The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss - Chapter 2329

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Chapter 2329: Shocking (6)

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Such a wonderful drama. How could they watch the Fifth Elder put an abrupt end to it?

Therefore, everyone stared at the Fifth Elder and stared at him again longingly.

The Fifth Elder wanted to be done with this whole debacle. However, under such gazes, he knew that his prestige would fall to the bottom in the future if he dared to leave.

"Haha, unless that third cauldron of yours is the Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pill; otherwise, it won't prove your innocence!" The Fifth Elder had stood up, but now sitting down again, coldly looking at Su Luo, speaking indifferently.

"Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing pills?" Su Luo deliberately paused and looked at the Fifth Elder with a serious face, aggressively, "If I make a Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pill in public, will the Fifth Elder apologize to me in public?"

The Fifth Elder sneered. It was lucky that this brat was able to refine a Master Pill. How could she possibly refine a Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pill?

What's more, he had personally seen Su Luo refine three medicine furnaces at the same time. If she could still refine a Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pill under such circumstances……

"If you can refine a Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pill, then I will eat that furnace!" The Fifth Elder spoke with a confident voice!

“Good!!!” Su Luo was afraid that the Fifth Elder would regret his actions. She took the lead and clapped!

The rest of the people still had to make a living under the Fifth Elder. How dare they applaud so brazenly? But they all had a gossipy and curious gaze in their eyes.

“Fifth Elder and Eighth Elder, please come forward.” Su Luo was already standing next to the third medicine furnace at this instance.

Everyone looked at her acting like usual, even smiling slightly, and began to doubt in their hearts.

“Could Su Luo be able to refine a Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pill?”

On second thought, it’d be ridiculous! You really thought Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pills were a walk in a park. If it was really that easy to refine, would it still be so rare? Would they still be that expensive?

Everyone did not believe that Su Luo could refine the Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pill. All their eyes were wide open, staring fiercely at Su Luo's hand holding the lid of the medicine furnace.

The Fifth Elder and the Eighth Elder came shoulder to shoulder.

The Eighth Elder gave the Fifth Elder a sympathetic look: "Old Fifth, do you have good teeth?"

The Fifth Elder glared at the Eighth Elder with hatred, "Don't curse at me!"

The Eighth Elder looked at the Fifth Elder with more pity. He patted the Fifth Elder's shoulder. "Take advantage while the medicine furnace is yet to be open. Hurry and change your verdict quickly. Your brother can only help you this far."

“Nah!” The Fifth Elder was stubborn with his own beliefs.

Grandmaster pill, would a Grandmaster pill be refined by a rookie like her? If she could really refine it, the sun might rise from the west!

The Fifth Elder basically did not believe it.

Therefore, he missed the last chance to save himself.

At this time, Su Luo has already satisfied everyone’s appetites. They could see her cheeky smile, pinching the cover with her white jade finger and opening it instantly.

The smell was so fragrant…

A unique, full-bodied fragrance wafting out like a light smoke.

The rich spiritual energy made people glow, and they couldn't wait to immerse themselves.

There were even smart people who sat down on the spot and began to enter a meditative state.

“Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pill. It must be the Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pill!!!”

"Oh my God, oh my God!!! Su Luo actually refined a Grandmaster Marrow-cleansing Pill! She actually refined it!"

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