The Avalon Of Five Elements - Chapter 715

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Chapter 715: The End
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As usual, Han Li returned to the city after his training .
He casually greeted the noodle stores owner—as he always had—and found a seat on his own . A bowl of piping hot noodles was served shortly; its familiar yet still alluring scent pervading the air around it .
Han Li overheard the other customers conversations as he quietly ate his noodles .
There hasnt been much happening lately .
Yeah, the fighting on the frontlines have stopped for quite a while .
Come to think about it, its almost been a year .
Thats true…
Nothing new regarding Chi Tong or the Assembly of Patriarchs either . How strange .
Maybe theyre all dead .
What about the Pagoda Cannon Alliance?
Nope, its been a long time since theyve even made a peep .
This is really odd, I feel as though something big is looming .
You and your inauspicious remarks! It has been a long journey to attain this peace…
Im just saying, maybe…
Han Li stopped eating for a moment to think . The past year had indeed been too peaceful .
Initially, people were still actively searching for the Assembly of Patriarchs and Chi Tong . However, as time went by, nobody could even find a single trace of them . The Assembly of Patriarchs had practically vanished from this world . In the meantime, Skyheart City, God Nation, and Jadeite Forest seemed to have coordinated some sort of self-imposed silence .
As the major players faded into silence, so did the stories that accompanied them . It was the end of an era .
Everyone had retreated into seclusion, and the clouds moved quietly with the wind . Perhaps a storm was brewing, or the sky was just waiting for the sun to rise . Maybe the world was just waiting for the dawn of a new era…
[The End]
Authors Note: I sincerely apologise that this story has to end this way . My health has been terrible these two years, and this is my personal issue to bear . To all my readers, Im really sorry .

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