Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 931

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Chapter 931: Ideological Education

The shopkeeper took over the card with both hands and proceeded to swipe the card. Only after that and getting a signature from Yan Huan that the shopkeeper felt relieved. By exchanging money with goods, both sides were settled.

This watch was finally sold.

Hold on, why did she suddenly feel that the woman in front of her looked very familiar? Although she had a pair of sunglasses on, most of her face was revealed. Inevitably, the shape of her face was really striking, she had a small face and a nice curve on her lips. With her flawless and obviously no-makeup skin, she appeared very young.

That person was a beautiful woman, just that she had seen her before somewhere. Yet, she could not recall at that moment. Who does she look like, oh wait, who on earth does she look like?

“Here you go.” The shopkeeper handed the packaged watch to Yan Huan.

“Thank you.” Yan Huan took the watch and turned around to leave.

“Uhm…” The shopkeeper suddenly thought of something, “May I ask, are you Yan Huan, Miss Yan?”

Yan Huan turned around and took off her sunglasses, then squinted her eyes at the shopkeeper and left after putting her sunglasses back on. On the other hand, the shopkeeper stood there speechless and was stupefied for a very long time.

Oh my, she just had close contact with the best actress, Yan Huan. She even got to touch the best actress Yan’s hand.

After Yan Huan got home, Lu Yi was not back yet as he still had work to do. He seemed to be working overtime today, so he would only be back about an hour later.

Yan Huan opened the drawer and placed the watch inside.

Wait, this is not a good spot. He always uses this drawer, so no can do. Then, she tried a few other places, but in the end, none of them felt right. If it was too hidden, it would mean nothing because he would never find it.

If it was too obvious, he would see it immediately, and it would be boring.

Finally, she walked to her bedside and grabbed Lu Yi’s pillow. Later, she retrieved the watch from its box and placed the watch inside the pillow.

Yeah, that would be enough.

She put the pillow back to its original spot and tried resting on it. It feels alright, not much feeling of the watch. There she was, eager to know whether Prosecutor Lu could find the little surprise or when he would learn about it.

She was really looking forward to it.

That night, Lu Yi did not sense anything as expected. He even got up from bed a few times, mainly to check on the little ones. Their three little children were now grown up and would sleep soundly throughout the night, but Lu Yi would still be worried. Therefore, he would wake up and check on them regularly every night.

As for Yan Huan, she seldom got up at night these days.

Lu Yi walked toward her, pulled the blanket up for her, and laid down himself.

“Are they asleep?” Yan Huan opened her eyes before closing them up again. She was exhausted.

“Yeah, they’re good and sound asleep.” Lu Yi reached out his hand and pulled Yan Huan closer into his arms. At the same time, her head rested on his arm. “You be good too, sleep now.”

Yan Huan wanted to answer him, but she was dead beat. She had no time to rest since the beginning of the day. She even went to Linlang and completed the large-scale shooting for an advertisement.

She felt like she could sleep until about 10 o’clock the next morning.

Feeling drowsy, she had no idea when she fell asleep again, until the next day when she opened her eyes. It was already daylight. She reached under the pillow to look for her cell phone and lifted it up to her face when she found it.

It was really past 10 o’clock.

She sat up immediately and patted her face with her hands. How could it be so late already? Why did Lu Yi not wake her when he left? Like a piglet, she had dozed off until after 10 o’clock. The most wonderful time of the day had been wasted on her sleep, what a lazy bum she was.

Quickly, she ran into the washroom, and came out all washed up. The woman reflected on the mirror had clear skin, bright eyes, and a slight smile on her lips. Without any make-up, she actually looked like a college student.

No wonder everybody always said that she was growing the other way round.

Without her realizing, she started thinking of the days in her past lifetime. She seemed to be about the same age when she died then. As thin as a rake, she looked like an old woman in her forties. White hair covered most of her head and the wrinkles on her face were punishments from the frosting wind. She thought she must have looked really ugly at the time, even when she passed away.

Nonetheless, looking at herself now, she patted her face again, feeling weird for remembering these things.

Alright, she smiled at herself in the mirror. The woman in the mirror looked gorgeous and it was unimaginable that she was already a mother to three children.

She then opened the door and went out. At first, she thought that she would be welcomed with Xunxun’s childish ‘Mama’, or get bumped into Xiao Qi and Xiao Guang’s tiny bodies, but it was totally quiet. Instead, she could only see Ye Shuyun fidgeting with the remote control boringly.

“Huanhuan, why didn’t you get some more sleep?”

Ye Shuyun tossed the remote control to the side weakly, “Ever since you stopped acting in dramas, there’s nothing interesting to watch on the television. You should go back to bed. I wanted to get some more rest, but couldn’t fall asleep anymore. It’s good to be young like you, having no problems eating and sleeping.”

“Mother…” Yan Huan was a little dazed, “Where are the kids?” Ye Shuyun would never have time to watch the television because she would not take her eyes off her three grandchildren now. It had been quite some time since she last saw Ye Shuyun turning on the television or even touching the remote control.

“Your father and Old Master had brought them into the squad to get an ideological education.”

Ye Shuyun sighed, “That’s not a place for women, so you and me, we’re left out.”

In her heart, she scolded Lu Jin. What did he mean by women were not allowed? He was obviously jealous that she could be with the three children all day, and now he wanted to spend time with his grandchildren all by himself. What a useless ideological education for three toddlers who could not even speak properly yet. He was clearly trying to show off the three children as if no one knew that he now had three grandchildren.

Yan Huan touched her face. Okay, she better stop thinking about the three kiddoes for today. Without the three children, Ye Shuyun was feeling bored. Likewise, she had the same feeling too.

Never mind, she could visit Linlang again later to see if there were things left undone. Otherwise, she could only sit with Ye Shuyun the entire day without doing anything.

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