The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness - Chapter 1387

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Chapter 1387: No Psychological Burden

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“Besides, she doesn’t have military training now but what about in the future? Didn’t you hear what Senior Brother said? If she doesn’t pass the physical tests in the future, she will have to suffer. No pain, no gain!”

It was probably a psychological effect. The male students, who were unhappy that Ye Jian didn’t participate in the military training, felt a little better. Actually, it was nothing. They just felt that it was unfair and said a few words.

The students resting on the ground under the scorching sun will more or less talk about the student who came out of nowhere. One of the students suddenly exclaimed and slapped his forehead. He said to the students beside him, “Ye Jian, Ye Jian! She’s that Ye Jian! The country’s top scholar, Ye Jian!”

The students who were able to enter the Chinese Academy of Sciences all had good results. When he mentioned this, a few people reacted immediately. “Yes, yes, yes. It’s that Ye Jian! Her scores were frighteningly high! Oh my god, she got into our school.”

The topic started to revolve around Ye Jian.

The squad leader was explaining the subjects that he had tested in the morning to Ye Jian. “Student, since you’re here, why don’t you do a make up for the rest of the tests you missed? You can report with me later. After you finish the afternoon’s tests, you can do the retests.”

Push-ups, standing long jumps, 10-meter runback, sit-ups, squats… Ye Jian’s focus was not on these tests. Instead, it was on the brackets behind each test. The bracket said ‘unlimited’.

“Excuse me. I want to know what ‘unlimited’ means.” She wasn’t worried that she wouldn’t be able to pass a simple test. She just wanted to understand the rules.

The squad leader explained with tears in his eyes, “It means that there’s no time limit. Let’s see what your limit is. The more you do, the better your physical performance scores will be.”

“The highest score can’t be higher than 100 points,” Ye Jian joked without any psychological burden.

The senior squad leader replied seriously, “We can put 100+on it. That means that it is outstanding.”

That meant that there was no problem. Ye Jian smiled and pointed at the earliest test. It was a five-kilometer cross-country run. “Then I’ll leave this for tonight. Can you arrange it tonight?”

Her sudden appearance caused some students to be unhappy. In a military school that emphasized power, Ye Jian didn’t mind using her powers to tell her classmates that it wasn’t that she didn’t come because she didn’t want to. It wasn’t because she wanted to avoid military training.

She glanced at the male students who were drinking water and smiled. “Let’s complete all the tests in one day.”

Everyone finished their military training in one day. Since she was here, she couldn’t leave an ‘exceptional’ impression on her classmates.

She still wanted to enjoy her four years of military school life.

“Sure, we will make the arrangements.” Seeing that the new student was competent, the squad leader relaxed. He maintained a serious expression and reminded Ye Jian, “You will be the last one to go up later. You can watch how they do it first.”

Weren’t they taking the test together?

Ye Jian narrowed her eyes slightly. She had another idea in her mind. “It’s a little late to be the last one. How about this? I’ll go and complete the afternoon tests first and then rush over to finish the morning tests. What do you think?”

There were students who volunteered to take the test but most of them were students with outstanding physical fitness during the military training… This was the first time the fourth-year senior brother met a new student who volunteered to take the test the moment she entered.

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