Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 208

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Chapter 208: The Dangerous Grief Remedy Forest (3)

“Yes, Miss. Everyone be careful too,” Lin Yuan reminded. They were too weak, and they still found it difficult to breathe even though they had taken detoxification pills.

“Let’s go!” Leng Ruoxue said to Leng Qingtian and the others after she sent Lin Yuan and the others into the bracelet.

Everyone nodded and continued forward.

“Master, there seems to be some sounds coming from over there.” Charm pointed to the right of the forest.

“Big Sister, that’s the territory of the cannibal vines. The cannibal vines must have caught food again,” Inflame explained. He brought her and the others along a very safe route. Poisonous creatures would basically not appear along this path during the day, but other people or beasts might not be so lucky.

“Quill, take a look at what’s going on.”

“Master, it seems to be the Feng family’s first elder!” Quill said uncertainly after scanning the area with his X-ray vision. There were two people entangled by the vines, but he hadn’t seen the other person before.

“What did you say?” Feng Moran was shocked when he heard this. Is the first elder still alive?

“Let’s go take a look!” Leng Ruoxue said understandingly. She believed that Quill wouldn’t be mistaken. Moreover, the first elder was her ally, so it was reasonable and logical for her to take a look.

“Big Sister.” Inflame stood in front of Leng Ruoxue and the others, unwilling to let them go forward.

“Inflame, it’s okay. You have to trust Big Sister,” Leng Ruoxue coaxed. This little fellow could really cause a headache when he became stubborn.

“Alright then. But Big Sister, don’t get too close,” Inflame reminded.

“We will be careful. Let’s go!”

When Leng Ruoxue and the others rushed to the area of the cannibal vines, they saw two people entangled in the vines. One of them was indeed the Feng family’s first elder.

Even though the cannibal vines were entangling them, they were still trying hard to get rid of them. Broken vines lay scattered all over the ground, and there were patches of black stains on the ground.

“First Elder and Grandpa!” Feng Moran couldn’t help exclaiming. He didn’t expect the other person to be his grandfather!

“It’s indeed that brat from the Feng family.” Old Man frowned. These cannibal vines were indeed troublesome! Two Spiritual Supremacies were entangled by them and couldn’t break free.

“Xue’er, what should we do?” Feng Moran looked at Leng Ruoxue in a daze. Even though the Feng family had not been good to him, his hatred for them had long disappeared with their fall. It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t worried at all now that he finally saw his only remaining relatives. But he couldn’t risk the lives of Xue’er and the others. After all, Xue’er was the most important to him.

“Big Brother Feng, don’t worry. We have to think of a good plan.” Leng Ruoxue comforted him and carefully examined the cannibal vines.

Cannibal vines might be called vines, but they were actually large trees. Their branches were made of vines, each as thick as an adult’s arm, and would probably be difficult to cut off with ordinary weapons.

Moreover, cannibal vines should be spirit beasts of the plant system. But their level was very low, and they had yet to develop intelligence, so they relied on their instincts to hunt.

Leng Ruoxue pondered as she looked at the towering tree not far away. If she wasn’t mistaken, the cannibal vines in this area should be branches of this tree. So as long as she destroyed this tree, the cannibal vines shouldn’t be a threat.

“Grandpa, Old Man, Grandpa Lin, please attract the cannibal vine’s attention. Charm and I will go and save them. Big Brother Feng, stay here.” Leng Ruoxue quickly made the arrangements.

“Okay, Xue’er. Be careful,” Leng Qingtian reminded worriedly.

“Xue’er, I’ll go with you.” Feng Moran pulled Leng Ruoxue, who was about to leave, back, his handsome face full of determination.

“Big Brother Feng, cannibal vines are very troublesome. It will be inconvenient if there are too many people, so wait here and be good!” Leng Ruoxue said as if she was coaxing a child.

“Alright. Be careful.” Feng Moran didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Xue’er was treating him like a child.

Leng Ruoxue nodded and gave Leng Qingtian and the others a look. The three old men swaggered over to the cannibal vine, swaying back and forth arrogantly.

The cannibal vine became excited when it found that more food was coming its way. It hurriedly waved its vines and attacked Leng Qingtian and the others…

“General Leng, quickly leave this place!” The first elder hurriedly reminded Leng Qingtian and the others when he saw them.

“First Elder! Stop shouting.” Leng Ruoxue quietly crept to the first elder’s side and whispered.

“Ah! Ruoxue, what are you doing here? Leave this place quickly,” the first elder shouted anxiously.

“To save you, of course,” Leng Ruoxue explained helplessly. Is this old man that shrewd first elder? Why did he become stupid?

“Uh!” The first elder was stunned. He thought that Leng Qingtian and the others had also barged in here by mistake! He didn’t dare to think that they had specially come to save them. When he thought of this, a warm current instantly flowed through his heart. All along, he had always thought that he was experienced, knowledgeable, and had seen countless people. But he realized that he only truly saw the fickleness of human nature and the world after experiencing the upheaval of the family.

Leng Ruoxue took out her sword and slashed fiercely at the arm-thick vines. The vines binding the first elder were broken off with a bang.

Then Leng Ruoxue cut off the vines binding the Feng family patriarch and gave each of them a pill.

The two of them took the pills and swallowed them without hesitation. The injuries and spiritual power in their bodies instantly recovered. They looked at Leng Ruoxue with surprise and gratitude. They were about to say something, but Leng Ruoxue stopped them.

“Leave this place quickly,” Leng Ruoxue reminded.

“Oh, right, right,” the first elder quickly replied. This was indeed not a good place to talk.

“Grandpa, come back!” Leng Ruoxue shook her head when she saw the three people teasing the cannibal vine. She really didn’t know what to do with the three old men. It was so dangerous here, but the three of them were having fun.

“Okay!” The three of them retreated reluctantly.

“Xue’er, shouldn’t we kill this cannibal vine?” Leng Qingtian asked curiously while looking at the shaking vines. This cannibal vine couldn’t do anything to the three of them. Moreover, it was raging when it saw that the food it had caught had also disappeared!

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