The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife - Chapter 286

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Chapter 286  I’m Not Picky! (2)

“Second aunt, I’m already a father.” Shen Xiuqi said in a very serious tone and a solemn expression.

Zhang Guifang laughed at the conversation, “Yes, yes, you are the baby’s father, you’re not a child anymore.”

Shen Xiuqi immediately coughed, and then asked, “Did uncle agree to have a baby yet?”

This was what Zhang Guifang was particularly concerned about. She snorted angrily, “Your uncle doesn’t want a child. You can have a child then. Remember to bring Ya Ya to visit me.”

Shen Xiuqi smiled triumphantly and said, “Okay, I’ll bring her to you when we’re back.”

Upon hearing his promise, Zhang Guifang was satisfied, and said: “I’ll send you the list of precautions in a while.”

“Thank you, second aunt.” Shen Xiuqi finished speaking and said, “Is second uncle home?”

Zhang Guifang said: “Yes, do you want to speak to him?”

Shen Xiuqi thought for a while, and said, “Let him answer the phone. I have something to tell him.”

Then Zhang Guifang went to look for second uncle so he could answer the phone.

Second Uncle Shen came over and answered the phone, it was probably because of his military background, he was straight to the point and asked about his intentions very straightforwardly.

Shen Xiuqi said, “Second Uncle, please help me keep an eye on the An Family for a while.”

He would say this, not just because of his nightmare, but recently he discovered that the An Family was up to something in the business field.

“What’s wrong?” Second Uncle Shen asked.

Shen Xiuqi said: “I think there’s something going on with the An Family. Recently, they’ve been making small movements in the business world, and they even contacted the Wei family.”

The Wei family is the Shen family’s enemy.

“Okay, I’ll help you keep an eye on them.” Second Uncle Shen agreed promptly.

After chatting for while longer, they hung up the phone

After Su Yaya went back, she had a good night’s sleep. As for Shen Xiuqi, he laid on the bed like a flat bread, he kept turning around, but still couldn’t fall asleep, his head was filled with Su Yaya’s face, all he wanted was for tomorrow to come, so he could get to see her, he only managed to fall asleep past midnight.

The next morning, when Su Yaya arrived at the farmhouse, Shen Xiuqi hadn’t got up, Su Yaya went to the kitchen, boiled some corn porridge, and packed a plate of dumplings made by the chef, and brought it upstairs. She knocked on Room 208.

Shen Xiuqi was still in a daze from his sleep, he heard someone knock on the door outside, so he got up and opened the door, he saw Su Yaya standing outside with breakfast, he quickly reached out to take the breakfast, and said nervously: “Be careful, you’re carrying two lives. Just ask me to help. I don’t need you to bring me food.”

Su Yaya followed him into the room, and when she heard what he told her, she pouted unhappily, and replied: “Oh, I brought you breakfast, and you’re scolding me about it. You are actually just worried for the baby. Not for me? Isn’t there a saying? If you want to tie down a man’s heart, you must get a hold of his stomach first. I just wanted to tie you down, hmph!”

Shen Xiuqi placed the breakfast that he was holding on the table, he turned over, and looked at her helplessly, “My little ancestor, I’m just looking out for you, why do you still need to tie down my heart? You already have my body and heart, okay? There is no room for anyone else.”

These sweet words sounded so nice, Su Yaya thought in her heart, but her face didn’t show it at all, she still looked unhappy.

Shen Xiuqi walked over and pulled her over so that she sat next to him, and asked her softly, “Have you had breakfast?”

“Not yet.” Su Yaya shook her head.

“How can we let that happen? Quickly have some.” Shen Xiuqi said.

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