The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 1246

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Chapter 1246: Who Is Stronger (1)

Because only if something happened to her would he have the chance to continue with his plan and have her.

Xiao Huan and Long Feiting both felt that he couldn’t do it. It was because their understanding of him was still stuck in the past.

And he was no longer the him from the past.

He really wasn’t.

He had the ability, the absolute ability!

He didn’t say anything or give up. He was only cooperating with someone because he could really ensure their safety. He really didn’t want to harm them.

But now, neither of them had collapsed…

Could it be that he could only use that move?

Just as his thoughts were in a mess…

On Mu Huan’s side.

“You go first. I’ll deal with things here.” Bo Junyan looked at Mu Huan.

“No, Hubby, let’s go together!”

“If no one deals with it here, they’ll destroy the factory as soon as we leave,” Bo Junyan said.

“But they’re so violent, and you can’t be ruthless. It’s very dangerous for you to stay here. If the factory is destroyed, so be it.” Mu Huan looked unwilling to part with him.

“There’s medicine inside waiting to be delivered. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Bo Junyan caressed her head.


Ling Wei looked at the two of them, who were being so lovey-dovey that they were unwilling to separate. Bo Junyan was actually even waiting for the medicine to be produced by Mu Huan’s pharmaceutical factory. For such a small benefit, he was willing to be left behind and face danger. It made her feel even more jealous.

Unwilling to part ways? Then die together today!

“Be good and leave first. Their main target is you. After you leave, they won’t be so agitated and it’ll be easy to deal with them,” Bo Junyan said.

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“Alright.” Mu Huan nodded reluctantly after being convinced by him.

“Mr. Bo, let’s go together. There are so many people and they’re so agitated. It’ll be dangerous for you to stay here.” Seeing that Mu Huan was about to leave, Ling Wei advised Bo Junyan to follow her.

If the two of them were to separate, she would have to split her men into two groups to deal with them. This way, the chances of success would be relatively low. Furthermore, once only one of them was killed, the other would definitely immediately counterattack. At that time, the one who would die would be her. She had to wipe them out in one fell swoop!

Ling Wei’s words made Mu Huan and Bo Junyan certain that she was the mastermind this time. She wanted the two of them to work together so that they could catch them in one fell swoop!

Mu Huan received a call from Long Feiting. After confirming who Gu Chenyi was working with and what he wanted to do to them, she thought that the person working with Gu Chenyi might be Ling Wei. Because with Ling Wei’s current status, her scheming methods, and the grudges between them, she was the most likely person!

Furthermore, Gu Chenyi had not drugged them during the past few days that they had been in Country F. It was definitely not a coincidence that he had drugged them before they went to Sen Tai’s residence today.

During the meal, Ling Wei kept leading the topic to make Mu Huan meet the protesters. It made Mu Huan realize that what they wanted to do might be to incite the protesters. Once there, it was an easy matter to bribe people.

The mother who had given birth to a deformed child, the families of the people who had suddenly died… she had sent someone to investigate before she came. Not long after she arrived, the results of the investigation were out. The account of the mother who had given birth to a deformed child suddenly had a huge sum of money. As for the two families who had lost someone, their family members had died in a hurry and in very suspicious circumstances.

This made Mu Huan feel that the sudden death of those two people was premeditated, along with the other things that happened.

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