Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 96 - Extra Meal and Pleasant Surprise

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Chapter 96: Extra Meal and Pleasant Surprise

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Tony Stark’s expression was awful as Luke and Selina moved further and further away.

The security cars also arrived. One of the bodyguards asked him what he wanted to do.

Tony Stark said sulkily, “I’ll return in your car. You can take care of this fender bender.”

He stopped chasing Luke and Selina.

Given how rich he was, hitting another car wasn’t a big deal, but it was depressing that Luke had outsmarted him.

Of course, he didn’t really want to get back at Luke. He was only bummed at being set up.

Despite all his quirks and problems, Tony Stark was, in the end, on the side of justice.

It would be beneath him to deal with a young police officer over a petty quarrel.

Luke was quite certain of Tony’s sense of pride.

After Tony Stark switched cars, he rolled his eyes and thought of something just as Luke and Selina disappeared in the distance.

Luke and Selina were crammed together on the bike. Selina chuckled. “Do you hate him?”

Luke smiled. “Not exactly, but… he’s not very likable for a guy. Most women like him for his money and not who he is, too.”

Selina couldn’t argue with that.

She was a fan of muscles. Given how he indulged himself, there was no way Tony Stark could have an eight pack.

She had agreed to dinner mostly because she had been interested in the free Xochi meal.

During their conversation at dinner, she discovered that Tony Stark was actually good at charming women. She probably wouldn’t have been able to resist the temptation if their backgrounds hadn’t been so different.

If she were a big city star, it was possible that she might not have returned home tonight.

Luke changed the topic. “How was your favorite Xochi?”

Selina said, “The food’s marvelous! But it wasn’t enough. I think I’m only half full.”

Luke chuckled. “Do you want something else?”

Selina asked, “What’s available? Bread or sandwiches?”

Luke said, “A specialty from China. Do you want it?”

Selina said, “Yes.”

Half an hour later, they returned to their apartment. Selina rubbed her bottom. “Couldn’t you have called a taxi? My butt feels like it’s falling apart.”

Luke rolled his eyes. Weren’t everyone’s butts made out of two parts, anyway? It would be weird if they weren’t.

Luke walked into the kitchen. He fried two eggs and cut a few slices of ham.

He then placed the pot on the induction stove and added water to it. Once the water was boiling, he put the noodles and seasoning in.

He didn’t like noodles that were too soft, so he didn’t boil them for too long.

He poured the noodles and soup into two bowls and put the ham slices and fried eggs on top. Then, he gave a fork to Selina and got a pair of chopsticks for himself.

Selina was drooling like crazy when they sat down at the dinner table.

She swallowed and asked, “What’s this? Why am I drooling?”

Luke chuckled. “Secret instant noodles from China.” Why was she drooling? Because of the special sour flavor of the noodles.

Seeing how much in a hurry Selina was, Luke reminded her, “Slow down. It’s hot.”

However, Selina had already cried out from the burn. “Ah!”

Thanks to Luke’s timely reminder, she hadn’t eaten the noodles yet, and had only burned her lips.

Covering her lips for a while, Selina said, “I think my lips are swollen.”

Luke glanced at her red lips and said, “They’re fine, you’re imagining it.”

Blowing on the noodles as she ate them, it only took Selina ten minutes to finish the noodles as well as the soup.

“Wow, the noodles are so delicious. Make them for me next time, Luke,” said Selina in satisfaction as she collapsed on the couch.

Luke said, “It’s very simple to make. I’ll buy more and put them in the fridge. But don’t have them too often. It can be bad for your health.”

Selina said, “Okay, I’ll definitely be careful.”

Luke grinned at the woman who was like a piglet and washed the dishes himself.

Selina had helped him a lot today.

As he washed the dishes, Luke read the system notifications.

System: You have defeated Tony Stark and received a list of his abilities.


Why had he defeated Tony Stark? Because Stark had said that he would take Selina out on a date and then sleep with her, and Luke had said that he wouldn’t succeed.

Now that Selina was already home, it was naturally impossible for Tony Stark to sleep with her.

The system had ruled Luke the victor.

Luke continued reading the system notifications with delight.

Tony Stark’s abilities: Elementary Craft, Elementary Repairs, Elementary Electronic Development, Elementary A.I. Development, and so on

There were plenty of regular abilities on the list that cost 1,000 credits, which suggested that Tony Stark was a genius who deserved his fame.

Only a few of the abilities cost 100 credits; most cost 500 and more. The four elementary abilities all cost 1,000.

Luke was stunned. How was it that he could learn Tony Stark’s abilities for just 1,000 credits?

After washing the dishes, Luke returned to the living room and mulled it over on the couch.

What was the difference between Tony and everyone else?

Perhaps… it was the fact that he was the son of destiny.

Based on the spoilers about the Avengers that Luke had heard before, Tony Stark truly was a cheat, and so was Captain America.

They definitely had hacks.

They might be human, but they could fight any enemy. Luke knew about the fight with Thanos.

He didn’t know what the outcome had been in his last life, but regular people might not have the courage to resist Thanos, let alone fight him.

Yet Tony Stark and Captain America had been brave enough to do so, and had probably won.

What else did that prove other than that fate favored them?

Thinking that, Luke believed that people like Tony Stark had so much “fortune” that Luke could learn much better abilities as long as he defeated them once.

Of course, that was only his speculation.

He could try making another bet with this playboy, not for his abilities, but to confirm his theory.

Luke didn’t underestimate Tony Stark’s abilities. Once he leveled up, those abilities would be very helpful.

Unless he and Tony Stark became allies, those abilities would come in handy one day.

Luke reluctantly set aside the abilities and didn’t purchase any of them.

He had to figure out how to make use of them before he learned any of them.

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