The Divine Martial Stars - Chapter 647

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“Bone Sacred Mountain?”

“What kind of force is that?” Wei Ximin wondered.

A trace of dismay appeared on his face.

The Black-armored Demonic Snake Abyss Army and the Dark Yellow Army that were engaged in a fierce battle in the sky both immediately noticed the sudden appearance of the third force. At once, the two armies retreated, putting some distance between themselves and waiting with vigilance.

For both parties, the safest way to handle the situation was to regard the ghost fleet that had come out of nowhere as a potential enemy and to be on guard.

That was the best option.

The four masters who were fighting up in the sky also separated from one another.

The figure in the black cloak quickly distanced himself from Zhan Wuji the All-devouring Demon. Before the battle was suspended, Zhan Wuji was already at a disadvantage and was injured.

However, the duel between the Celestial Master and the black demonic shadow seemed to be a draw.

The war in the void suddenly came to a halt because of the sudden appearance of the third party.

Lying in a pool of blood beside the piles of bodies, Shan Tian blankly looked at the ghost ship made of white bones, which had stopped at the fringe of the grand tactic deployment. A moment later, his eyes suddenly sparkled gloriously. Like a traveler dying of thirst in the desert who suddenly saw a clear spring, Shan Tian began to struggle very excitedly.

Dao Lan’s eyes first fell on the giant ghost ship made of white bones as well.

When he saw the person standing on the bow of the ghost ship made of white bones, he suddenly froze in amazement.

Then, Dao Lan’s dazed gaze turned into a shocked stare.

“It’s Li Mu!

“Isn’t that slender figure in white with a stone sheath on his back, that Li Mu, the Wild Broadsword, who once turned the Divine Land upside down and then continued to stir up trouble in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region?

“I haven’t seen him for years, but he still looks as sharp as before.

“However, how come he is on a ghost ship?

“Are those people around him… ghosts?” Dao Lan pondered with confusion.

A quarter of an hour ago.

“What’s going on?” Li Mu wondered.

He was standing on the deck of one of the ghost ships of the Bone Sacred Mountain. He and the mighty army of 100,000 ghost cultivators were traveling in the sea of Yin Qi and Ghost Qi that floated in the vacuum near the Ghost Rally Star.

Li Mu was actually ready to bid farewell to Caicai and the other ghost cultivators. Yet, just then, he suddenly sensed an abnormal fluctuation in the Yin Qi and Ghost Qi ahead of him.

Then, Li Mu saw with his Third Eye that many spirits that had been separated from their bodies were coming and going behind the Yin Qi. Some headed in the direction of the Ghost Rally Star, while the others gradually faded, as though they were about to disappear forever.

At this time, Li Mu recognized that one of the spirits was the sailor he met on the Sword of Freedom the other day.


Li Mu activated a Taoist talisman and captured the spirit of that sailor.

His spirit gradually took shape and then became a human being.

The sailor’s consciousness was also restored in an instant.

He looked around blankly and asked, “I’m dead, aren’t I? And you’re… Hero… Hero Li?”

He saw Li Mu at once.

At this time, Li Mu saw dozens of other spirits unconsciously wandering in the mist of Yin Qi. All of them were the sailors on the Sword of Freedom.

Li Mu cast a ghost magic art to summon all the surrounding spirits and helped them regain their consciousness.

Aside from the sailors on the “Sword of Freedom”, there were also the spirits of a little girl about nine years old and a beautiful and kind young woman.

“What’s the matter? What on earth has happened to the Sword of Freedom?” Li Mu asked anxiously.

He had a hunch that something bad had occurred.

The sailor who he rescued first dropped to his knees with a loud thud in front of Li Mu and pleaded, “Hero Li, I’m begging you. Please go and help Brother Shan. Please…”

The surrounding sailors gradually cottoned on to what had happened, and they all knelt before Li Mu.

Soon, Li Mu learned about what had happened.

“Wei Ximin?

“A powerful figure in the Ziwei Star Zone?” he mused.

Li Mu turned to look at Shan Xuan’er and her mother, feeling extremely guilty.

