Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 723

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Chapter 723: Accepting the Challenge

It was clear that the God Race was no longer willing to see the Moonward Clan and the Skywing Clan continue their fight, but they also had no means of stopping their enmity. The Skywings had already spoken; the Law Realm had to choose between them and the Moonwards. The two could not coexist. No matter what, one of these two clans had to withdraw from White Horse Constellation and the entire Law Realm.

Considering the stubbornness of the Skywings, the leaders of the God Race had been forced to compromise. They had the two people involved in the incident and the Law Overlords of the clans fight in a three-versus-three contest, with the winner being declared king.

Both sides had two Law Overlords, and the two involved individuals were Xia Fei and Yu Hua. Each side had two Law Overlords and one Law Emperor, so it seemed fair, but it was actually hiding an extreme injustice.

Xia Fei had already seen with his own eyes that Golcen Ward had a special technique that could fuse two law powers into his body, allowing him to double his power for a short time! This was a level 5 Law Overlord, and his rank was far above any warrior of the Skywing Clan. While the Skywings had their Wing Slaughter Formation and wolfpack tactics, in a one-on-one duel, none of them could beat Golcen Ward.

As Xia Fei was thinking of this, Golcen Ward suddenly asked, “Why hold it one month later? Why not fight right now?!”

His eyes were brimming with killing intent. Golcen Ward knew that his side had the absolute advantage, so he was anxious to have the fight early, afraid that the one month delay would cause more problems to crop up.

Xia Buyun was unmoved. His left hand hidden in his sleeve lightly touched a communication device. He seemed to be listening to a voice from that ancestor in the distant God Race.

All this seemed like a storm of White Horse Constellation, when in reality, this turmoil had spread all the way to the apex of the universe, pulling on the nerves of countless experts. The Skywings’ patriarch in White Horse Constellation no longer had the power to decide things. Everything depended on the will of their grand ancestor.

Kuzan Feng coldly snorted. “I’ve already said this before: It’s the decision from those up there. If your Moonward Clan isn’t happy about it, you can go up there and ask. Why ask me?!”

Golcen Ward was swiftly silenced, his face turning white. He once more angrily glanced at Xia Fei. Golcen Ward loathed this young man who had injured his brother and who had started all this trouble.

Yu Hua, on the other hand, felt very helpless. In the blink of an eye, Xia Fei had entered the Skywing Clan while he had become the only lowly individual among those present. He could only allow his fate to be decided by others.

Smiling, Xia Buyun took his hand out of his sleeve, a look of inexplicable relaxation on his face. “The Skywings agree to the solution proposed by those above.”

Xia Tian was taken aback, and then he frowned. Even a fool could see that this solution was unfavorable to them. This match was not fair. Putting aside that he and Xia Buyun were weaker than the Ward siblings, Xia Fei had just returned to the clan and had yet to master the supreme Law of Speed. Even with one month of preparation, they would be unable to close the gap. While they could put all their strength into preparing for this battle, so could the Moonwards. What sort of reason had caused the grand ancestor to agree to this unfair match?

Golcen Ward glared at the Skywings and then declared, “The Moonward Clan also agree!”

Kuzan Feng felt like he had been relieved of a great burden. He gave a light nod. “Since it’s decided, High Water Pavilion will not keep you gentlemen. One month later, I will send people over to invite all of you.

“However, I must inform you that knowledge of this matter is to be restricted to only the people present. If this news gets out, those above will investigate, and then it won’t be a problem that I, Kuzan Feng, can help you solve.”

Everyone nodded, agreeing to keep this matter a secret. After all, this match would decide the fates of two mighty clans in the Law Realm. If word got out, it would probably throw the entire White Horse Constellation into turmoil.

Xia Fei worriedly emerged from the living room. He was not a member of the Skywings, so he needed to find a chance to explain things with Xia Buyun. Alas, the people of the Xia family were incredibly impatient and passionate, so they had never given him a chance to explain.

“Brother Xia Fei!”

Xia Fei raised his head and saw two people of about similar age to him, one fat and one thin, standing at the side. They were Zanian Feng and Wolf Shunye, the sons of the Dragon Ascension’s Feng family and Cruelwolf Clan, two of the few friends he had made in White Horse Constellation.

Xia Buyun said without turning his head, “I will give you ten minutes to chat. Meet me in Galewind Garden.”

Xia Buyun and Xia Tian departed with Guli.

Xia Fei hastily stepped forward and bowed to Zanian Feng and Wolf Shunye. “My gratitude is beyond description. Xia Fei must thank the two of you for your assistance, or else I may still be hiding in some unknown corner of the universe.”

Xia Fei had already learned what the two of them had done through the reports from Hyacinth and Moon Song of inciting the hooligans residing in White Horse Constellation to cause trouble on the streets. Zanian Feng and Gigawolf did much better than Xia Fei had imagined. In this Law Realm, where friendships were shallow, the enormous assistance they had provided was proof that they were worth trusting.

Wolf Shunye happily laughed and heavily patted him on the shoulder several times. “You must have had a hard time hiding it from me and Zanian! Since you’re a Skywing, why didn’t you say so earlier instead of having to endure all that nauseating treatment? Still, I’ve had my horizons broadened. Really, your Xia family is really too vicious, even more vicious than the legends! Just like that, they flattened the two gardens of the Moonward Clan! Not even my Wolf family can compare to that temper. All the old folk back at home are sighing and moaning! I’ve never seen them this nervous before!”

