Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: The Dangerous Grief Remedy Forest (4)

“We’ve rescued them. Let’s leave this place quickly!” Leng Ruoxue said. She was very kind. There must be a reason why this cannibal vine existed, so she should let it go for the sake of the balance of this forest!

“Okay, let’s leave this place quickly!” The first elder agreed with Leng Ruoxue. He didn’t want to stay here for another moment.

After leaving the territory of the cannibal vines, they found a safe place to rest.

“Ruoxue, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. Just tell me if you need my help in the future,” the first elder said sincerely. If Leng Ruoxue and the others hadn’t saved him and the patriarch, their two old lives would have been lost here. He really didn’t know how to repay this life-saving favor.

“Thank you for saving us. Our Feng family is willing to follow Miss Leng’s lead from now on,” Feng Jing, the patriarch of the Feng family, suddenly said. During this long period of fleeing, he had heard Leng Ruoxue’s great name often. When he saw her today, she was indeed extraordinary.

“Hehe, you sure know how to plan!” Old Man let out a mocking chuckle. It wasn’t so easy to want to become reliant on their little girl.

“Uh!” Feng Jing blushed at Old Man’s sarcasm and was at a loss for words.

“Hehe, our Feng family has always been allies with Ruoxue. Now that the Feng family has fallen, it’s only natural that we follow Ruoxue’s lead,” the first elder said to ease the tension. He was much more tactful and eloquent than Feng Jing, and his skin was also obviously much thicker. Moreover, he was 100% supportive of the patriarch’s decision.

“First Elder, what happened to the Feng family?” Feng Moran, who had been silent, suddenly asked.

“Moran, are you and Aoran alright?” the first elder asked with concern.

“We’re fine,” Feng Moran said quickly while looking at the first elder expectantly.

“Moran, we were hiding, but… we didn’t expect your uncle to sell us out. Alas! The Feng family suffered heavy losses, and only the patriarch and I escaped.” His heart ached at the thought of the Feng family members who had died. Fortunately, he had sent away a group of people previously to preserve the last bit of the Feng family’s bloodline.

“Moran, you haven’t seen the patriarch for many years, right?” The first elder pulled Feng Moran to Feng Jing.

“Grandpa,” Feng Moran called out with a trembling voice. He had indeed not seen his grandfather for a long time. He only remembered that his grandfather doted on him a lot when he was young.

“Mo’er, you’ve suffered.” Feng Jing looked at his grandson with concern.

“How is Feng Xiao doing now?” Leng Ruoxue asked the first elder curiously when she saw Feng Moran and Feng Jing catching up.

“Dead. Killed by the patriarch himself,” the first elder explained. Ruoxue had warned him before, but he hadn’t immediately dealt with Feng Xiao because of the patriarch. Alas, speaking of it, he was also responsible for the Feng family’s fall!

“First Elder, does your patriarch love Big Brother Feng a lot?” Leng Ruoxue asked.

“Yes, he is the eldest grandson after all.”

“Since he loves Big Brother Feng so much, how could he allow him to be bullied?” Leng Ruoxue asked in puzzlement. Was it because of his aptitude?

“Ruoxue, the patriarch really dotes on Moran. But he went into seclusion more than a decade ago, so the affairs of the Feng family were managed by the second elder and the others. Later on, Feng Xiao became the acting patriarch, and he took care of the affairs of the Feng family. Therefore, the patriarch basically knew nothing about Moran’s matter. It’s not his fault,” the first elder defended the patriarch. Alas, every family had its own difficulties. Even the patriarch wouldn’t know everything like the back of his hand if no one told him. Moreover, the patriarch’s mind was all on cultivation.

After hearing what the first elder said, Leng Ruoxue didn’t express her opinion. This was their family matter after all. What could an outsider like her say?

“Big Sister, it’s getting dark. Let’s leave this place quickly!” Inflame urged. There would be many poisonous creatures roaming around here at night.

“Okay.” Leng Ruoxue nodded.

After hearing Inflame’s words, Leng Ruoxue and the others quickly left.

“First Elder, why are you here?” Leng Ruoxue asked while walking.

“It’s all because we were forced to by those Spiritual Deities. They were hunting us all the time, so we had no choice but to run into this place.” After he and the patriarch ran in, they were a little puzzled as to why those people stopped chasing after them. They only found out about the perilous environment later on.

“How long have you been here?” Leng Ruoxue continued asking.

“Ahh, today is the third day. We didn’t dare to venture too deep and could only stay at the edge.” The first elder sighed helplessly.

“At least you still have some brains and know that you can’t go in. The farther you go, the more poisonous creatures there will be. That’s not something you can handle,” Inflame praised. But his words didn’t make the first elder happy at all.

The first elder looked at the little green bird and felt depressed. Alas! He had lived for so long, but this was the first time a bird remarked that he had some brains!

After listening to what Inflame said, Leng Ruoxue looked at the depressed first elder and was overjoyed. Inflame is really a treasure!

“But now? You don’t have to be afraid since I, Inflame, am bringing you around,” Inflame continued, his face full of pride. Even though he couldn’t deal with those poisonous creatures, bringing them along on some relatively safe routes wasn’t a problem.

“Can this little bird deal with those poisonous creatures?” the first elder asked softly.

“No, he’s still underage,” Leng Ruoxue said honestly.

“Then where does he get his confidence from?” The first elder was a little speechless. This was the first time he had seen such an arrogant bird. The bird was even more arrogant than his spirit beast.

“Oh, by the way, Ruoxue, the patriarch’s and my spirit beasts are injured. Do you have any way to help?” the first elder asked again while looking at Leng Ruoxue expectantly.

“Are their injuries serious?” Leng Ruoxue asked.

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