The Grand Secretary's Pampered wife - Chapter 399

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Haidongqing has a ferocious nature. Although he is always chicken like in Bishui Hutong, once his nature is released, he will become a real Eagle!
The man in black didn't expect that his arrow would be caught by an eagle. What's the matter?
Small nine throw away the arrow in the claw, suddenly toward the archer in black, peck blind one of his eyes!
The man in black covered his bloody eyes and fell to the ground, wailing in pain!
Gu Jiao heard the movement coming from behind her. She did not dare to stay for a long time. She ran all the way from the south to the north of the forest.
Finally, exhausted, she sat down against a big tree.
She gasped heavily. Her body was sticky. I didn't know whether it was blood or sweat.
She was thirsty, but there was no water on her body, no stream nearby, or even she could not walk.
She's really overdrawn.
Small nine Puchi wings fall on Gu Jiao shoulder, with beak in her face rubbed.
Gu Jiao can't laugh or cry.
Do you remember being an eagle?
Even if you're like a chicken, how can you still learn to rub your face with Xiao Ba? Do you have a flexible tail for you now?
There was a gurgling sound in Xiao Jiu's throat. He didn't know what he wanted to express. In a moment, he flapped his wings and flew away.
When he comes back, he has an egg in his mouth.
He put the egg on Gu Jiao's clothes and flew away. When he came back, he had another egg in his mouth.
This repeated several times, Gu Jiao's clothes on a total of eight eggs.
It seems that all of them are not eggs of the same breed, so how many nests did this little guy rob?
Maybe the birds in the forest didn't expect to be robbed by a haidongqing in the middle of the night.
Xiaojiu is a conscientious cub. He robbed only one egg in each nest.
There is no way to make a fire, or to be exact, Gu Jiao has no strength to make a fire, her temperature is also dropping sharply, and she is on the verge of shock.
Eating bird's eggs raw is a trivial thing in previous lives. She is not so delicate or so virgin. The law of the jungle is the law of the world.
Little nine about also see that she has no strength, with the beak of the bird eggs one by one peck out of a small hole.
Gu Jiao drank all the egg liquid.
Xiaojiu uses his wings to sweep away the eggshell and sweep it far away. Then he jumps into Gu Jiao's arms, and learns from Xiaoba's appearance to make his own group and nest in Gu Jiao's arms to keep her warm.
I don't know whether the egg liquid has played a role or Xiao Jiu has played a role. Gu Jiao's body temperature begins to rise slowly, and her pale lips also gradually have a little blood color.
Small nine throat again issued a sound of Gu Gu, it vigilantly raised his head, looking to the other end of the jungle.
Gu Jiao is stunned: "isn't it, chasing again?"
She was absolutely sure that the group of killers had been nearly knocked out by her, so this was the third wave?
How many killers does that woman secretly raise?
Fortunately, her physical strength recovered a little, but she was not waiting to die.
"Little nine, let's go!"
Xiaojiu flies high up to make way for her.
The gang caught up.
Eight in all.
Good, good.
She ran out of black fire.
She's going to be here.
However, the imaginary hunting did not happen. Just as the killers rushed towards her, a tall and strong figure suddenly appeared on the other side of the forest, dressed in dark clothes, wearing a mask and holding a long sword with cold light.
He is a man with excellent martial arts. How high he is depends on the battle between him and eight killers.
Although there are more than one enemy, they are not at all inferior.
"Who can fight like that? Those are the Dragon shadow guards carefully trained by Princess Jing. They are only one step away from the real dragon shadow guards... "
Compared with who this person is and why she helps herself, Gu Jiao's focus is obviously a little bit off center.
Gu Jiao doesn't have any trust in him just because he is dealing with the killers. In general, she would choose to run away in such a situation.
However, she soon felt familiar with each other.
Move, body method, aura
How do you look like the Dragon shadow guard.
Gu Jiao and long Yingwei have been very impressed. She is confident that she will not admit her mistake.
Besides, your majesty knew that she was out of the city, but he was not sure that her search direction was right and did not immediately follow up.
Did you catch up later?
If it's your Majesty's Dragon shadow guard, there's nothing to worry about. He won't hurt her now.
Gu Jiao decides to stay and go with him to find Gu Chengfeng and his aunt.
I don't know... Can he fight eight on eight?
It turns out that Gu Jiao is worried too much. Even if these people are only one step away from longyingwei, that step is as long as a natural moat.
He finished the eight killers of Princess Jing.
Gu Jiao secretly nodded, this combat effectiveness, worthy of the Dragon shadow guard.
Who expected next second, the incredible thing happened, this dragon shadow Wei unexpectedly took the sword toward Gu Jiao to come over, the kind of murderous!
Gu Jiao looked at him strangely.
What happened?
Is that even her?

