Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Return Trip, and Kill Gains

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Now that he was done with his mission, Luke didn’t want to waste anymore time here.

If his guess was correct, when his strength reached 20 points, he would feel a strong sense of discomfort as well. Following that, his body would be significantly enhanced.

Because of that, he planned to rush back to the United States and check into a motel for one night. There, he would push his strength up to 20 points.

His return trip was different. With a much nicer car, he didn’t need to worry about it and could speed all the way.

After an entire day of travel, he arrived at the border town before nightfall. There, he dumped the F150 in a random alley before buying another old truck to continue his journey.

After an hour or so, he arrived at the fence on the border. When he saw that his truck was still parked on the other side, he heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that nobody had been here for the past two days.

Once again, Luke set up some planks, which he had gotten beforehand, on the truck, before retrieving his stilts from where he had hidden them previously.

After putting them on, he tried moving around. The weather here was dry with little rain. Thus, the stilts hadn’t been damaged by the two short days that they had been left here.

Then, Luke did what he did when he first came, and easily jumped over the fence.

He looked for the car key which he had hidden underneath the truck before removing his disguise. After burning his disguise, Luke continued with his trip.

As for the final M1911 he had been carrying on him, the gun had already been dismantled and thrown away when he arrived at the border. The only things he had on him were what he had initially brought and the 10,000 dollars which he had stolen from the Carlos Family.

That was right. Luke had taken 10,000 dollars from the table in Diego’s room.

Nevertheless, he had spent over 3,000 dollars on this private mission of his. Thus, he hadn’t really profited much.

After driving for two hours in the dark of night, Luke arrived at a small town. There, he rented a room at a motel.

He bought a bunch of food from the supermarket next to the motel before returning to his room, where he hung the “Do not disturb” sign on the door. After a shower, he finally pushed his strength up to 20 points.

He was assailed by an intense sense of discomfort.

He could feel all his muscles twisting and warping. Unlike when his dexterity reached 20, he mainly felt sore instead of numb. This soreness was similar to what one felt the next day after an intense workout.

Lying on the bed, Luke tried his best to relax and shift his attention away from his body.

He started checking his gains from this mission instead.

The level up had actually given him 4 stat points. He was very happy about that as this meant that in the future, each level up would give him 4 stat points. He would be able to develop much faster.

Gleefully, he started checking the other system notifications.

You have killed Amancio Mendosa. You may now learn all his abilities.

You have killed Salazar Gonzalez. You may now learn all his abilities.

You have killed Camacho Santos. You may now learn all his abilities.

You have killed Diego Carlos. You may now learn all his abilities.

It was a long list of such notifications, all of them related to the Carlos Family members whom Luke had killed.

Most of them didn’t matter as they didn’t have many worthwhile abilities. Most only knew basic firearms or basic driving and nothing else.

But Salazar Gonzalez’s list of abilities was incredibly astonishing.

Basic firearms, basic combat, basic driving, basic special combat, basic tactical command, and basic interrogation. These were Salazar’s abilities.

Luke knew who this person was.

He was the number one hitman of the Carlos Family, who also instructed the other hitmen in the family.

He used to be a commander in the Mexican special forces.

But during the war against the drug cartels, he ultimately selected money over duty, and joined the Carlos Family to become one of the criminals he used to fight.

Although Salazar was only a hitman, he used his experience and skills to train the Carlos Family members and raise their level above other regular gangs.

With him in command at the scene, the Carlos Family would rarely lose a gang war either.

It wouldn’t have been easy for Luke to proceed with killing all the members of the Carlos Family if Salazar had been alive.

Unfortunately for them, this Salazar was too cautious. The moment he found the guard at the bathroom missing, he attacked Luke outside the bathroom without hesitation, only to get himself killed instead.

That was right; Salazar was the big guy Luke encountered when he left the bathroom.

Salazar was a remarkable combatant, and was very good in a melee.

Unfortunately, Luke was just as strong as he was, while Luke was far more dexterous. On top of that, Luke was also very good in hand-to-hand combat. Thus, Salazar was unable to do anything before Luke broke his neck.

In fact, Luke had recognized Salazar during the fight as well. That was why he had been so brazen in the later battle.

Without a capable commander like Salazar, the members of the Carlos Family fell into complete chaos and had zero advantages in their confrontation with Luke.

After Luke checked Salazar’s list of abilities, he shook his head.

This list of abilities was nearly identical to Robert’s. He had no use for these abilities for now. The only noticeable difference was basic interrogation, which Luke didn’t need.

The most important information Luke obtained was the “killed” notice in the system notifications.

From this, Luke learned more about how the system worked.

Compared with just a defeat, killing an opponent unlocked all their abilities right away.

So, he had to kill even more criminals in the future?

After thinking about how Daddy System told him to become an official police officer, Luke concluded that this system was on the side of justice.

Luke continued checking the other abilities and found basic manufacturing of cocaine on Diego’s list.

Diego was indeed a professional drug dealer. He didn’t even possess abilities such as basic firearms and basic driving. His sole ability was basic manufacturing of cocaine. He truly deserved his death.

By the time Luke was done studying the system notifications, he was already feeling less uncomfortable. That was probably because his body had already became stronger, which reduced the discomfort.

At this point, Luke could no longer resist his exhaustion, and he drifted off into heavy slumber.

He woke up at noon the next day, his stomach rumbling with hunger.

After cleaning up and packing his stuff, he left the room and bought ten burgers before setting off.

Half a day later, he arrived at the car rental to return the car.

The employee there smiled and asked, “How was your trip?”

Luke smiled. “Um, it’s a nice area for camping.”

He then put on his rucksack and boarded a Greyhound Bus for home.

A day later, he arrived in Shackelford.

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