The Grand Secretary's Pampered wife - Chapter 401

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"It's impossible - what are you doing - Zhuang Jinse, what are you doing?"
Behind her is the roar of imperial concubine Jing, accompanied by the sound of tables and chairs falling to the ground. But with long Yingwei, Empress Dowager Zhuang is not worried that imperial concubine Jing can rush up.
Empress Dowager Zhuang went out of the house without looking back.
The emperor clubbed at the door with a dull face.
Obviously, just now he had been eavesdropping, and he had heard it word for word.
There are many inside stories revealed by Princess Jing, but his focus is only on the last one. He looks at empress dowager Zhuang, nervously and uneasily grabs her clothes and says, "I'm the mother's son, right?"
Empress Dowager Zhuang gave him a look: "no, they all said no!"
It's quite loud.
The emperor leaned out his head and looked in the direction of Princess Jing in the room. He gave empress dowager Zhuang a "I understand" look.
Then he followed empress dowager Zhuang into the next room.
"What are you doing in here?" Asked empress dowager Zhuang without hesitation.
The emperor said with a smile, "I know that the empress mother told Princess Jing on purpose. I was born by the empress mother!"
Empress Dowager Zhuang
Why didn't this man listen?
She doesn't recognize her own baby, does she?
Empress Dowager Zhuang glanced at the emperor's waist and abdomen and said, "what the AI family gave birth to is without a handle!"
The emperor clamped his legs and looked aggrieved.
Empress Dowager Zhuang thought that the silly son understood what he meant and finally stopped being stupid. Unexpectedly, the emperor asked him to say, "Xiao, Hong and Hong don't care. Xiao, Hong and Hong are the offspring of the mother!"
Empress Dowager Chuang, who couldn't bear to look directly at her
Can she refuse?
On the other side of the room, the old Marquis and Gu Chengfeng stare at each other.
Gu Chengfeng is like a small quail caught in a bag, with his head drooping in the middle of the room.
The old Marquis sat down on the chair with a bold manner and looked at Gu Chengfeng with a complicated look: "how can you be here?"
This has to start from Gu Chengfeng's encounter with the emperor. The chance for him and Empress Dowager Zhuang to escape was bought by Gu Jiao in exchange for her life. He ran forward regardless of everything, and his mask was all gone. Therefore, when he met the emperor and the old Marquis, he was recognized by the old Marquis immediately.
The only good thing is that he didn't fight with others at that time, only used a little lightness skill.
Gu Chengfeng said: "I was in Bishui Hutong at that time. Your majesty came to Bishui Hutong to look for the Empress Dowager. I heard it in my study. I was worried about the safety of the empress dowager, so I came out to look for it. I also wanted to do something."
A little dandy with no learning and no skill should do his best for the Empress Dowager.
The old Marquis also said: "the people guarding the city let you out like this?"
Gu Chengfeng never changed his face and said, "I... Took out the token from the Marquis of Ding'an and said it was your grandson, so they let it go."
The old Marquis is dubious, but he cares more about how he knows the Empress Dowager and how he knows martial arts than how he got out of the city?
Gu Chengfeng doesn't know if her grandfather knows about empress dowager Zhuang's exile. After all, Empress Dowager Zhuang has always claimed that she was in the palace for a whole year.
Worried about what he said he shouldn't, he said, "what's wrong with this? It's not like I've never been in the palace! When I went to visit aunt Shufei, I met the Empress Dowager from afar and several times! And once, I got lost by accident. It was the Empress Dowager who asked me to show me the way. I haven't told you that. I know you don't like the Empress Dowager. "
The first few sentences were thought well on the way back. The Empress Dowager had an idea to show him the way.
This perfectly explains why he came out to find the empress dowager, because the Empress Dowager helped him!
He's giving back!
Wow, how can I suddenly become so smart!
It's me!
"As for martial arts, alas, where can I know martial arts? It's just a little lightness skill. I learned it secretly with my elder brother! "
Perfect logic!
He's so good at it!
That's... Where's the ability to make little scripts? I'm a little familiar with
The old Marquis still feels strange, but he can't make a mistake. He can't go to the Empress Dowager Zhuang for proof. The Empress Dowager Zhuang doesn't even care about the emperor, let alone him.
Late at night secretly out of the house is to be punished, read in Gu Chengfeng save empress dowager meritorious, the old Marquis let him take the carriage back.
Then the old Marquis went to the emperor's side to answer his orders. He told Gu Chengfeng's words again, probably because he was worried that the emperor was wondering why their children had to hide themselves and whether they were secretly planning something.
After all, after the death of Princess Jing, the Marquis obviously felt that the Emperor didn't trust himself as much as before.
The emperor was still immersed in the great joy that he might be his mother's son. He had no time to doubt this and that. He praised Gu Chengfeng and praised the old Marquis for his good teaching.
Princess Jing is a crime of the former dynasty. She no longer needs any proof. She is guilty of stealing the imperial edict of the former Emperor and murdering the Empress Dowager of a country.
If you really let Princess Jing take empress Zhuang to the frontier fortress, the consequences will be unimaginable.
The Empress Dowager's life will be worrisome, the royal family's face will be swept away, and the morale of the three armed forces will be depressed... The country of Zhao will be in unprecedented turmoil
This time, the emperor did not have any more women's benevolence.
He came to the house where Princess Jing was kept.
Static princess has stopped struggling, just like a hollowed out soul of the body, look dull to sit on the chair.
The emperor's eyes swept her wrists, which were rubbed with blood and flesh by the rope because of her struggle. He didn't say anything, and let Duke Wei take things in.

