The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2237

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Chapter 2237: Unbearable Power

“What a powerful aura.” The cultivators from Ziwei Imperial Palace shuddered. This heavenly might was the aura of the Great Emperor, and it seemed to have come from the ancient times to reappear in this world.

Above the firmament, all the stars in heaven lit up as the figure of Ziwei the Great materialized and became clearer and more dazzling. Even those eyes that were cast by stars could be seen.

Buzz! The heavenly might descended, along with rays of infinite starlight, falling on the area where Ye Futian and the others were. Suddenly, the cultivators in that area felt the supreme might from heaven, and it felt like Ziwei the Great himself was getting close.

Perceiving what’s in front of them, even the cultivators from Ziwei Imperial Palace dared not act recklessly. The Great Emperor had manifested, what could they do now?

“Get over there,” said the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace. As soon as his voice faded, he moved towards Ye Futian, stepping into the space where the seven stars had gathered above the Heavenly Scroll.

In an instant, an incomparable divine might descended upon their bodies, and the cultivators from Ziwei Imperial Palace felt the supreme coercion of the Great Emperor.

Boom! The scepter trembled violently as it hit the ground; even he had felt an overwhelming pressure. The starlight circulated all around him, and the starry sky robe he wore fluttered in the wind.

He looked up into the sky and saw the Great Emperor seemed to want to enter his body with all the starlight of the heavens. The starlight was falling on him and seemed to pass through him.

Is the Great Emperor choosing his heir now? The Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace thought as he perceived this power. Even his heart was experiencing great disturbance at this moment. They may have been right this time to let the cultivators from the outside into the cultivation field of Ziwei the Great. These people had helped them unlock the secret of the Great Emperor.

If the Great Emperor were indeed choosing an heir as he had surmised, then, as the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace who had been in charge of Ziwei Segmentum for all these countless years, he would be the rightful heir.

Terrifying starlight shot out from his eyes. It was as if thousands of stars were hidden in them. His long black hair was sharp as blades as he raised his head and looked at the shadow of the emperor. After waiting for these many long years, the day had finally come for the mystery of the Great Emperor to be unlocked. He had guarded this segment for what seemed like forever. Could he finally inherit the power of Ziwei the Great?

The threshold that could not be crossed by mere mortals would pose no trouble when aided by the inheritance of Ziwei the Great.

At this moment, a group of people rushing into the sky from below, and they were every one of them a top figure. It was the cultivators from the Original Realm who had entered Ziwei Realm. They forced their way into Ziwei Palace after overcoming many obstacles and caught this brilliant scene before them.

Above them, it seemed that the Great Emperor had manifested.

“The inheritance of Ziwei the Great has been unlocked?” Those major figureheads marveled at what they saw. Indeed, this amazing vision was a sign. They didn’t expect it to be revealed, and by whom?

Furthermore, the power contained within the seven rays of starlight seemed to be extremely powerful, as if there was an emperor-level aura in the starry sky. What could this mean?

Right away, the cultivators of Heavenly Mandate Academy, as well as those from Four Corner Village, recognized Ye Futian, Blind Tie, and Gu Dongliu, and their hearts throbbed.

Blind Tie and Gu Dongliu were bathing in the divine light.

And Ye Futian was above the Heavenly Scroll and beneath the shadow of the emperor.

At this moment, the top figures of Heavenly Mandate Academy and Old Ma from Four Corner Village understood something significant. Ye Futian must have helped Blind Tie and Gu Dongliu so that they could bathe in the imperial glory. After all, there were only seven people there, and in this vast world populated by all kinds of genius talents from everywhere, they should never have such good fortune to be in the position they were in.

Among them, probably only Ye Futian had such genius ability to help them win over the inheritance.

“Luo Su.”

At this time, cultivators from Violet Heaven of the Outer Realm saw that Luo Su was bathing in the imperial glory as well, and that caused their surprise to no end. Although Luo Su was talented and powerful in her own right, how could this be when the competition was so stiff?

Moreover, that Imperial Star seemed to contain great rhythmic power.

Was Luo Su relying on her own musical attainments?

The cultivators each had their own ideas, but soon their attention was drawn by the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace, as many cultivators had also gathered there. Clearly, they were fighting for the strongest inheritance, and it might be the power passed down by Ziwei the Great.

The majestic figure of Ziwei the Great was in the sky above that group of people. Everyone could feel that sacred coercion.

“Did Ziwei the Great leave his will in this starry sky?” People marveled secretly. Then one after another, they moved towards the sky above. There was no time to think so much about that; the inheritance had been revealed, and they must fight for it.

How could they miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

This was Ziwei the Great they were talking about; a Great Emperor who stood at the top in ancient times.

Their realm was already at the level of giants now, on the verge of greatness. The inheritance of the Great Emperor would help them advance further. At their current realm, what could it mean to advance further?

Only they themselves knew the answer to that question.

Now, one step was akin to an entirely different world, and they were only a few steps away from standing at the top.

How could they miss such an opportunity?

For a time, these giants from everywhere swarmed towards that area. Like other cultivators, they, too, felt the supreme sacred coercion.

At this moment, they had no idea what kind of pain was being imposed and experienced by the cultivators who had already descended.

Endless starlight penetrated their bodies and their spiritual souls. They seemed to be caught up in a horrific world of illusion. In this terrifying world, their bodies and spiritual souls no longer belonged to them anymore but were being pulled by force to become part of this starry sky.

Even more frightening was that in front of them, a god-like figure appeared; it was the figure of Ziwei the Great. This god was now walking towards them, aiming at them with power great enough to collapse their will.

“Ah…” A shrill scream was heard. A powerful cultivator could not withstand that power, and the collapse of his will was accompanied by this sharp scream as his spiritual soul perished and turned to dust. Finally, his physical body fell helplessly from the sky.

Unexpectedly, under this starlight, he perished because he couldn’t withstand this power.

“This…” The hearts of those who were close to this area beat violently. How could he perish?

What kind of power of inheritance was this exactly?

They saw that the others also had a painful look on their faces, even the top figures from Ziwei Imperial Palace. It was as if they were under extremely terrible coercion; was it the true power of the Great Emperor?

“Let’s get out of here.” At this moment, another cultivator, who looked to be in excruciating pain, did his best to extricate himself from the place where the seven stars converged using pure force.

After he managed to escape, he was seen panting violently, as if he had a truly terrifying experience. Horror was written all over his face.

When he raised his head again to looked at the starry sky, there was no more greed in his eyes, just fear, awe, and the deepest respect.

Was this the power of the Great Emperor’s inheritance?

Indeed, how could it be that easy, after all? Even with the mystery of the starry sky unlocked, the inheritance power left by Ziwei the Great could not be so easily obtained.

Whoever wanted to inherit that power must first be prepared to pay with their own lives.

Truly, they were overconfident in their own strength. They thought it was enough to unlock the mystery of the starry sky and find the inheritance of Ziwei the Great. Now that they had finally felt the power of Ziwei the Great, they realized just a trace of his real power was more than they could bear.

As he raised his head to look at those cultivators, he couldn’t help but thought, who among these cultivators was worthy to obtain the inheritance of Ziwei the Great?

Perhaps many people would perish here.

His eye drifted to one of them involuntarily, where Ye Futian was. He had unlocked the mystery of the starry sky, but in the end, perhaps he was facilitating the process for someone else.

These people from Ziwei Imperial Palace were determined to win!

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