The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness - Chapter 1309

A moment ago, they were still exchanging fists, and in the next, both of them stood side by side, planning and discussing next year’s competition against the Americans together.

On the cement road that leads to the harbor from the beach, the topic of discussion between both of them was serious yet profound; occasionally, they’ll say technical terms of strategy. 

Xia Jinyuan’s slightly restrained voice hid the chill of a hidden sword; he gazed ahead as he slowly said, “This May, we have already started selectively studying 30 advanced personal training courses. Currently, our platoon has entered the final stages of the C-tier Escape Course. We’ll be able to complete all 30 types of advanced personal training courses before National Day’s Ceremony. After training for so long, even I would like to see how much we learned, so having a match against you guys was, without a doubt, the best choice.

As a member of the Special Forces, as long as they still remained in their unit, the skills they would need to learn were endless.

30 types of advanced personal training courses were a core subject that all special forces soldiers in the Elite Platoon needed to learn, survival/avoidance/resistance/escape courses till C-tier escape courses, there’s also movement and intel courses… etcetera courses like these that improved the personal combat capabilities were things that each special forces soldier of the Elite Platoon needed to familiarize and master.


Hearing that, Big Shark’s gaze suddenly landed on the young Major who was walking beside him; he asked with an unsure tone: “Completed 30 advanced personal training courses? The whole unit? Or just a few?”

“The whole unit, no one is left behind, everyone must pass.” Xia Jinyuan replied with a smile. The handsome face that was receiving sunlight was brimming with dauntlessness, as though a glimmer of cold light that could slice apart countless obstacles. His footsteps were steady, with the weight of mountains and seas behind them, “Meanwhile, we’ll be leaving Ye Jian with you guys, to build a solid foundation for her future, and try her best to not get disqualified.”

Why did Xia Jinyuan spur Ye Jian to complete her training faster? All of it was for the day when she joins the Elite Platoon; she could skip all the basic training and instead start her advanced training courses.

As a Special Forces Soldier in three areas, she can fly fighter jets in the air, she can drive tanks on the ground, and her combat skills aren’t careless under the sea!

The reason Xia Jinyuan could become an all-rounder Soldier King, it wasn’t because of his relations, neither was it because of his tongue; he had absolutely, definitely acquired the role of the Elite Platoon’s Captain because of his own might! Even his age was much younger compared to the other members of the Platoon!


Ye Jian pursued after Xia Jinyuan’s footsteps as she grew, setting him as her goal to work towards; her direction was absolutely correct!

“The direction you guys are training Ye Jian into is the way to train all-rounder special forces soldiers. The reason you guys are so strict towards her right now is also for her to not lag too far behind if she joins your Platoon in the future, so she could still catch up to the other comrades.” About Ye Jian’s place to go, Big Shark wasn’t too surprised when he was having a discussion with Li Jinnian before. They already had a vague idea of the Ground Forces’ plan for Ye Jian.

What he had more was respect towards Xia Jinyuan; with his comrades in tow, they spent less than five weeks to complete more than 30 types of advanced personal training courses… the harshness of their training was probably on a level that was higher than Devil King Li’s training!


The Military Academy student whose face seemed so green all those years ago had managed to climb to a height where countless soldiers can only look up to. With his increase in age, he matured by the day; the green Military Academy student was now an indomitable soldier, who could carry the burden on their shoulders; when he opened his mouth yet again, even Big Shark’s voice was filled with respect, “No matter in the past or right now, you have always been our role model. The Devil King had mentioned to us multiple times if the Ground Forces had a few more soldiers like Major Xia, that would be the fortune of the entire country.”


To become an entire country’s fortune, how impressive would that be?