The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 1149

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Chapter 1149: East Sea Demon Lord!

In the sky, a crimson rain dragon flew.

On the back of the rain dragon sat a young man.

He kept taking out storage rings and looking through all the artifacts.

The corners of his lips curled up in joy.

“This fellow student Liu is such a good person! He even contributed so many treasures to me. Although he can’t compare to High Captain Ji, it’s not a problem for him to become a squad still leader!”

“Old Man Wan Qing and the rest… are a little poor, but at least they have a treasure to support them!”

Tang Hao was satisfied.

After killing a bunch of Dao Seeking cultivators, and adding on Liu Heihu’s items, there were more than ten artifacts. Among them, Star Plucker’s Map was a high-level artifact with plenty uses.

The other artifacts were a bit lacking, but they were still artifact’s after all. They were worth quite a bit. He couldn’t use them himself, so he could leave them for the Daoist priests and the others to use.

And the Stormcloud Dreadnought that Tang Hao had been eyeing for a long time was finally in his hands, completely intact.

The only pity was that the disciples of the elders of Broken Sword Mountain did not come and could not be eliminated alongside them.

“Forget it, it’s just a bunch of trash! We’ll talk about it in the future!”

Tang Hao wasn’t worried. A group of guys who were at most in the Nascent Soul realm were like ants in his eyes. They posed no threat at all.

In less than a day, Tang Hao returned to the southern region.

After a while, the Ritian Valley was in sight.

Tang Hao put away the Crimson Rain Dragon and descended.

He hadn’t gone back in a long time. Tang Hao planned on returning to the other side to take a look. He would come back in a few days.

Just as he landed on top of the valley and was about to activate the protective formation, something unexpected happened. The space beside him suddenly distorted, and a ripple appeared.

Amidst the ripples, a palm reached out, growing bigger and bigger, turning into a huge palm that grabbed at him.

The hand possessed a shocking demonic aura and a terrifying presence.

Tang Hao’s heart shook, and his expression changed drastically.

This might was actually at the late-stage Path Seeking Realm!

He did not have time to think and retreated quickly. At the same time, he took out the Octoterra Halberd and slashed.


When the halberd struck the huge palm, there was the explosive sound of metal colliding. On the huge palm, only a faint mark was left.


Tang Hao immediately sucked in a breath of cold air. This was a supreme treasure that had no superior grade, yet it only left a small mark after slashing. How strong must the opponent’s physical body be?

This person… No, this was demonic qi. Where did this terrifying big demon come from?

He had never heard of such a powerful demon in the ninth continent!

At this moment, a soft sound of surprise rang out from the other side of the ripple. He was clearly surprised that his palm had been blocked.

The giant palm only paused for a moment before continuing its attack.

Tang Hao pulled back and shouted, “Who are you?”

“Hmph! Kid, I am the East Sea Demon Lord. Know your place and obediently hand over this halberd! A ultimate level artifact is not something a brat like you can withstand!”

A hoarse voice came from the other side.

The giant palm grew several times bigger. It covered the sky and pressed down.

“East Sea Demon Lord?”

Tang Hao’s expression changed slightly. There was actually such an expert among East Sea’s demons?

This demon’s strength was probably only slightly inferior to the sect masters of the first continent. It was the strength of a quasi sect master.

Back then, he had relied on the Barbarian God and the tribulation lightning to fight against the Sect Master level figure, Family Head Jiang, and kill him. Moreover, his own strength was far from being comparable to such a figure.

Even though he had successfully reached the Path Seeking Realm, he was still no match for someone like that.

After all, when it came to the Path Seeking Realm, there was a huge gap between the three realms of entry, intermediate, and expert. With his current strength, intermediate-stage was not a problem, but expert-stage was difficult.

However, even though he could not win, escaping was not a problem.

He put away his halberd, activated his Emperor Yu’s Step, and ran. In the blink of an eye, he was out of the range of the giant palm.

“Brat, don’t run!”

The East Sea Demon Lord was a little annoyed. He roared and extended his hand to continue grabbing.

“Damn it, do you really think I’m afraid of you!”

After running for a while, he saw that the palm was still chasing after him. Tang Hao was also annoyed. If that guy’s real body had come, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to fight, but now that only one hand was coming, he really wasn’t afraid.

He retracted his body, and the divine bones in front of his chest shook. Instantly, he transformed into a half-human half-dragon. Then, his aura exploded, and he pulled out the Octoterra Halberd and swung it.


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With a soft cry of pain, the huge palm was split open, and golden blood splattered out.

“Rascal, how dare you hurt me!”

The East Sea Demon Lord was enraged and roared.

How many years had it been since he was injured? Today, he was only capturing an early stage brat, yet he was injured. How humiliating was this!

Furious, he reached out with his other hand from the ripple. He twisted his hands left and right, causing the void ripple to grow even larger, as if it wanted to crawl out.

At this moment, Tang Hao didn’t run. Instead, he flashed forward and charged at the demon.

A golden light flashed above his head, and the Dao platform flew out. It shook slightly, and the golden patterns on it lit up. The surrounding space froze for a moment, and the East Sea Demon Lord stopped moving.

Seizing this opportunity, Tang Hao pointed.

The Reincarnation Spell activated!


A cry of surprise followed by a panicked shout. “My… my hand! What happened to me? You brat, what did you do?”

The demon yelled and pulled his hands back.

“You brat, just you wait!”

Mad roars kept coming from the other end.

After a while, the ripples dissipated.

Tang Hao immediately let out a sigh of relief. Then, his brows furrowed and his expression turned grave.

He truly never expected there to be such a quasi sect master level expert in the Eastern Sea, moreover targeting his Octoterra Halberd. Things were going to be troublesome now.

This time, he had taken the demon by surprise and repelled it. However, if they met again, he would not be so lucky.

What he was more concerned about was that if there was such an expert among the Eastern Sea’s demons, then was there such an expert among the humans?

It seemed that the strongest person on the ninth continent was not Wan Qingzi. For an early-stage Path Seeking Realm cultivator like Kong Mingzi, there must be an even stronger person from the older generation.

Path Seeking Cultivators had a long lifespan and could live for thousands of years. This was definitely possible.

Kong Mingzi and the others were only five or six hundred years old. That thousand year old monster definitely had the strength of the middle stage or even the late stage.

However, there should not be many such people.

He stood at his original spot and pondered for a moment. Tang Hao quickly flew back to Ritian Valley and went to Kunlun. He handed the item to Taoist priest and then returned quickly.

Then, he left the Ritian Valley and flew north.

In Nanping City, everyone stared blankly at the departing figure.

They had just received news that Tang Ritian had not been crippled. Instead, he had succeeded in his Path Seeking Realm. He had killed more than ten Path Seeking old monsters at Luming Mountain, and he seemed to be on the verge of becoming the number one expert of the ninth continent.

Following that, they witnessed a shocking scene. From the void, an expert that could suppress Tang Ritian appeared. Furthermore, he was from the Demon Clan. He called himself the East Sea Demon Lord.

All of this happened too quickly, and they were completely stunned.

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