“Sister-in-law, I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault.” Li Mu bowed to Shan Xuan’er and her mother. He was racked with remorse. Then, he bowed to the sailors of the Sword of Freedom and said, “Brothers, I’m sorry. But don’t worry, no matter what happens, I won’t sit by and do nothing.”

“Hurry up. Let’s race over there. Quick!” Li Mu shouted.

Caicai and the Ning couple, who had listened to the recounts of the sailors on the side, were also boiling with anger. They immediately ordered the ghost fleet to travel at full speed and rush to that battlefield.

“Won’t it be too late?” asked Shan Tian’s wife with a face full of anxiety. She had taken Shan Xuan’er in her arms, and was still worrying about her husband’s safety.

Li Mu said, “I’m sure we can make it in time.”

The army of ghosts showed up with an imperious aura.

Li Mu glanced around and saw the two armies fighting at close quarters on a battlefield with a radius of thousands of miles.

Li Mu did not know the Black-armored Demonic Snake Abyss Army, nor did he know the Dark Yellow Army. Yet, he recognized Dao Lan and noticed the Shan Tian lying in a pool of blood.

“Brother Shan?” Li Mu called out.

At this time, he also caught sight of the pool of blood beside Shan Tian. The familiar-looking sailors had all been beheaded. Their body parts were scattered around the place.

“Hero… Hero Li, you…” Shan Tian flailed on the deck. Since all his bones had been smashed, all he could do was raising his head. He then saw his daughter named Shan Xuan’er, his wife, and his good buddies all standing beside Li Mu. They all looked quite alive, not like dead people at all. Their appearances and voices were exactly the same as he remembered. Although Shan Tian did not know what was going on, he felt that a glimmer of hope had shone on him. He asked, “Are you… all back? What’s… what’s going on?”

Wei Ximin’s eyes narrowed. “Li Mu? Are you that Li Mu?” he inquired.

He stared at Li Mu, sizing him up.

Originally, he thought that Li Mu was just a small potato that he could capture without effort. Even if Li Mu was in the General Realm, he would still not be a threat to him. But now, seeing that Li Mu had come here by a ghost ship, Wei Ximin felt somewhat uncertain about his strength.

Moreover, behind the ghost ship Li Mu had boarded, there were thousands of shadowy ghosts, as well as numerous flying ships made of white bones. The Extreme Yin Qi was swirling around them. The ships and ghosts were partly visible in the mist of Yin Qi, as though there were countless of them. It was impossible to tell how many ghost soldiers there were in this ghost army and how powerful they were. This eerie aura they were emitting still made it difficult for Wei Ximin to grasp the situation.

“Are you Wei Ximin?” Li Mu’s eyes were brimming with rage and killing intent.

Wei Ximin let out a faint mocking laugh. “So what if I am?”

“Then, you’re dead for sure.”

Li Mu snorted.

He saw Dao Lan, who was still holding Shan Yunxiu, then scanned the surrounding battlefield. He quickly realized that this was not the time to argue. Thus, he waved his hand and pointed at the Black-armored Demonic Snake Abyss Army, yelling, “Kill them, kill them all!”

The ghost ships whizzed to the battlefield.

The ghost cultivators roared with indignation.

As the Yin Qi surged, the ghost ships fiercely forced a way through the tactic deployment and barged in.

Like an unstoppable flood, the 100,000 ghost cultivators charged toward the Black-armored Demonic Snake Abyss Army.

Between heaven and earth, the ghastly Ghost Qi instantly filled the air. The cold Yin Qi pervaded the space. Ghostly shadows were everywhere. And killing intent spread across the field.

The soldiers of the Black-armored Demonic Snake Abyss Army had never encountered such an enemy. The ghost cultivators that whizzed through the air seemed to be utterly invisible and formless. They transformed back and forth between nothingness and substantial forms in the Yin Qi. When they wielded the weapons forged by the living at the ghosts, they felt that they merely hit the air. However, when the weapons of the ghost cultivators hit them, their armors were instantly broken and a blow of chilly Ghost Qi slipped into their bodies. As the extreme cold force circulated, they instantly froze, as though their souls had been frozen and cracked to pieces.

