The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife - Chapter 285

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Chapter 285 I’m Not Picky! (1)

The old house that the Su family was now living in had two-bedrooms and two living rooms. Father Su and Mother Su took up one room, and Su Yaya stayed in the other room, there wasn’t any other room available for Shen Xiuqi to stay in, Shen Xiuqi could only stay in the farmhouse’s room.

During the night, Su Yaya wanted to head back to their house with her parents, Shen Xiuqi held her hand to sent them to the door, he was reluctant to let go of Su Yaya’s hand, and said longingly: “I don’t want to be separated from you, can I stay at your house?”

Su Yaya smiled and said, “Your probation period isn’t over yet! Are you still a child? I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I really can’t stay at your house?” Shen Xiuqi asked again: “I can sleep on the sofa, I’m not picky!”

Su Ya Yaya glared at him, and firmly refused, “No, with your height, you’ll feel uncomfortable if you sleep on the sofa.”

“But if I sleep in the farmhouse, without you, I can’t fall asleep.” Shen Xiuqi learned this from Su Yaya’s usual tricks, he pretended to look hurt and said pitifully.

Su Yaya laughed out loud, “You can’t fall asleep? Didn’t you sleep well this afternoon?”

Shen Xiuqi said pitifully: “That’s because I was very exhausted this afternoon, that’s why I could fall asleep, I have already taken my nap in the afternoon, and I might not be able to fall asleep at night, I struggle to fall asleep in unfamiliar beds.”

“Okay.” Su Yaya smiled even more exaggeratedly, “You can’t fall asleep in beds that you’re unfamiliar with, but even if you go to my house and sleep on the sofa, you’ll still not be able to fall asleep.”


“Okay, be good, I’ll see you tomorrow, just sleep here. If I let you go to my house, my parents will worry.” Su Yaya patted Shen Xiuqi on the shoulder, and said with a smile.

“What can father and mother possibly be worried about?” Shen Xiuqi now addressed them as father and mother rather smoothly, he looked at Su Yaya strangely.

Su Yaya smiled and leaned into his ear to whisper: “They would be worried that you’ll sneak into my room in the middle of the night.”

Shen Xiuqi: “……”

In the end, Shen Xiuqi didn’t manage to persuade her. Su Yaya still refused to let him stay in her house. There was no other way, he could only stay at the farmhouse.

There were other guests and staff that were staying at the farmhouse, which made the place quite lively.

After Shen Xiuqi sent away Su Yaya and her parents, he called his second aunt, Zhang Guifang.

She picked up the call, and Zhang Guifang’s teasing voice came from the other end of the phone, “Busy man, you finally have the time to call me, how are you doing? Why didn’t Yaya come to me to get her medicine this week? “

Shen Xiuqi took his phone, walked to the side of the bed and sat down, he then said, “Second aunt, Yaya is pregnant, help me compile a list of things that a pregnant woman should be mindful of and send it to me through email. Yaya and I are now in her hometown.”

“Oh, Yaya is pregnant? What great news!” Zhang Guifang had been looking forward for this child for a long time. Upon hearing that Su Yaya was pregnant, her voice was filled with joy and asked, “How long has she been pregnant? When will you return to the city? You guys should stop by and do a checkup.”

Shen Xiuqi knew that he was still under probation, and the mission wasn’t an easy one, so he said: “I don’t know when exactly I’ll be heading back, but I might be staying here for quite some time. Please send me the list, this way, I’ll be able to take good care of Yaya.”

Zhang Guifang laughed, “Sure enough, a person changes after having a child. It feels like you’re more sensible now. You were once such a childish man!”

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