Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 97 - Brock’s Blessing and an Unexpected Offer

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Chapter 97: Brock’s Blessing and an Unexpected Offer

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It would require almost 10,000 credits to purchase all of Tony Stark’s abilities, which was more than what Luke currently had.

As for whether or not a spell of misfortune would hit Tony Stark, Luke didn’t think that the man could be unlucky if he was destiny’s son.

In this world, superheros were as unlikely to die as supervillains. That was because they had great “fortune.”

Everything went smoothly in the next three days.

Tony Stark didn’t approach Selina again.

Luke seized the opportunity to harvest more experience and credit points.

People parked their cars haphazardly, got into street fights, or tried to sneak into the meeting hall – Luke easily got experience and credit off them.

It wasn’t bad to earn thirty credits every day, and his greatest reward was from catching an armed hitman.

He caught the hitman thanks to the Sharp Nose that he had recently acquired.

At that time, Luke had smelled gun oil and gunpowder. While there were traces of it inside, it was coming from outside the meeting hall. So, it couldn’t be from the security team.

Following the smell, Luke had locked onto the hitman before the latter saw him. Approaching the man, he had found a UZI on him.

The hitman had definitely been onto something big. Weapons like these were small but powerful at close range, and a favorite of terrorists.

Luke got 50 experience and credit points for capturing the hitman on his own.

Then, things went back to normal.

Brock still disgusted them with his petty tricks, but they spent most of their time outside the police department since they had cases to work on.

Luke got 30 to 50 experience and credit points each day by actively helping people out.

The only problem was that a lot of police officers started whispering about how the two newly-promoted detectives of the Major Crimes Division were stealing their work every day.

Ultimately, however, the officers were fine with that.

They could always use more help, as there were always countless numbers of petty cases in the city.

Brock, on the other hand, became even more infamous.

Anyone who wasn’t an idiot knew that he was deliberately giving the newcomers a hard time.

There was little Brock could do about the situation.

He didn’t pay Luke and Selina any attention, because he was in big trouble himself.

But very soon, Brock got a piece of good news.

That day, Luke and Selina were summoned to Brock’s office as soon as they got to the police station.

They entered, only to see Brock smiling.

After they sat down, Brock casually asked how things were going with their work.

Luke secretly chuckled. Do you really not know how things are going?

In the end, when Brock saw them off, he said, “I’ve always thought highly of you, and I won’t stand in your way of a brighter future.”

Luke and Selina returned to their desks, both confused.

Brock had always been sleazy. Why was he being so friendly and supportive today?

Something was wrong! Something was seriously wrong!

Soon, Thomas called them and had them come to his office.

Thomas put his pen down when they arrived.

He was personally satisfied with Luke and Selina.

They were capable and obedient.

Thomas knew exactly what Brock had done and how Luke and Selina had reacted.

He thought even more highly of them after that.

Luke and Selina were worth grooming more than Brock, who was petty and too focused on office politics. However…

He walked out from behind his table and leaned against it, before he asked casually, “How are things going with work?”

Luke and Selina were at a loss. Why are you both asking the same question? Do you really not know the situation?

But they could only say that things were fine.

After some chit-chat, Thomas suddenly asked, “Do you know Tony Stark?”

Stumped for a moment, Luke answered, “We met him when we were on security detail at the meeting hall a few days ago.”

Thomas immediately understood. “The day before yesterday, LAPD sent me an offer to say that they’ve accepted the both of you.”

Luke and Selina were astounded. “Huh?”

From their expressions, Thomas knew that they hadn’t seen this coming.

Luke and Selina were puzzled.

It was obvious that someone had pulled strings for them to come to Westside Houston Police Department.

Otherwise, Luke would have had to go to a police school and learn the necessary knowledge. Then, he would have to pass HPD’s test before he was hired as a police officer.

It was thanks to Robert that they were able to come to Westside Houston Police Department.

But why was the Los Angeles Police Department recruiting them? Was this a joke?

They had never applied for a post there, nor were they qualified to. Why did LAPD want someone from HPD?

Luke thought of Thomas’s mention of Tony Stark, and realized something.

It had to be the work of that playboy.

For the boss of a major LA corporation, was it a problem for him to send two people to the police department there?

No agency was completely impartial and devoid of corruption.

This was highly unconventional, but with Tony Stark’s wealth and power, it wasn’t impossible.

Luke remembered Skye from S.H.I.E.L.D.. She had been able to join S.H.I.E.L.D. only because Coulson liked her.

What Skye did violated multiple laws in the United States. Her background wasn’t clean, either.

Did S.H.I.E.L.D. have a sloppier vetting system than the police?

Of course not! But since Coulson had been partial toward Skye, the rules and regulations could be temporarily ignored.

Thomas looked at them and said, “What do you think?”

Luke quickly shook his head. “I don’t want to go.”

Selina also shook her head. “Me neither.”

With a subtle look on his face, Thomas finally said, “What if I encourage you to accept this offer?”

Luke and Selina were stunned. What was the meaning of this?

Thomas thought for a moment before he said, “I can promise you that you’re free to return to Houston whenever you want if you don’t like the job there.”

After a brief silence, Luke said, “I’ll have to get my family’s input.”

Thomas immediately got a headache. That was Robert! He really didn’t want to squabble with him.

He looked at Selina and said, “You can get back to work now, Selina.”

Selina nodded and quickly left the office.

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