The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 1084

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Ye Siyao typed out the long string of words that smeared Ye Linlang. At the end of it, she suddenly remembered something.

There were only words and no pictures. Did it look like it wasn’t reliable enough?!

Ye Siyao snorted and immediately started to flip through her phone.

When Ye Linlang first came to A City, she was curious about how her sister, who was known for being a jinx, looked like, so she had Aunt Liu, who went to pick her up, take a few photos of her.

There were a few photos of Ye Linlang with her face covered in dust.

After all, the weather was hot at that time, and the person who sent Ye Linlang wasn’t willing to turn on the air conditioner. Ye Linlang traveled from the small desolate village all the way to A City. Her bangs and clothes were soaked in sweat, making her look extremely disheveled.

Most importantly, Ye Linlang’s clothes were very tattered, more so compared to the plain style she had when she came to school the other day.

Just these few plain-looking pictures were obviously not enough.

Ye Siyao thought about it and immediately sent a message to Aunt Liu to get her pictures of the Ye family’s surveillance cameras.

There were so many luxurious cars in the Ye family. She didn’t believe that there weren’t pictures of Ye Linlang that were close to the garage.

Aunt Liu replied very quickly, saying that she would immediately help her look through the surveillance cameras, but she didn’t ask why.

After all, everyone could see that Ye Siyao and this country bumpkin sister were completely at odds. Moreover, it was obvious that Madam Ye didn’t like Ye Linlang at all, and Ye Haifeng doted on his little daughter even more.

So it was self-evident who’s side she was on.

After about ten minutes, Aunt Liu found a few photos that met Ye Siyao’s requirements.

In particular, there was a photo of Ye Linlang saying goodbye to Ye Haifeng, and it pierced Ye Siyao’s heart with a single glance!

Ye Haifeng was sitting in a black extended Maybach sports car, but the surveillance camera took a very blurry picture of Ye Haifeng, so his face couldn’t be seen clearly at all.

Ye Linlang was standing in front of the Maybach, waving at the car window very intimately. Ye Linlang was also wearing good clothes at the time, at least not the tattered old T-shirt from before.

Heh, Ye Siyao copied her own words and then opened an anonymous forum account, attaching pictures to it.

Although there was no truth in the words, there were pictures attached with them. She didn’t believe that those people didn’t want to misunderstand!

As a sixteen-year-old female high school student who obviously didn’t have any money, how could she go to a good school like Ling Yun High School?

Also, why was Ye Linlang so friendly with an uncle who could afford a luxury Maybach sports car?

With the example of Ye Linlang sneaking into the male changing room, most people would definitely misunderstand!

Heh, a young female high school student being taken in by a rich man. Wasn’t this kind of news eye-catching?

Of course, Ye Siyao remembered to erase the license plate of their Maybach. After all, this kind of thing still shouldn’t stain her parents’ faces.

Moreover, she had begged her parents a long time ago, saying that she didn’t want others to know that she and that little jinx were sisters.

Her mother had always doted on her the most, and she agreed very quickly. Ye Haifeng naturally listened to his wife.

Therefore, she wanted to see how Ye Linlang would end up!

After the Chinese class, Ye Linlang’s impression of this serious-looking Chinese language teacher increased even more.

This Chinese language teacher’s lessons were completely based on the classics, and she was able to understand with ease. She did not even need to read a book, and it could trigger a lot of associations, and it also contained many principles for dealing with people.

Once the bell rang, it was time to eat lunch.

After Ye Linlang finished this Chinese class, she was all smiles and threw all the unhappiness that happened today to the back of her mind.

Seeing that everyone was rushing out, she only remembered that it was time to eat and quickly put away her textbooks!

After all, she had invited Miaomiao to eat together!

She couldn’t let Miaomiao wait anxiously!

Ye Linlang quickly walked towards the skybridge and soon found that tall and beautiful figure.

Hearing the hurried footsteps, Jiang Miaomiao turned around and waved at Ye Linlang in surprise.

Ye Linlang was almost dazzled by Jiang Miaomiao’s smile!

To be honest, although Jiang Miaomiao was the same age as her, the two of them were really far apart. Jiang Miaomiao’s beautiful figure was also good, but she wasn’t like her, an unremarkable little beansprout!

Ye Linlang stared at Jiang Miaomiao’s obvious curves. Even the school uniform couldn’t hide them. Then she looked at herself…

Ah, comparing with other people really pisses me off!

Jiang Miaomiao noticed Ye Linlang’s fixed gaze and immediately gave her a gentle punch.

“Hey, hey, where are you looking at?!”

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“What’s wrong with me just looking? Anyway, it doesn’t matter since I’m a girl.”

Ye Linlang also laughed. The two girls who were in their prime were laughing together like this.

“How are you an ordinary girl now? You’re already a famous per~vert in our school. I’m so worried that you’re going to harass me.”

Seeing that Jiang Miaomiao was using this matter to poke fun at her, Ye Linlang was speechless in her heart.

“Even if I’m a female delinquent, I still like your brother, okay?! Don’t flatter yourself!”

“I know, I know! Little Linlang, little Linlang, didn’t you break into the male changing room because of my brother? The whole school knows about such a grand deed!”

At the mention of this, Ye Linlang still felt a little shy.

But in the next moment, Ye Linlang thought of an even more important matter.

“Wait, Jiang Miaomiao, do you know where your brother went? He didn’t attend the whole class.”

Jiang Miaomiao was also stunned when she heard that.

That’s right, she was wondering why there was something wrong. She was supposed to bring Jiang Qiran to eat together, but why did it become only her and Linlang?

The two girls were puzzled, but Jiang Miaomiao was so hungry that her stomach was growling, so she didn’t have the time to wait for her brother.

“Don’t worry about him, my brother will eat by himself. Let’s go eat first, I’m starving to death!”

The two girls walked to the cafeteria of Ling Yun High School. After taking the sightseeing elevator, they went all the way up to the fifth floor.

The layout of Ling Yun High School was extremely large. Even the cafeteria was like a beautifully decorated restaurant outside. It was resplendent and magnificent.

When Ye Linlang first came here, her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. However, now that she was familiar with the place, she wouldn’t be such a country bumpkin anymore.

Ye Linlang glanced at the menu of individual stir-fries.

“Miaomiao, what do you want to eat?”

Just as the two of them were about to order, a burst of discussion suddenly came from the side!

“Oh my god, did you guys see the hottest post on the campus forum? There’s new development!”

“Not only did Ye Linlang openly sneak into the male changing room, she also went out of line!”

“She was actually taken in by a rich man? How old is she? Isn’t she too shameless?”

When Ye Linlang heard those discussions, her face instantly paled!

She only barged into the male changing room, how could the rumors have reached such a level?!

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