The Grand Secretary's Pampered wife - Chapter 400

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Although it was also on the official road of the post station, it was quite two li away from the post station.
Xiao LIULANG came with the emperor. When they found out the whereabouts of Empress Dowager Zhuang and Princess Jing at the post station, they separated.
When Xiao LIULANG found Gu Jiao, the emperor also found Gu Chengfeng and Empress Dowager Zhuang.
The emperor came here with a thousand guards. He directly raided the whole forest and found out the princess Jing and her killers.
Although the killer of Princess Jing is powerful, she still has no chance of winning against the whole army. Besides, there are the old Marquis and the emperor's Dragon shadow guard. The situation is almost one-sided.
Jingtaifei's assassin is completely destroyed, and jingtaifei herself is also captured.
Princess Jing looked at the man sitting on the horse and pointed a long gun at her. She choked: "let me go..."
The old Marquis squeezed his gun tightly.
The guard went to kill the killer of Princess Jing. He was the only one here.
If he wanted to let her go, it would be so easy that no one would find out.
Princess Jing's tears filled her eyes: "what I said to your majesty that day was not true. My heart..."
The gun of the old Marquis went into the soil near her feet. She stepped back and looked at the man who had been thinking about her for decades.
Men are like the sea when they are deeply in love, and the sea when they are merciless, but they are looking at the endless sea of ice.
The Lord took Princess Jing back to the inn.
Seeing that it was Gu Chao who brought back the imperial concubine Jing, the emperor's look was slightly stunned.
The Marquis didn't say anything. He just arched his hand at the emperor and went back to the forest to clean up the mess.
The emperor sat in the upper room of the post station and said that it was upper room, which was not much better than the cottages in the countryside.
Princess Jing was tied up and sat quietly on the official hat chair opposite the emperor, with the Dragon shadow guard beside the emperor.
The emperor had heard from empress dowager Zhuang of the possibility of the remaining evils of the previous dynasty, and he raised his hand to Duke Wei.
Duke Wei, meeting his will, stepped forward and opened the left sleeve of Princess Jing, revealing the dove blood tattoo of the red flame totem.
The emperor thought that he would be shocked, but his mood was never calm. He laughed: "how disappointed should I be with my mother's concubine, so that I would not be shocked to confirm that she was a remnant of the previous dynasty?"
Jingtaifei knew that the emperor was no longer hong'er who had been obedient to her before, so she didn't waste her energy pretending to be aggrieved in front of him.
The emperor saw her cold face, sneered and said, "why don't you cry? Why don't you tell me that I have wronged you? Can you explain this tattoo again? "
The quiet imperial concubine ha ha way: "I explained you to be able to believe?"
"So the mother's concubine even disdains to act." The emperor's heart won't hurt for her long ago. He only felt endless sadness for himself, his mother and Ning'an.
Princess Jing gave a cold hum.
The emperor, holding back his sadness and anger, asked, "was it the mother's plot to marry the frontier fortress in Ning'an? Is the son-in-law arranged by his mother? "
Princess Jing didn't answer.
The emperor gritted his teeth and continued to ask, "is it to kill Ning'an or to rebel that empress mother sent longyingwei to the frontier fortress?"
"I want to see Zhuang Jinse." Jing Taifei said coldly.
The emperor said angrily, "you want to harm your mother again!"
Quiet too imperial concubine light way: "you don't trust, stay long Ying Wei to see.". I won't say a word of your question, but if she comes to ask me, I might be happy to say it. "
The emperor clenched his fist, took a deep breath, and said in a cold voice, "if the empress really knows how to persuade me, well, I'll let you see her for the last time!"
Empress Dowager Zhuang had already rested. Leng buting was called, and she was bored to death!
She went to the next room with a bellyful of anger. There was only princess Jing and the Dragon shadow guard beside the emperor in the room.
Empress Dowager Zhuang found a chair to sit down, yawned and said, "what's the matter this time? Don't talk to AI Jia about your old stories. AI Jia is impatient to listen! "
Princess Jing: "it's not an old story. It's something I didn't say to my sister."
Empress Dowager Zhuang: "I'm not interested in your affairs."
Princess Jing: "it's my sister's business."
Empress Dowager Zhuang: "I'm not interested in the affairs of my family."
Static too imperial concubine smile: "don't be interested in I also want to say, after tonight afraid is no chance and elder sister reminisce."
Empress Dowager Zhuang said: "if you have something to say, let it go."
Jingtaifei is in a good mood, because the next thing she wants to say will make this woman suffer for a lifetime!
She said with a smile: "does the emperor know that his sister is such a virtue? If you know, my sister is out of favor, right? It's very nice of you, sister
Empress Dowager Zhuang got up and left.
She's really impatient to hear her cooking green tea here.
Quiet too imperial concubine opens mouth: "elder sister's that child!"
Empress Dowager Zhuang stopped.
Princess Jing looked at empress dowager Zhuang complacently: "sister, do you want to know where the child has gone?"
Empress Dowager Zhuang turned to look at her and frowned: "what is that child?"

