Super Gene - Chapter 3426

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Chapter 3426: Good Relationship with People

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Boom! Boom!

The 16 battlegrounds had invisible barriers blocking fighters and keeping them contained in their own arenas. After the fight ended, the invisible barriers of the two arenas crumbled away. The winners of the two arenas would then have to keep on fighting to which would reach the top eight.

The whole of the geno tablet’s fight was like that. No one was given time for a break. When the fights in the two battlegrounds ended, there was a new fight. This process would keep going until one person was left standing.

Han Sen had to wait around for a while before his invisible barrier came falling down. The place he could not see was no longer blocked though.

“Who is my second opponent? I hope it is Qin Xiu,” Han Sen thought. He then looked in the new direction.. What he saw there, however, gave him quite a nasty shock.

“Han Sen.” When Wang Yuhang saw Han Sen, he was shocked and laughed right after.

“This is terrible.” Han Sen went over to Wang Yuhang and gave him a wry smile.

The chances of this encounter were not very high, yet they had ended up in competition with each other. Clearly, this was nothing good. This meant one of them would now have to lose.

In Space Garden, Lin Feng, Huangfu Jing, and the others watched Han Sen encounter Wang Yuhang. After they saw this, they were very sad to see it. Since this had happened, there was nothing they could do to change it.

“Two humans are competing against each other. This is going to be a lot of fun. Which of the pair do you think is stronger?”

“Of course, it is Wang Yuhang. That metal leader he brought down only needed one-half of a step to max out its Break World rate, yet before Wang Yuhang, it was willing to kneel and kill himself. How scary is that power, huh? That Han Sen played tricks in his first fight. The first fight was nothing but a phony. Now that he really has to fight, I bet it is Wang Yuhang who takes him out with the trash.”

“I do not know if Han Sen faked his fight, but that Wang Yuhang is very strong. There is no doubt about that. The tin can he took out was one of the four primary kings of the God Chaos Party. He made it twist its own head off and die. Who in the world can have that effect on anyone? Can anyone else in the universe do such a thing?”

Most humans in the universe of kingdoms believed Wang Yuhang was stronger than Han Sen. They thought Wang Yuhang would win.

The people of the geno universe did not think of things the same way though. They understood the connection between Han Sen and Wang Yuhang a whole lot more.

“Wang Yuhang has encountered Han Sen! Maybe this is a good thing. This can allow Han Sen to have a decent break, refresh himself, and get ready for competing in the top eight fights while he is in the best shape possible.”

“It is a crying shame. Wang Yuhang and Dollar are both so strong. They should not have encountered each other so soon.”

“It is a shame Wang Yuhang encountered him. His powers are so scary and weird, but Mister Dollar is there now. Out of simple respect, he should let Mister Dollar win. I think only Mister Dollar can defeat Qin Xiu.”

The two universes had a reverse opinion regarding this, and they were all watching the geno tablet fights. Not many people turned their attention to Qin Xiu’s battles.

It was not as if they did not want to see Qin Xiu fight. It was just pointless for them to watch Qin Xiu do battle. No one was ever able to block Qin Xiu’s palm.

In the fight, Wang Yuhang rubbed his face and said, “OK, I can help you advance to the next stage. I have fulfilled the obligations of my mission, so I leave the rest for you to handle.”

After Wang Yuhang said that, the universe of kingdoms fell into a state of shock. The Wang Yuhang they all supported was going to concede and throw in the towel.

“Why is this happening? Wang Yuhang is stronger. Why is he giving Han Sen the chance of victory?”

“They are both humans. Do they not believe in survival of the fittest? The stronger one should be the one to advance.”

“It seems Han Sen has some good friends. He has been able to encounter people he knows in both of his matches, but without real power, he won’t get much further. I do not believe he will encounter another friend out of the top eight.”

In the seven kingdoms, many people felt bad for Wang Yuhang. They felt sorry for him. After all, when Wang Yuhang defeated the metal leader, it was such a shocking victory for them to witness.

On the flip side, all of the creatures in the geno universe thought this was meant to be. Dollar was the stronger of the two, and he should have been the one to continue. Wang Yuhang’s decision was not surprising in this regard.

“Don’t go.” Han Sen tugged at Wang Yuhang and said, “There is no rush. Perhaps we should chat for a bit.”

“Chat?” The creatures that watched this fight were shocked. They knew something, and they looked weird.

In the universe of kingdoms, the nobles who did not like Han Sen were shouting.

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“This Han Sen is the God of Wealth, yet he is so obscene! It is OK for him to let his friend concede, but he wants him to wait around just so he can have a break. He is utterly shameless!”

“He is not just shameless! He is obscene! The last fight was a phony. He did not use any powers, so why must he take a break now? This is obscene.”

“What?” Wang Yuhang looked at Han Sen with a fair amount of confusion.

In fact, when he fought the metal leader, he had used up a whole lot of his energy. He did not want to fight either. It was good for him to meet Han Sen. It was a nice break for both of them.

“Watch Space Garden for me,” Han Sen whispered into Wang Yuhang’s ear. “I am afraid Qin Xiu has a few tricks up his sleeve.”

He was not worried about himself. He was worried about his family.

“I will not guarantee you it will remain absolutely safe, but if that Qin Xiu does have some tricks left to play, for as long as I live, no harm will come to the people of Space Garden.”

After some hesitation, Han Sen said, “OK. I will let you handle all of that. If… I say if… If you cannot do it, tell Little Gold Gold I will let him use his power.

“I understand. If it is not necessary to, I will not wake up that guy.” Wang Yuhang nodded. He knew that Little Gold Gold’s body was weird.

When the disaster with the Break World beasts unfolded, Little Gold Gold opened his golden door. Wang Yuhang did not know what lay behind that golden door, but he knew it had to be something scary.

The golden door had never been opened completely, yet the Break World beasts were still completely destroyed by Little Gold Gold. Everything within a few thousand miles of the ajar door was completely destroyed.

Fortunately, Little Gold Gold lived far away from the base. If he didn’t, the base and all the people that occupied it would have been wiped out.

Ever since Han Sen told Little Gold Gold he was not allowed to open the golden door freely. That casual attack of his was far too scary. Little Gold Gold always listened to Han Sen. If he was told not to use it, even if people were going to kill him, he would still not use the golden door.

After Han Sen explained, he fell back and said, “OK. You can leave now.”

“I will let you handle this. Get rid of that asshole Qin Xiu, would you? And bring the black-haired Wan’er back.” Wang Yuhang patted Han Sen on the shoulder. He then conceded and left the battleground.

Many people saw Han Sen level up easily and felt bad about it. That was especially true of the people in the seven kingdoms. People there already hated Han Sen, so they were now sounding extra bitter and cold.

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