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The Dragon shadow guard swung his long sword toward Gu Jiao, and Xiao Jiu swooped down, fearing no death.
This is the real dragon shadow guard. Its collision will not affect the other party. Instead, it was slapped impatiently by the Dragon shadow guard.
However, in the end is to interrupt the Dragon shadow Wei, so that the Kung Fu, a person's fate will be quietly reversed.
When the Dragon shadow guard stabs Gu Jiao again, a thin white figure Zhang suddenly blocks Gu Jiao's body!
The sword of the Dragon shadow guard can be stopped at a place less than an inch above the opponent's head.
It was a young man with picturesque eyes, delicate as jade, deep as a pool of eyes, and the shadow of a dragon shadow guard holding a sword was reflected in the dark pupil.
Long Yingwei's eyes fell on the young man's face. He raised his hand and pinched the young man's face. He didn't know what he was confirming, let alone whether he had confirmed it.
But he didn't kill the teenager in the end.
I didn't kill the girl who was protected by the youth.
The Dragon shadow Wei Mou light left indifferently.
Gu Jiao is finally able to play. Just now, she is suppressed by the Dragon shadow guard's internal skill. She can't even make a sound. Suddenly, she feels that the Dragon shadow guard may not be the one she fought with last time.
This one is obviously more powerful.
If what she met for the first time was a dragon shadow guard of this level, then she didn't even have the chance to take out the black fire bead.
"Are you ok?" Xiao LIULANG holds her.
"I'm fine." Gu Jiao shook her head and wiped the blood on her mouth.
And vomited some blood.
One day, she will put the Dragon shadow guard in a sack!
Xiao LIULANG didn't feel that she was OK. She was covered with blood, her face was pale, and the palms and backs of her hands were full of dried up blood.
Gu Jiao is really not this injury in mind, compared with the injury, she is more physical overdraft, a night off will be fine.
She looked at Xiao LIULANG and said, "Why are you here? I told you to wait at home? Also, what happened to the Dragon shadow guard just now? Why would he want to kill me? Is he his Majesty's Dragon shadow guard? "
Gu Jiao knows that there are three dragon shadow guards in your Majesty's hands who have gone to the frontier fortress, but she doesn't know that there are only four in your Majesty's hands, and one of them has dealt with her. She has ruled out this possibility, so the Dragon shadow guards just now can't be your Majesty's Dragon shadow guards in any case.
Of these four questions, Xiao LIULANG only answered the last one: "it should not be."
If it's not your Majesty's Dragon shadow guard, it's not too strange to kill her.
No, it's still strange.
She didn't offend him!
Gu Jiao looks in the direction of long Yingwei's departure.
At this glance, she found that she did not know when she ran back to the official road, and there were several carriages on the official road not far away.
Long Yingwei, who had just nearly killed her and the other killers, now quietly stood by a carriage, holding his sword in his arms.
Ordinary bodyguards will report what they see to the host, but long Yingwei won't.
They don't have their own ideas, they're just tools to kill people.
Xiao LIULANG's throat slipped awkwardly. He squeezed his fingers, turned his face and forced himself to look away.
Gu Jiao looks over there, but she doesn't notice the complexity on Xiao LIULANG's face. She seems to understand why long Yingwei has come to take them all in one pot. She probably takes them as the assassins who have a bad heart.
But why did he show mercy to Xiao LIULANG?
He also pinched Xiao LIULANG's face.
Wait a minute. Did he take a fancy to her husband!
Long Yingwei is also so lustful?!
What's more, doesn't it mean that only your majesty has a dragon shadow guard in the whole Zhao kingdom?
Why do they have them over there?
Who is the man in the carriage?

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