The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 503

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Chapter 503: I Want The Cab

“Can you…” Fu Zhi pressed her lips tight as she looked fixedly at Li Nanli, “Don’t always kiss me?”

Li Nanli cleared his throat and said, “This is not kissing. I’m teaching you something, and kissing is just one of them.”

As he was talking, he looked at the little brat through the window. He noticed that there was no emotion in his gaze. He seemed like a puppet without a soul, and he wondered why that was.

Li Nanli pinched at Fu Zhi’s earlobe.

He was the only survivor from the “Equinox Flower” case. After spending a year in the International Crime Unit before being repatriated to his home country, it was surprising that he still retained that faintest hint of emotion as a human being.

Fu Zhi and Li Nanli’s flight was taking off at 1:00 pm, so both of them had boarded the plane.

Lu Yu’an stayed at the convenience store for a long while.

When he was leaving, there was a roar of planes from the airfield. A big airplane flew across the sky and drew a line in the air.

He raised his head and looked. The driver then asked, “Are you worried about Ms. Fu?”

“Nope,” Lu Yu’an replied with a smile, but his smile did not reach his eyes.

The Lucky Cloud Pavilion was situated on a street where riots frequently happened. It went without a doubt that he was worried about Fu Zhi but compared to that, he hoped that the man beside his cousin would not return for the rest of his life.

In this way, no one would take his cousin away from him.

At the same time, on the plane.

Li Nanli reshuffled all his men and split them into three teams.

It was totally different from what Jiang Jinshu had planned. When he heard the plan from Liu Mi, he was dumbfounded. “Are you saying that Nanli agrees with Fu Zhi that Old Master Zheng is faking his illness, so he dispatches an extra team to send him off?”

Jiang Jinshu did not expect that Li Nanli would have so much trust in Fu Zhi! He witnessed it with his own eyes that Old Master Zheng was diagnosed with a stroke by a professional doctor, so how could Fu Zhi be so sure that Old Master Zhang was just faking?

Even if Fu Zhi knew a lot about medicine, how could she be so sure that she did not misdiagnose Old Master Zheng?

Liu Mi touched his nose and continued, “Well, this is President Li’s plan and it has nothing to do with Ms. Fu. Besides, he hopes that you can lend Chen Jun to us. Oh yeah, he also needs a few female bodyguards?”

“Why?” Jiang Jinshu asked, “We’re going to Myanmar for a business deal, and Han Qi and Tang Ying are not coming with us this time. We are extremely short-handed, so why do we still have to dispatch a few people to protect that woman? No! I can’t allow this to happen! I want to talk to Nanli!”

Liu Mi stopped him and said, “Young Master Jiang, I’m sure you know President Li very well. He will not change his mind after he has made the decision. You also need to calm down. Ms. Fu is President Li’s girlfriend. No matter how much you dislike her, it’s a fact that will never change…”

“That’s not what I’m talking about!”

Jiang Jinshu and Fu Zhi were like water and fire. Whenever they came across each other, they would certainly argue with each other and then parted on bad terms.

Well, they did not exactly part on bad terms as well. At the very least, Fu Zhi would get some benefits from Jiang Jinshu, while Jiang Jinshu was the only one who got the short end of the stick.

“I know she’s capable, and I’m not going to deny that, but ask yourself Liu Mi, have I ever made any mistakes in all my years at the Li Corporation? Nanli would rather believe in her than in me, so you have to help me to stop her!”

“It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but first, I have no right to interfere with his decision, and secondly…”

Liu Mi looked at him with a grin before continuing, “Five years ago, you’re ambushed in a mission at Country F because of your carelessness. Three years ago, you fell into a Ponzi scam because you didn’t study our competitor thoroughly, and two years ago, you invested in the wrong company. One year ago…

“Have you never made any mistakes, or have you subconsciously discarded your previous mistakes?”

Jiang Jinshu became speechless.

After Liu Mi had finished speaking, he nodded at Gu Yanqi and headed out.

Gu Yanqi folded the newspaper and put it into his bag. Just when he was about to take a nap, Jiang Jinshu approached him and said, “It’s going to be a very dangerous trip this time and it took us a month to come up with a plan. Why are you not angry at the fact that Nanli insisted on letting Fu Zhi join him and he even changed the plan at the last minute because of her?”

