The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder - Chapter 261

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261 – Hua Dynasty’s First Grandmaster

“Go if you want to… but at least say something!”

After making sure that Beiming Youyu is gone, Xue Qilin murmured this in a low voice. She didn’t expect that the moment after her words came out, she would hear Beiming Youyu’s response.

“– what nonsense are you saying?”

The voice came from the place where Beiming Youyu was sitting just now. Startled, Xue Qilin turned around to look at once, yet there was still nothing.

I didn’t hear it wrong, did I? She hesitantly extended her hand towards the source of the voice and touching something hairy.


This tactile sensation belongs to Beiming Youyu’s tail.

Looking beside her, Xue Qilin blinked her eyes, raised her hand, put it in front of where Beiming Youyu’s face is supposed to be, and waved.

“Little Fish, you’re here?”

“What do you think?”

An answer sounded first.

Then, as if the background was being erased, Beiming Youyu’s figure gradually reappeared in front of Xue Qilin. Xue Qilin instantly realized that the other party has been there all along. However, she doesn’t know how the other party hid her figure.

“Now do you understand?”

“… are you pointing out that you can hide your figure from people’s sight?”

Xue Qilin frowned and voiced her conjecture.

In response, Beiming Youyu nodded first, and then shook her head, putting out a strange reaction.

“No one else can see me, feel me, or even hear me, just like couldn’t just now. Only –”

Beiming Youyu raised the corners of her mouth and explained casually.

“I can let certain people see me. So whether it is now or before, only you can see me.”


Xue Qilin was struck dumb, speechless.

This really went a little beyond her expectation.

If it was simple stealth alone, which Shadow seems to be able to achieve, Xue Qilin wouldn’t be surprised by it. However, Beiming Youyu’s stealth is selective, only effective on some people, which goes far beyond Xue Qilin’s understanding of martial arts.

Until now, Xue Qilin believed that martial arts’ spiritual qi application methods aren’t good at changes or production of complex effects — and in fact, she has seen the Merak Temple’s supreme sword scripture, whose moves are powerful, yer are far less exquisite than those of magic. Compared to magic, although martial arts are no weaker, but they are much less changeable and complex in function.

However, Beiming Youyu’s skill just now displayed effects close to those of magic, which is not something martial arts can accomplish. Xue Qilin is really at a loss.

“Hey, but I can see Older Sister Little Fish, too!”

Phecda opened her eyes wide, leaned out of Xue Qilin’s head, and asked this animatedly. Thereupon, Beiming Youyu took a look at her.

“That’s because your and Xue Qilin’s breaths are almost identical.”

Xue Qilin, who came back to her senses due to the conversation between the two, asked Beiming Youyu somewhat excitedly, “Little Fish, how did you do it? Is this also a kind of martial art? It’s really wonderful! It’s not inferior to magic!”

“Of course not.”

Beiming Youyu raised her eyebrows and looked disdainfully at the lass beside her from the corner of her eye.

“Did you forget who I am?”

When she heard Beiming Youyu’s question, Xue Qilin was taken aback.

She immediately felt like the other party likes to make her words ambiguous. When she wanted to ask the other party to give a straight answer, she suddenly had an epiphany.

— that’s right, she’s a martial demon!

When she found the answer, Xue Qilin excitedly waved her small fist.

“This is your innate skill!”

Just as Xihe can control the natural elements, all martial demons have innate skills — and innate skills may even surpass magic. If Beiming Youyu’s stealth is an effect triggered by her innate skill, then it explains everything.

Beiming Youyu issued a light “mhm”.

“My innate skill is called ‘Omnia’. In view of this, I am called ‘Moonlight Omnia’. To put it bluntly, my innate skill is a kind of camouflage… Maybe it’s better to call it illusion. Come, try it.

Beiming Youyu spread her palm, and a handful of flame tongues rose. Aware that the other party is performing an illusion for her, Xue Qilin impatiently extended her hand and touched it.

As expected, she didn’t feel anything. Her finger easily passed through the flames. She couldn’t even feel a little bit of heat.

“It’s an illusion indeed!”

Although Beiming Youyu already stated it clearly, but Xue Qilin still could’t resist the impulse to show her surprise. She stretched her body taut and widened her eyes.

“Whoa, that’s awesome!”

Phecda jumped onto Beiming Youyu’s palm from Xue Qilin’s head and stayed inside that empty shell of flames, alive and kicking.

“Does your innate skill work even against Grandmasters?”

“It does.” Beiming Youyu sneered, “Otherwise, Asura’er would have already come to me.”

When Beiming Youyu mentioned Asura’er, Phecda shivered. She probably remembered the past when her sword body was destroyed by the other party.

Xue Qilin thinks that her words are correct.

Jialan is a character who hates boredom to the point of being twisted. If the irrational her detected Beiming Youyu, she may have already come to her and maybe even forced her to fight.

Xue Qilin exhaled and swept the gradually rising thoughts to a corner.

“Little Fish, no wonder you are described as the first Grandmaster…”

Xue Qilin spoke with emotion.

Qi Qiqi once said that Beiming Youyu is the most powerful of the three Grandmasters. At this time, Xue Qilin finally has a deep cognition of this.

Grandmaster Realm plus martial demon innate skill, the combination of the two can really make Beiming Youyu surpass the other two Grandmasters. Xue Qilin can easily picture in her mind Beiming Youyu, who is expert at long-ranged attacks with spiritual qi, cast illusions when approached by the opponent and calmly open the distance.

She not only has an absolute superiority in terms of long-range attack, but also can easily change positions when others come close to her.

“… back.”

Beiming Youyu suddenly uttered.

“What back?”

Xue Qilin asked blankly, and then found that the other party is looking in the direction of the forest. She squinted her eyes and looked over. In the next moment, she caught Li Wanting gradually walking out of the forest.

“It turns out that Little Ting is back!”

After a while, Li Wanting’s figure emerged from the forest. She is approaching with a pile of sticks in her arms.

“Little Fish, I’ll go help her. Watch over Little Phecda for me!”

Out of courtesy, Xue Qilin explained first, and then, after Beiming Youyu nodded silently, shouted towards Li Wanting, “Hey, Little Ting, let me help you!”

Xue Qilin jumped down from the stone with a “heave-ho” and went to meet Li Wanting. The latter said “thank you, Young Ancestor”, and then handed her half of the firewood.

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