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Princess Jing seems to have finally recovered. She turns around with tears on her face. She says in a hoarse voice: "Hong er..."
The emperor said in disgust, "don't call me Zhen hong'er. You don't deserve it."
Princess Jing laughed at herself, looked at the emperor and said, "hong'er, you only take medicine to hate your mother's concubine. When the medicine is over, you will know that in your heart, your mother's concubine is more important than Zhuang Jinse's woman a hundred times or a thousand times!"
The emperor's eyes were as cold as the winter wind: "you are wrong! No matter whether it is effective or not, I will no longer believe you, let alone treat you as my real mother! "
"Is it?" Static too imperial concubine smile two, peep out innocent again evil Zheng of facial expression, "that you come to do what?"? You want to ask me? I'm afraid that will disappoint you. I won't say anything
The emperor knew that she would react like this. The descendants of the former dynasty's dead men had the mind of the dead men after all. He didn't expect to pry out the news from her: "I'll give you the last ride."
The body of static too imperial concubine is slightly stiff.
Duke Wei came forward with a tray with a bottle of poison and a piece of white silk on it.
Finally, Princess Jing couldn't smile any more: "are you really... So cruel... You father and son are both so cruel... You... You..."
She didn't cry, but there were big tears falling down.
The emperor did not have the slightest tenderness: "mother and son, this is the last honor I give you."
"Respectable? You kill your mother... What are you talking about The static imperial concubine spit to fly to scold, the whole person crazy smile into a ball, "really worthy of your father's son... You will have retribution... You will have retribution!"
The emperor would not be influenced by a few curses: "I am the son of heaven, and I was born according to the way of heaven..."
Princess Jing interrupted him: "son of heaven? Ha ha ha, I'm afraid you've forgotten how your throne came to you! "
The emperor pondered carefully for a moment, nodded and said, "yes, it's my mother who helped me plan it. So I want to thank my mother. From now on, I won't make her unhappy again."
After that, he turned out of the room, and did not even give a look to Princess Jing.
In July, a big event happened in the capital - Princess Jing died, because she is still a nun of Jing'an, so to be more precise, Jing'an is too quiet.
Abbess Jing'an has always been a frail figure. For this reason, Princess Rui took the doctor of miaozhou hall to visit her twice, and the emperor took her back to the palace to rest.
It has to be said that she helped a lot with her disguised appearance of being sick and weak. Almost no one doubted that her passing away was tricky. Hearing the news, everyone thought, "Oh, I'm so poor, I can't survive this year..."
For example, everyone thought that the emperor would restore the status of empress Jing'an as a concubine, canonize her as empress dowager, and bury her in the ceremony of Empress Dowager.
The Emperor didn't do that.
She was abbess Jing'an all the way to her burial.
When the news reached Bishui Hutong, Gu Jiao, Xiao LIULANG and Gu Chengfeng were all there.
"Your Majesty, he really..." Gu Chengfeng was shocked. As one of the people who knew that night, he naturally understood that there was another reason for Princess Jing's death, but he didn't expect that his majesty could really do it.
The answer is No.
The old witch committed many evils and harmed the harem for many years. The Empress Dowager and her majesty turned into enemies and almost died in each other's hands, not to mention the innocent Princess Ning'an.
As long as she doesn't get rid of it for one day, it will always be a huge hidden danger to the imperial court.
The funeral of Princess Jing was handled by Empress Xiao, and the Emperor didn't even show his face.
The emperor decided to send people to the frontier fortress. He had planned to send Gu Changqing to the frontier fortress. After all, Gu Changqing was a man who could be sent out in the army.
However, Gu Changqing did not return from Beijing. This matter was urgent. The emperor thought about it and called Tang Yueshan and the old Marquis to the palace.
He handed the token that he could mobilize longyingwei to the old Marquis, and solemnly said, "I entrust the keepsake to you in the hope that you can do three things for me. First, take back longyingwei; Second, thoroughly investigate the movements at the border; Third... Bring Princess Ning'an back safely! "
The old Marquis never expected that the emperor would give such an important task to himself. He was stunned for a moment. He clasped his hands and said: "minister... Command!"
The emperor then looked at Tang Yueshan and said, "don't I have to say more about your mission?"
Tang Yueshan clasped his fists and saluted: "I hereby issue a military order. I will not kill all the party members of the former dynasty and swear not to return it to the court!"

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