“Why should I get angry?” Gu Yanqi asked, “You’ve been working with Nanli for so long, so you should know him the best. He’s not the kind of person who would let his emotions get the best of him. I’m sure he has his own idea for changing the plan at the last minute. All you have to do is follow his order.”

Besides, Gu Yanqi had seen with his own eyes how much Li Nanli liked Fu Zhi. “You’ve been his friend for so many years. I know you have a prejudice against Fu Zhi because she makes you help her write her homework, but you should not let that damage your relationship with Nanli.”

“This is not about prejudice or helping her write her homework!”

Although Jiang Jinshu did not like Fu Zhi for several reasons and Fu Zhi did always humiliate him in front of everyone, he was not a petty-minded man who would haggle over everything with a girl. There was a period of time when he felt ashamed to face Fu Zhi because of the Valley Orchid.

He was just stating the fact this time. “Fu Zhi is too arrogant, and she will get all of us killed!”

“Okay, yeah, you’re right,” Gu Yanqi replied half-heartedly.

Jiang Jinshu did not know what to say. It was only now that he realized he was the only one who was still awake while the rest of the world was drunk.

There was no way he would dispatch a group of people to protect Fu Zhi!



Fu Zhi landed in Myanmar later than Xu Wei and Ye Jiu. Since she was going back to her villa, she parted ways with Li Nanli and his group at the airport. She pulled the brim of her baseball cap downward and went to the nearby tax zone.

It was December now, and it was not the peak tourist season. However, there were a lot of foreigners because of the Lucky Cloud Pavilion.

It took Fu Zhi about 10 minutes to flag down a cab. The driver opened the door for Fu Zhi and asked, “Where are you heading to, miss?”

The driver noticed that the young lady in front of him had a beautiful face underneath her hat. She was wearing a dark green knee-length trench coat, and her legs were long and slender.

She was even more beautiful than the celebrity that he watched on the television. The driver gasped inwardly, but he did not allow his emotion to run to his face.

Fu Zhi pulled her luggage and replied, “Iris Time Villa.”

The smile on the driver’s face froze. He thought his ears or his head was messing with him, so he asked again, “Huh?”

“Iris Time Villa,” Fu Zhi repeated.

“Are you kidding me, girl?” The driver asked, “You’re talking about Iris Time Villa on top of Mount Qiu Ling, right? There has been a lot of snow lately, so it’s kind of hard to drive up the mountain. Besides, the rally competition is just around the corner. The top players of my country are training at Mount Qiu Ling, and ordinary vehicles like ours are not allowed to go into the mountain now.”

Of course, there was an exception. For example, the owner of Iris Time Villa. They had a special pass, just like every other racer that were going to take part in the competition.

The driver continued, “Are you going there to find someone? If you have the access card, I can send you to the foot of the mountain!”

If not, the police officers on Mount Qiu Ling would detain his car, and the process of getting his car back was very troublesome and time-consuming.

Fu Zhi was stunned. She did not have an access card. Since she had not stepped into Myanmar for a few years, she did not know that she needed an access card to enter Iris Time Villa.

Nobody had told her before that she needed proof when she was just going back to her home.

“… Then send me to a hotel nearby,” Fu Zhi said as she pulled out her phone to send a message to Shen Cizhou. Just when she was about to say something to the driver, a blue magnetic card appeared in her vision.

“Mister, please send me to Iris Time Villa.”

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The voice sounded familiar to Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi turned her body sideways and Wu Zhiheng, who was dressed in a casual shirt, appeared in her vision. There were also a few bodyguards behind him.

He was holding the magnetic card in his hand, and it seemed to Fu Zhi that he was showing it off to her.

She raised her brows, and Wu Zhiheng smiled at her.

He came to Myanmar on the same flight as Xu Wei. However, Xu Wei was taken away by another person the moment she arrived.

As for Wu Zhiheng, he had gotten the access card to Iris Time Vila from Ouyang Ya.

