Super Gene - Chapter 3285

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Chapter 3285 Getting a Spirit


The sword light was destroyed. After its destruction, a bloody mist appeared in its absence. But that also faded away, as did the presence of Han Sen and the two Zhao sisters. They were all gone.

The many scary creatures of the 33 skies were shocked. Qin Xiu’s sword was frightening. How could anyone not be afraid of that?

Although Han Sen was someone capable of defeating Bury Path God, he could not block Qin Xiu’s sword light. And this made Bury Path God and the other God Chaos Party members look ashen.

In an old tower, Qin Xiu’s eyes looked a little weird as he said, “He broke the sword light. This man is interesting. It looks like the black crystal armor chose to hide inside him for a reason.”

Suddenly, Qin Xiu looked as if he was in pain. His body started to shake as he tried to handle the pain. He stood where he was for quite some time.

“He’s trying to get control back. It’s a shame that the things in my hands cannot be reclaimed and controlled by others.” Qin Xiu looked very tough. He let the pain spread, but he never moved.

On a small, nameless planet, Zhao Ning’er was looking more than a little pale. Her white clothes were dyed red.

“Sister, are you okay?” Zhao Qiu Yi scrambled over to get a look at Zhao Ning’er and asked about how she was faring. A worried look was scrawled harshly across her face.

“I am fine.” Zhao Ning’er shook her head. She turned to look at a shadow that was inside the cave along with them.

She was not all that injured. Her wounds were superficial. They paled in comparison to the injuries of the person who was beside her in the cave. Compared to his wounds, her injuries were practically nothing.

Zhao Qiu Yi peered at Han Sen with profound worry. Her worry was immense due to the state he was in compared to her sister. His condition was very poor. After seeing him, there was nothing short of what one might call scary.

Han Sen’s arms looked like they had exploded. He had massive wounds everywhere. His body was like an open pomegranate. The only good thing about it was the fact that Han Sen’s blood was crystallized. It was frozen inside his veins, refusing to come out.

“Is he still alive?” Zhao Qiu Yi looked at his body, unaware of what she should do. Any other person who had been hit like that would have died a million times over by now. He didn’t look alive.

“I think he is still alive.” Zhao Ning’er was not so sure. There was not one speck of Han Sen’s body that looked fine. Even all of his organs were injured. It was like he had been blown up. No organs were running normally inside his body.

But Han Sen’s presence had not faded away. Aside from that, he looked like a dead man.

A white half-burned candle was burning on Han Sen’s head. If Zhao Ning’er and Zhao Qiu Yi moved closer to Han Sen or the white candle, their minds got messed up. Not even Zhao Ning’er could get close. They did not know what that half-burned candle would do.

Zhao Ning’er knew the half-burned candle had flown out of Han Sen’s body. Since it was something that belonged to Han Sen, they did not think too much of it.

They could not see how scary the candle was. Otherwise, they would not have dared to stand where they were.

The half-burned candle was on Han Sen’s forehead. The flame was like a ghostly blue fire. It was like countless souls were crying in the fire.

In the Qin Kingdom, people only knew this half-burned candle was called Mirror Moon. It was able to revive people. They did not know that the candle required souls to burn.

Where Mirror Moon was, if a creature died, their souls would be attracted by the fire. They would not go to the geno hall to be reborn. They vanished from the world.

Mirror Moon’s appearance there was not going to help Han Sen. It had no connection to him. To the candle, Han Sen was just any other creature. He might as well have been a dog or a cat. Mirror Moon would not distinguish the two. It was just for storing food.

Mirror Moon flew out on its own because it felt Han Sen’s soul leaving his body. That was why it had flown out. It was waiting for the soul to be sucked into the light.

The soul had no form or texture. It was lighter than anything in that world. When a spirit left its body, it flew out. It would float into the geno hall.

The universe did not have a difference between high and low or left and right, but the direction of the geno hall was up when it came to spirits.

When people had a weak life force, their souls lost power and would start to ascend.

Han Sen’s life force was very low and had reached that point. He was practically a dead man. Despite that, his soul did not leave his body.

Mirror Moon was waiting for Han Sen’s soul to leave, but it did not.

Mirror Moon was confused by this. Its fire kept waving. It was trying to draw Han Sen’s soul out of the lifeless body.

Usually, Mirror Moon would not do this. That was because spirits were everywhere in the world. It did not need to do it. It did not need to steal souls from a living creature.

In the universe, creatures could die any second. Countless numbers of souls could be used at all times. But Han Sen’s soul was very enticing for Mirror Moon.

His body was obviously dead, but his soul had yet to rise up. The Mirror Moon candle’s flame blazed brighter. It had a weird blue color. It attracted a lot of souls. It was trying to take Han Sen’s soul.

If Zhao Ning’er and Zhao Qiu Yi could see souls, they would notice the souls around the planet were going into the candle’s fire like the tide of the sea. Many souls were being sucked into the fire to burn. Crying noises were made, the likes of which could make people’s teeth chatter.

But they did not see anything. They only felt the cold of the cave give them goosebumps. The temperature of the cave, however, was not cold.

No matter how much the Mirror Moon candle exploded and spirits from another system came, Han Sen’s soul did not move.

Mirror Moon was so confused by this. It had lived for a billion years, but it had not experienced this before. All creatures or spirits were beings of freedom. When they lost their life force, they would leave their own bodies. Han Sen’s body no longer had a life force. Why his body did not ascend was a mystery Mirror Moon was unable to grasp.

Mirror Moon was not human. It did not have emotions as humans did. It would not be curious about why that was, but it felt Han Sen’s spirit would help it. Because Mirror Moon could not attract Han Sen’s soul, it went to Han Sen.

It had never taken a soul from a living thing before, but Han Sen did not seem to be alive. So Mirror Moon wanted to try and take his soul.

The candle landed atop Han Sen’s forehead. It was bloody. His skull was cracked. One could see thick brain juice inside it.

After the candle was on it, there was a sizzling sound. It was like skin getting burned by metal.

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