Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 126

Chapter 126: The Lecherous Envoy From The Creek of Affinity Mystic Realm (1)

“Take this!” Leng Ruoxue didn’t beat around the bush and directly used ‘Feather of the Fire Phoenix’. A beautiful blazing tail feather flew toward Huo Qing.

Feather of the Fire Phoenix was the upgraded version of Flame Feather, and it was hundreds of times more powerful. But she didn’t unleash her full strength. Otherwise, it would be difficult to say whether Huo Qing would still be alive or not.

Huo Qing looked at the tail feather flying toward him. The little feather looked cute, but he didn’t dare to let his guard down at all. He hurriedly used Fire Cloud Curtain to block the attack. At the same time, he released Blazing Cloud Mountain to attack Leng Ruoxue…

As the giant flame cloud attacked Leng Ruoxue, the tail feather entangled with Huo Qing suddenly changed directions and instead entangled the flame cloud coming toward Leng Ruoxue…

However, because the flame cloud was too big, the small tail feather could easily attack it. But the flame cloud couldn’t capture the naughty little feather…

The audience and the people in the VIP seats looked at the giant flame cloud that seemed to be being teased on the stage, and a few drops of cold sweat dripped down their foreheads uncontrollably. This was really too strange!

At this moment, the little feather on the stage began to spin around the giant flame cloud, and its speed became faster and faster. Then it rapidly rushed inside the flame cloud…

With a ‘bang’, the two clusters of spiritual power exploded in a violent collision!

Since both of them used fire-attribute spiritual power, when the two clusters of spiritual power collided, the resulting explosion shot straight into the sky, illuminating the entire sky red above the stage…

“Ah!” This scene stunned the audience below the stage. T-this is too powerful! Fortunately, a barrier shielded the audience. Otherwise, the explosion would have definitely killed people.

The audience felt the power of the explosion, but what they felt was merely a drop in the ocean.

On the stage, Huo Qing felt the explosion stronger than anyone else. He swallowed the blood that rushed into his throat and stared at Leng Ruoxue in disbelief. Is this her true strength?

“Do you want to continue fighting?” Leng Ruoxue asked indifferently. She knew that Huo Qing had been injured by the spiritual power collision just now. If she were Huo Qing, she would choose to admit defeat. But she wasn’t!

“Please enlighten me!” Huo Qing’s fighting spirit was strong. How could he admit defeat? Although he had lost that move just now, he still wanted to continue fighting. It wasn’t easy to find a strong opponent like Leng Ruoxue.

“Okay!” Since Huo Qing wanted to continue fighting, she would accompany him to the end…

The spiritual power on the stage constantly danced and violently collided from time to time. In addition to the red fire-attribute spiritual power, there were also green wind-attribute spiritual power and light blue water-attribute spiritual power mixed in. The battle between the two of them also shifted from the stage to midair…

All the audience held their breaths and stared at the two of them, afraid of missing a single move…

Amazing! Too amazing!

This is definitely the most exciting battle of the Academy Competition!

This trip was really not in vain!

All the spectators thought in unison.

After a long time, the two of them stopped in unison…

“You are a rare good opponent!” Huo Qing said excitedly. He liked to challenge himself, so he had very high standards for himself and his opponents, and ordinary geniuses were not qualified to be his opponents.

“Likewise.” Leng Ruoxue was also very satisfied with her opponent, Huo Qing. At least, Huo Qing would not feel inferior because his opponent was stronger than him. Instead, he became braver as he fought, becoming stronger when facing a stronger opponent. This was very rare in real battles.

“Although I lost this match, I hope I’ll have a chance to fight you again in the future!” Huo Qing said in high spirits. It wasn’t easy to find a good opponent, so he planned to pester Leng Ruoxue.

Upon hearing this, Leng Ruoxue broke out in a cold sweat. What? Hasn’t he had enough? This Huo Qing is definitely a battle maniac. It was a very scary thing to be entangled by someone like him. Suddenly, Leng Ruoxue felt a little regretful, regretting not using her full strength just now…

“Referee, I lost!” Huo Qing took the initiative to say to the referee.

The referee hiding in the distance nodded and then walked to the center of the stage with lingering fear.

“Leng Ruoxue wins!” the referee shouted. Heavens! The strength of these two people is too terrifying.

In this way, Leng Ruoxue became the champion of the Academy Competition with a perfect record. Ye Chen was second, and Huo Qing only came in third.

After the individual competition was over, the Academy Competition came to an end, and the ranking of the top ten academies was officially announced.

The Heavenly Phoenix Academy won the Academy Competition with absolute superiority. The Rising Dragon Academy was second, the Lunar Shadow Academy was third, the Flying Bird Academy was fourth, and the Land Shine Academy was fifth.

In the Academy Competition this time, the academies in the top ten also won spots to enter the Creek of Affinity Mystic Realm.

There were a total of 200 spots to enter the Creek of Affinity Mystic Realm, of which:

First place, the Heavenly Phoenix Academy, had 50 spots.

Second place, the Rising Dragon Academy, had 40 spots.

Third place, the Lunar Shadow Academy, had 30 spots.

Fourth and fifth places, the Flying Bird Academy and the Land Shine Academy, each had 15 spots.

The sixth to tenth places each had 10 spots.

“Everyone, please calm down. The most exciting moment is coming. Next, let’s welcome the envoy from the Creek of Affinity Mystic Realm to the stage to present the awards to the winners!” After the host announced the names of the winners, the award ceremony began.

As representatives of the various academies, Leng Ruoxue and the others waited on the stage.

“What thing is an envoy from the Creek of Affinity Mystic Realm?” Leng Ruoxue asked Freak beside her curiously. The Creek of Affinity Mystic Realm hasn’t even appeared yet, yet an envoy is here. How boring.

“This uncle is not a thing!” A childish voice rang in their ears before Freak could say anything.

A palm-sized ball of purple light appeared on the stage. The ball of light seemed to be glaring angrily at Leng Ruoxue while circling around her.