

Shen Cizhou let out a scoff and went into the car. He stepped on the accelerator and the car took off.

Wu Zhiheng only came around to his senses after the car had vanished from his vision.


In the car, Fu Zhi rolled the window down and played with her phone.

Shen Cizhou glanced at her and pouted his mouth, “Jiang Ningbei has sent someone to pick up Ye Jiu and Xu Wei. I guess they are at Iris Time Villa now. There will be a rally competition on Mount Qiu Ling recently, so those who want to enter the mountain need an access card. I’ve prepared one for you. It’s on the backseat, and..”

Shen Cizhou looked at her with a grin. “Honey, the winner will be getting 10 million dollars from the organizer and 1 million dollars from the International Crime Unit, so are you not going to participate and win the prize so that you can pay me back the money that you owed me?”

Fu Zhi glanced at him and replied, “I don’t have a driver’s license.”

Shen Cizhou thought for a while and said again, “You know, the bodyguards that are protecting your parents in Iris Time Villa are just a bunch of normal people who live by the edge of blades. They have families as well, and they need to bring food to the table! If we don’t pay them enough money, they will go on a strike!”

“But there’s nothing I can do as well,” Fu Zhi said as she touched her purse, “The doctor said I’m still growing. I need to spend more money to buy milk tea to keep me alive, and you know, milk teas are expensive.”

Shen Cizhuo did not know what to say.

‘You’re the doctor, right?’

“You’re old already and you’re not growing as well, so why don’t you pay them out of your own pocket first? I will pay you back later when I have the money? Is that okay for you?” Fu Zhi asked.

“Yes. I’ve stopped growing, but I’m at an age where I’m starting to shrink,” Shen Cizhou let out a sigh, “I have to take nutrient solution every month to keep myself alive, and you know what? A nutrient solution is more expensive than a cup of milk tea!”

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