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Static too imperial concubine laughs wildly: "is elder sister's own flesh and blood, elder sister should not think oneself really gave birth to a stillbirth?"
Empress Dowager Zhuang looked at her inexplicably.
Princess Jing laughed madly, her shoulders trembling: "I guess my sister will be shocked! Does my sister always feel that she is very smart... But my sister doesn't know that she has always been kept in the dark by the emperor. Does the elder sister want to know where her own flesh and blood have gone? "
"What did the emperor tell you about these things?"
"What? Sister, can't believe it? Also, anyone who has been hoodwinked for so many years will resist the truth. When I was in the carriage, I wanted to tell my sister, but she didn't let me. Tonight, I will be merciful and say it to my sister again. My sister's child... Is not dead. "
Empress Dowager Zhuang opened her mouth after hearing the speech, and finally sighed.
"My sister doesn't ask me who and where my child is?"
For the second time, Empress Dowager Zhuang wanted to stop talking.
Princess Jing couldn't see the sadness on her face, but she was not surprised that this woman was always so strong in front of others, and she didn't show any weakness.
Princess Jing stares at her and says with a smile: "it's your majesty! That child is your majesty! Your majesty is the flesh and blood of your sister! The late emperor had already seen his sister's ambition and prevented her from getting pregnant. Unexpectedly, she was still pregnant. As a last resort, his majesty took the elder sister's child away. It's also a coincidence that the maid in waiting and her sister were pregnant at about the same time, so her majesty thought of a way to steal the dragon and turn the Phoenix. However, my sister broke out three days in advance, but the child didn't come out. Your majesty claimed that my sister gave birth to a stillbirth. "
Empress Dowager Zhuang sneered, "don't you think there are many flaws in this? If I gave birth to a living baby and was given to the maid in waiting, where would the child of the maid in waiting be placed? "
Princess Jing said with a smile, "I've been raised among the people by your majesty."
"Chi ~" Empress Dowager Zhuang laughed, "Princess Jing, why are you so poor? You believe this kind of nonsense. Do you believe that man said he was a woman
Princess Jing was furious: "Zhuang Jinse!"
Empress Dowager Zhuang shook her head in a funny way: "you really have a deep feeling for the former Emperor. How I scolded you, you didn't respond. But I just ridiculed the former Emperor and you were furious. Let me guess, after you entered the palace, you thought about giving up the great cause of restoring the country for the former Emperor? It's a pity that the late Emperor didn't have you in his heart. When he was dying, he had to pull you to die. Oh, forget to say, even if it's a funeral, you can only be buried in the imperial mausoleum. On the way to huangquan, the former Emperor just wanted to cross the Naihe bridge with the hand of the mourning family. Are you jealous? "
Static princess's eyes start to become evil Zheng, her body also starts to tremble slightly.
"Let the AI family tell you what all this is about. The former Emperor left an imperial edict, but the former Emperor was not sure whether the imperial edict could be successfully announced to the world. After all, the AI family was so ambitious that it was gradually out of his control after he supervised the country. He was worried that the family would find the imperial edict and destroy it. If it did, the Qin family would fall into the hands of the family for a long time. The emperor told you this just to use you to control the family in the future. Did the emperor tell you, "don't tell him about hong'er's life experience"
"I don't believe anyone but you, because you raised hong'er. The only person in the world who can't harm hong'er is you."
"I don't believe anyone but you, because you raised hong'er. The only person in the world who can't harm hong'er is you."
Empress Dowager Zhuang's words perfectly overlapped with the voice in Princess Jing's mind.
The body of quiet too imperial concubine suddenly shook!
Empress Dowager Zhuang then imitated the tone of the former Emperor: "but hong'er is too close to his mother. I'm worried that he will give up the country. If necessary, you must persuade hong'er!"
Princess Jing's face faded!
How could that be?
How could that be?
Static too imperial concubine panics a way: "you, you eavesdrop on the first emperor and I talk!"
Empress Dowager Zhuang hehe said, "is it necessary for AI Jia to eavesdrop? The second year after the family entered the palace, they didn't regard this man as their husband. "
She only takes him as a king, a king who needs to analyze all his characteristics so that he can avoid all the risks of the harem!
"But the Emperor didn't expect that you were not good either. I didn't steal the imperial edict, but you did. The emperor was wise and confused. It is because you believe the words of the former Emperor and think that we are mother and son, that you are afraid to give the emperor a magic drug. The white medicine is not enough, but the black medicine. "
Empress Dowager Zhuang said, looking sympathetically at Princess Jing: "really, you are so poor."
Princess Jing trembled: "no, impossible... Impossible..."
Empress Dowager Zhuang got up and went out. When she got to the door, she suddenly stopped and looked at the boundless night. "Besides, the former Emperor was not angry and alienated me because I gave birth to a stillborn baby. I said to the former Emperor," go away. I don't want to see you again in my life. ". Jingfei, I don't want him. "
The last sky in the bottom of her heart... Completely collapsed!

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