He heard that the owner of Iris Time Villa had returned. Therefore, as soon as Wu Zhiheng got off the plane, he wanted to go to Iris Time Villa to discuss with the owner about letting his father and his team stay at the villa for a short period of time. Since Wu Qi had other things to attend to, he did not send anyone to pick up his son.

It was just that Wu Zhiheng did not expect it would be so hard to flag down a cab here. He and his bodyguards had been waiting for more than 30 minutes, yet he could not get a single cab.

Just when he was going to call his father, he saw a familiar figure from the airport. He took a look at the figure a few times before he confirmed that she was Fu Zhi.

He followed after her, and he nearly broke into laughter when he heard that Fu Zhi was going to Iris Time Villa as well but she did not have the access card.

After the driver confirmed that the access card in Wu Zhiheng’s hand was the pass to enter Mount Qiu Ling, he then turned to Fu Zhi and said, “There is a 5-star hotel nearby, but since you’re going to the same place as this young man, you can come with us. It will save you some money too!”

Then the driver offered a smile at Wu Zhiheng as if he was asking for his permission.

“Come with us? She?” Before Wu Zhiheng could say anything, the female bodyguard behind him raised her voice and chimed in, “Do you know who our young master is? How can he share a car with a stranger?”

“Ah, it’s my fault. Anyway, it’s fine as well if you guys don’t want to share a car,” the driver said as he scratched his head. Then, he turned to Fu Zhi and said, “Get in the car, girl. I will help you get your luggage.”

Just when the driver went to pick up Fu Zhi’s luggage, a hand appeared and stopped him.

The driver was stunned for a while and he raised his head. Then, he saw the female bodyguard that talked to him just now.

“Where are you taking her to? Have you forgotten that it’s my young master who flagged you down?” The female bodyguard said as she took a glance at Fu Zhi.

“We’re from the Ouyang Family and we’re rushing time. The nearby five-star hotel is not far away, you can go there by yourself by following the map. We need this cab, so let us have it.”

Fu Zhi felt speechless about the female bodyguard. Not only was the female bodyguard acting like a j*rk, but Wu Zhiheng also did not say anything about her attitude.

Fu Zhi then asked, “What if I refuse to?”

“Girl, don’t try me,” the female bodyguard snarled.

Holding Fu Zhi’s luggage, the driver added, “You guys do know that she’s the one who flagged me down first, right? How about I send her to the hotel first, and then I’ll come back to pick you guys up.”

“No!” The female bodyguard rejected.

“We have some important stuff to handle at Mount Qiu Ling, and who’s going to be responsible for it if we’re late? Besides, the hotel is not that far away. If she has the time to quarrel with us here, she should’ve used the time to walk to the hotel. Maybe she’s already arrived by now,” The female bodyguard insisted. Wu Zhiheng, who had been looking at them from the sideline, chuckled and chimed in, “Forget about it, Qing Shuang. She’s a student from No.1 High School. I know her, so she can come with us.”

Wu Qi was staying in a villa near Lucky Cloud Pavilion. As for Lu Jingqing, since he did not have any connection here, Wu Zhiheng deduced that he must be staying in some unknown hotel nearby. He thought that Fu Zhi must have the same reason as him for going to Iris Time Villa.

After all, Iris Time Villa was the safest spot around here. However, unfortunately, Fu Zhi did not have the access card, so there was no way she could get to Iris Time Villa.

Although the Lu Family was an elite family in Yu City, their status was incomparable to the prestigious families in the capital. Wu Zhiheng was going to show the difference between them to Fu Zhi. He was going to let Fu Zhi take the same cab with him, and then when they were there, he would enter the villa with the access card and leave Fu Zhi outside.

“We can’t judge a book by its cover, young master. Ms. Ouyang said I have to do everything to protect you…”

Another bodyguard also added, “She’s right. Besides, we still have an important matter to discuss with the owner of Iris Time Villa. If he learns that you bring a stranger into his house, it might leave a bad impression on him.”

Honestly, these two bodyguards were doing their job very professionally, but Fu Zhi was speechless.

She was the one who flagged the cab, and did she say she wanted to share the cab with them?

Wu Zhiheng thought for a moment and said, “Let’s do it your way, then.”

After all, it was not safe here, and he did not want to leave a bad impression on the owner of Iris Time Villa as well.

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