Wolf Shunye spoke with great exaggeration, a look of lingering fear on his face. It was clear that he had been shaken by the Skywings’ resolve to kill.

Zanian Feng bitterly smiled. He had once thought that helping Xia Fei would leave the latter so grateful he would be willing to serve as right hand. After all, Zanian Feng would inherit Dragon Ascension one day, but he did not have a trusted aide like Busey for his father.

Alas, he had not calculated that Xia Fei would be a member of the mighty Skywings. Recruiting a Skywing to his side? This was a ridiculous notion. After all, the Skywings were comparable to Dragon Ascension.

Xia Fei was very sincere, thanking Zanian Feng and Wolf Shunye once more.

There were few people in the universe who would send coal in the middle of a snowstorm. They knew that Xia Fei was just a minor character, but they had still been willing to put in so much effort. This was a friendship that was hard to find. Of course, Xia Fei did not know that Zanian Feng had ulterior motives. Personal benefit reigned supreme in the Law Realm; there were not many oddballs like Wolf Shunye. In fact, Wolf Shunye had even been pushed out of the succession of the Cruelwolf Clan because of his personality.

Sighing, Zanian Feng said, “In truth, Miss Fuping of the Withered Mu Clan also put in a lot of work. Gigawolf and I are on good terms with you, so we only did what’s expected of us, and there’s no need to thank us twice, but you should be thinking about how to repay Miss Fuping. For you, she even mobilized that old monster in her family.

Wolf Shunye became excited and burst into laughter. “I know, right? Since you’re a Skywing, you’ve got a comparable background to the Mu Clan. In my view, while Mu Fuping is a little wilful, there’s nothing bad about her. You might as well accept her.”

Xia Fei was speechless. ‘You’re just putting people together like that?’ Wolf Shunye’s habit of randomly matching people left Xia Fei very uncomfortable.

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While Xia Fei remained in High Water Pavilion to talk with Zanian Feng and Wolf Shunye, Xia Buyun and Xia Tian, the two Law Overlords of the Skywing Clan, had already returned to Galewind Garden.

The elites of the Xia family were anxiously awaiting the news, preparing to return to Cherry Garden and flatten it on their patriarch’s order. However, Xia Buyun simply told them to wait in Galewind Garden for orders.

The Skywing elites were unhappy to hear that they were not fighting, but none of them objected. All of them knew that their opponent was one of the Nine Great Clans, so the pressure from above must be enormous. The Skywings needed to be more united than ever so that they did not give more trouble to their grand ancestor. They also believed that the rules of the Skywing Clan would never be broken, so there must be a reason for this temporary pause.

“Wuye, I must trouble you to stay in the Galewind Garden during all this,” Xia Buyun very politely said.

Guli hastily nodded in agreement. If the grand ancestor had not been worried about him and his wanted status, the Moonward Clan might have already been driven out of White Horse Constellation. He naturally needed to obey the patriarch’s orders at this time.

After soothing the clan elites, Xia Buyun and Xia Tian entered one of the Galewind Garden’s studies and closed the door to talk.

“Patriarch, what does the grand ancestor want? Our clan clearly had the upper hand, so drawing back our hand at this time did us no good. Moreover, we’re not completely guaranteed to win this three on three,” Xia Tian gravely said.

Xia Buyun gave a slight nod. “You’re right. The grand ancestor has considered all this, but we don’t know what happened in the God Race. I speculate that those above must have applied enormous pressure on the grand ancestor. Remember that Wuye is a criminal, and from what the grand ancestor said, his crimes are heavy. If we want to protect Wuye, this is the only option, or else we’ll be fighting against those above.”

Xia Tian was taken aback. He muttered, “So you’re saying that we must take this risk to protect Wuye? If we can convince the Moonward Clan that they’ve thoroughly lost, the God Race won’t have anything to say?”

Xia Buyun sternly replied, “Exactly. The grand ancestor wants us to work harder in protecting Wuye no matter what, even if we’re slightly disadvantaged in this three on three.”

Xia Tian immediately swelled with heroism. While Guli did not have the surname Xia, he was still part of the Skywings. To convince the masses, they needed to use the power of the Skywings to shut everyone up!

Xia Buyun paused before continuing, “Starting today, the two of us need to enter seclusion and prepare for the battle in one month’s time.”

“What about Xia Fei?” asked Xia Tian.

Xia Buyun chuckled. “Have him go to Windrider Pavilion and learn from Grandpa Laoshi for a month. A spear polished for battle may not be sharp, but it will still shine. When the time comes, it will still mostly depend on the two of us, but Xia Fei’s cultivation can’t fall too far behind. Since he’s able to strike back against Ulcen Ward single-handedly, he may be able to lend us a hand.”

Xia Tian was surprised. “Learn from Grandpa Laoshi? Can he take it?”

“Do you have a better idea?” Xia Buyun countered.

Xia Tian shook his head, a fearful look on his face. It seemed like this old man called Xia Laoshi had left some psychological trauma on Law Overlord Xia Tian, for the mere mention of this name had Xia Tian sighing.

“I guess it’s the only way. Whether this is a blessing or misfortune will depend on Xia Fei’s luck,” Xia Tian said with a shrug of his shoulders.

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