Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Make Me Happy

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On the other hand, this cat rescue mission had also revealed a particular piece of information.

Luke didn’t necessarily need the system to issue a mission first before he could start earning experience points.

That was likely related to the fact that he was legally already a police officer.

After all, he had also done many good deeds before this, and this wasn’t his first time helping Granny Lucy catch the naughty cat. However, the system had never given him a reward.

From that, Luke deduced that only after becoming a police officer would he start to level up.

That was right: this was a system that centered around leveling up in practice.

Different from games where people leveled up by killing monsters, he would level up through police work.

In games, the missions would reward him with experience points, but when he killed monsters, experience points would also be rewarded.

Likewise, helping a granny catch her cat was the same as killing monsters in a game: the system wouldn’t issue a special mission for each deed, but after he completed one such deed, he would automatically receive experience and credit points.

With that, leveling up wouldn’t be as difficult as Luke had imagined.

Different from the systems in novels where one could only earn experience points through missions, his system was most likely focused on the daily life of a police officer.

Helping a granny catch a cat was an extremely minor deed, on par with killing a chicken around the newbie village in a game. That was why he had only earned two experience and credit points.

What if he did something else?

In the United States, the police force had an extremely wide job scope.

From traffic control and neighborhood disputes to accidents and crime, everything was part of police work.

In a larger city, the police force was split into different departments such as crime investigation, narcotics, and so on. But here in this small town, Robert was in charge of everything, and there was no strict separation of jurisdictions for the officers under him.

Because of that, even as a brand new police officer, Luke would have the chance to become involved in cases at a much higher level than a cat rescue. He would definitely obtain much more than two sad experience and credit points from cases like those.

Filled with excitement, Luke rode his bicycle slowly and arrived at Martha’s house.

Martha came from a fairly wealthy family; her father was involved in the wholesale of meat products and supplied several major players in the surrounding large cities. He definitely had one of the highest incomes in this town.

Because of that, Martha’s house was very big, even among other houses in Texas that were already generally of a larger size.

Her house had three floors, and the building was close to 1,000 square meters in size. Behind and in front of the house was grassland big enough to be a soccer field. There was also a garden which had several large trees in it, adding to the beauty of the estate.

There was also a swimming pool behind the house that was 50 by 20 meters in size. For a family of three, this swimming pool was incredibly large.

Luke arrived at 6.45pm; not too early but not too late either.

Of course, there were definitely other people from school who had arrived much earlier.

For parties like this, one could come so long as someone who had been invited brought them in. Or one could even take part just by sneaking in.

But most of the time, only senior high students from their school would come. There was also the occasional middle school girl or two who seemed to have matured a tad too early.

Yes, middle schoolers.

Given the size of the crowd at a party like this, nobody could be bothered about a few middle schoolers in their midst.

But of course, the prerequisite for their presence was that these middle schoolers had to be females who had developed early and looked like any other high schooler.

Luke picked a random metal pole and locked his bicycle to it. He wouldn’t carry his bicycle in.

An ordinary person would find it hard to imagine how crazy a group of partying high schoolers could be.

He had no intention of allowing his bicycle to be disassembled by the crazy crowd, nor did he want to be greeted with a bicycle covered in vomit when he was about to return home.

After he locked his bicycle, he strolled into the front yard.

He had guessed that about 70 percent of the students would be here tonight. Thus, the garden was filled with noise.

A few girls in tank tops and hot pants could be seen giggling and playing on the swings which hung from one of the large trees. Many girls could be seen sitting on the lower branches and talking among themselves. These girls were all wearing tank tops and hot pants as well. At most, some of them had thin jackets over their tank tops.

One could say that with one look, all that entered your eyes was pair after pair of long, slender legs.

But of course, most of these legs were tanned. Texas was a place that got a lot of sun, and the local girls here were mostly athletic, so they all had healthy tans the color of wheat.

A few girls shouted their greetings at him from the tree. They were part of the group that he was closer to at school.

Luke smiled and waved at them before asking, “Where’s Jimena?”

Jimena’s friends were among them, and they didn’t say much. They only pointed at the back of the building. That place was even noisier than the front yard.

Luke nodded as a sign that he got the message.

The girls laughed heartily, some even throwing him a few flying kisses.

Of course, he wouldn’t take them seriously.

From their expressions, it was clear that they were making fun of him because of something Jimena had told them about him.

In this manner, men and women were quite similar.

Luke detoured around the building. He didn’t feel like going inside for now.

The party’s hot spot tonight was the swimming pool. As for the rooms inside the house, those belonged to couples looking for some privacy.

Sure enough, when Luke arrived at the backyard, he was met with a scene of insanity.

A large number of the people here had already graduated senior high, and coupled with the insanity of this party…

In any case, that was what Luke thought.

But of course, for the crowd there, this was the most natural thing to do.

People could be seen swimming in the pool, or running after each other, or talking with each other, eating, drinking, hugging, and so on.

A lighting system had been set up in the backyard in advance. Not far away was a platform with two speakers and an amplifier on it. Also on the platform was a curvy female DJ dressed in a bikini whose body swayed back and forth, further adding to the excitement in the air.

Luke adjusted his expression and his walking posture – he couldn’t allow himself to walk into this scene expressionlessly like a sleepwalker. That would look too out of place.

His new walking posture was one that he would never dare use ordinarily; he would most likely be beaten up after a few steps if he tried.

But here, nobody cared. Everyone was busy partying.

As Luke walked, he scanned his surroundings. Soon, he found his girlfriend. He sidled up to her and said, “Girl, make me happy.”

Jimena, who was busy chatting with her friends, blanked out slightly, before the group of girls burst out laughing.

They couldn’t react any other way, as they were very clear on the type of person Luke normally was.

He was a person who didn’t care about showing off, yet was an existence nobody could ignore. But currently, he stood there like a thug from a movie who was about to be beaten up. It was clear that he was joking around.

Jimena and the other girls all roared with laughter.

Now that they had graduated, it was understandable if someone suddenly decided to change their image.

One of the girls roared with laughter before saying, “Haha, Luke, I heard you were hospitalized a short while ago. You haven’t suffered brain damage and gained a new personality like in the movies, right? Or is this how you’ve wanted to act for so many years?”

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