Almost at the same time, the soldiers of the Black-armored Demonic Snake Abyss Army all collapsed like the wheat facing a farmer’s sickle.

They had practically no chance to fight back.

In the path of the flood-like ghost army, the soldiers of the Black-armored Demonic Snake Abyss Army were directly engulfed.


That demonic black shadow suddenly rose into the air and dashed toward the ghost cultivators, hoping to turn the tables with its mighty individual combat strength.


“Drop dead!”

Someone called out in a low voice.

The figure of the arrogant ponytailed girl wearing a dark swordswoman uniform flashed in the void. The sword and the broadsword in her hands instantly reduced the demonic black shadow into ashes.

“What?” When Zhan Wuji the All-devouring Demon saw this from the other side, he shivered with fear.

The strength of the demonic black shadow was even stronger than his. Yet, that ponytailed girl who came on the ghost ship instantly bombarded the demonic black shadow into dust with just one move.

Zhan Wuji immediately planned to retreat.

However, he no longer had the chance.

Ning Jing, the young officer with thick eyebrows and big eyes, advanced on him wielding his sword.

As one of the Two Sages of the Bone Sacred Mountain and one of the current three Holy Sages on the Ghost Rally Star, Ning Jing was almost able to kill anyone in the General Realm in this environment filled with the Yin Qi. Therefore, Zhan Wuji was absolutely no match for him. Just like that demonic black shadow, he was beheaded on the spot before he could even take a single blow from him.


Wei Ximin gasped inwardly.

“They are this strong?” he thought in disbelief.

Then, he felt he was momentarily dazzled.

When everything came into focus again, he found that Li Mu had already appeared on the Sword of Freedom.

“Brother Shan.” Li Mu directly abstracted the wood qi of the Eastern Wood Emperor from the primitive natural qi and injected it into Shan Tian’s body, instantly healing his injuries.

At the same time, he injected a wisp of the wood qi of the Eastern Wood Emperor into Shan Yunxiu’s body, who was still lying in Dao Lan’s arms. Shan Yunxiu, the woman who was one step away from the netherworld, came back to life.

The things that were hardly possible for other cultivators were now a piece of cake to Li Mu.

When he was in the Celestial Being Realm, the qi of the five emperors in the Five Emperors’ Immortality Scriptures that he had cultivated turned out to have unparalleled wonderful effects. Of the five kinds of qi, the wood qi of the Eastern Wood Emperor had the healing effect, which was comparable to the miracle-working medicines and elixirs.

Of course, the injuries of Shan Tian and Shan Yunxiu were too severe. It would still take some time before they could fully recover their health.

At this time, the growls and roars around them had gradually subsided.

The soldiers of the Black-armored Demonic Snake Abyss Army were annihilated by the army of ghosts from the Bone Sacred Mountain in the shortest time possible. Regarding combat strength, the two parties were not on the same level at all. In the territory of the Ghost Rally Star, this army of ghost cultivators was simply invincible. As long as they did not encounter an opponent with the Taoist magic arts devised to restrain ghost cultivators, they would be able to defeat any army of the living in this kind of environment.

Surrounded by countless ghost cultivators, the members of the Shan family and the Dark Yellow Army were the only ones who found it hard to adapt to this sudden change.

The soldiers of the Black-armored Demonic Snake Abyss Army were all the best of the elites.

But in the twinkling of an eye, they were all obliterated as if a lawn being mowed.

The blood-colored gate directly closed shut. In the depths of the blood-colored gate, there was even a faint scream of horror.

The 100,000 ghost cultivators then came from all directions and surrounded the Sword of Freedom that Wei Ximin was on.

The reverse of the situation caught everyone off guard.

“Haha…” Wei Ximin put his signature smile on his face.

But this time, even he himself felt that his smile was a little stiff.

“I heard that you intend to kill all the sinners in this universe?” Staring at the handsome young man in black and wearing jade accessories, Li Mu said word by word, “With your little power?”

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