The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 224

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Both Lucas and Tony were standing by the card table, each holding a dice cup and a dice.

“Since you also choose to shake it yourself, how about we have the dealer be the judge of this game? We’ll start shaking, stop, and then open the cup at the same time. How does that sound?” Tony said confidently as he tossed away the dice in his hand.

“No problem.” Lucas nodded.

The dealer took a deep breath, stood between the two of them, and then swung her hand down. “One, two, three, begin!”

Lucas and Tony simultaneously threw their dice into their dice cup and then started shaking.

Amid the sounds of dice rapidly knocking against the walls of the dice cups, everyone held their breath and listened carefully to the movement.

Everyone in the room except for the two beautiful women, Cheyenne and Lena, and Lucas were subordinates of Tony.

Listening to the sound to determine the number of points on a dice was an extremely important thing to do when it came to dice shaking, so they naturally dared not make a single sound, fearing that they would disturb Tony and thus anger him.

Although both of them were shaking a dice cup simultaneously, their movements were completely different.

Tony had his eyes closed, and his movements were extremely rhythmic. It was obvious that he was experienced.

But Lucas was acting differently. His expression was concealed by the mask on his face, but his standing posture was extremely casual, as was his shaking of the dice cup. It was almost as if he was just shaking it casually.

As Tony watched Lucas’s movements, a hint of contempt and derision appeared in his eyes.

He could tell from Lucas’s action that he wasn’t experienced in dice shaking, and he didn’t even know the simplest trick. He was extremely confident of winning!


Hearing the dealer’s crisp voice, both of them placed the dice cup in their hands on the card table at the same time.

Tony pressed his hand on the top of his dice cup and asked with a smile on his face, “Hah, how much are you betting this time?”

The rule of gambling had always been that the winner of the previous round would place their bet first, while the others decided whether to call, raise the bet, or quit the round.

Previously, Lucas had been placing high bets, but Tony didn’t believe that Lucas would dare to bet such a huge amount in the game of dice!

But if Lucas really bet a small amount this time, Tony would be disappointed because he still had to rely on Lucas’s bet to recoup his losses and even double his winnings!

Everyone else also cast their gazes onto Lucas to see how much he would bet in this game.

“I’ll bet twelve million dollars!” Lucas bet the three million dollars he had at first, plus the nine million dollars he had won later!

Twelve million dollars!

This massive amount made everyone gasp in astonishment!

Even Tony was extremely surprised, but he soon looked ecstatic.

“Twelve million dollars? Are you sure? Do you think you would still be able to win this time?” Tony said with a look of excitement.

“Who can say for sure? Maybe I’m just lucky today! I’m betting twelve million dollars. Mr. Zander, will you call?” Lucas didn’t sound worried at all.

“Hmph, of course I’m going to call!”

Tony gestured for the underling beside him to bring out more chips. But the latter seemed to be put in a spot as he inched closer and whispered into Tony’s ear, “Mr. Zander, the number of chips you withdrew today has exceeded the limit…”


Tony turned around and slapped the underling on the face!

“Damn it! All of Little Atlantis City belongs to me. Bring me as many chips as I tell you to! Are you scared that I might run out of cash?”

The underling covered his face, feeling incredibly aggrieved. The number of chips withdrawn in a day couldn’t exceed eight million dollars, which was a rule that Tony had set himself. The underling had reminded him out of good intentions only to get slapped on his face.

However, he dared not express his anger and had no choice but to hurry outside to fetch another tray full of chips.

The people waiting outside the room for the outcome of the game couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw the massive amount of chips being brought into the room before the outcome was decided.

Although they didn’t know who the chips were meant for, they knew that the bets in the game must have been extremely high!

Soon, a total of 24 million dollars worth of chips were piled up in the middle of the card table like a tiny mountain.

The people watching the game couldn’t help but gulp when they saw the enormous number of chips.

It was a total of 24 million dollars! Most people would never be able to earn that much money in ten lifetimes!

“I’ve brought the chips. Now let’s open and see who the final winner is!” Tony said fiercely and then opened his dice cup!

Lucas followed suit and opened his to reveal the dice inside.

One of the dice had the ‘5’ side facing up, while the other had ‘6’ facing up!

Everyone looked at the dice in front of Lucas in utter shock!

Tony’s expression changed drastically, and he shrieked in horror, “How is that possible?!”

The dice with six points was resting quietly in front of Lucas, while the dice in front of Tony showed only five points!

He actually lost once again!

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! You must have tampered with something!” Enraged, Tony pointed at Lucas and bellowed furiously.

He was very confident in his dice shaking skills. He had clearly shaken his dice until 6 faced up, but why did it suddenly become 5?!

This punk must have cheated!

Lucas chuckled lightly. “Mr. Zander, you need evidence before you can make such claims. Everyone around you is your subordinate, and they’d know if I tampered with anything. Furthermore, you have surveillance cameras monitoring all angles here. Besides, you’re an expert in the first place. If I cheated in front of you, wouldn’t you have discovered it?”

Tony clenched his teeth and turned around abruptly to stare at his underlings.

They all hung their heads low, too afraid to speak. After a long time, someone finally said boldly, “Mr. Zander, I… I don’t know if he tampered with it or not, but I really didn’t discover anything amiss.”

“Me… me too! Maybe we can look at the footage of the surveillance cameras…”

“Yeah, Mr. Zander. Why don’t we watch the footage of the surveillance cameras…”

“Shut up!” Tony barked furiously. “You’re a bunch of good-for-nothings!”

Lucas said indifferently, “Mr. Zander, you can afford to lose, right?”

Tony’s face turned red and then pale. He seemed incredibly dismayed.

Including this round, he had lost a total of 24 million dollars to Lucas in this private room!

When he had lost three million and then nine million in the previous two rounds, he felt the pinch, but he wasn’t too bothered by it because he felt that he should be able to win it back soon.

But now that he had lost a total of 24 million dollars, he felt that it was an unbearably major loss!

Tony’s expression changed greatly. Suddenly, he pulled out a black pistol from his pocket and aimed it at Lucas’s head.

“Damn it. How dare you cheat at my casino? You must be really tired of living!”

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