Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Someone From the FBI, And a Joint Investigation

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Luke’s mood also improved significantly after this realization. After work, he went to practice his shooting as usual.

Now, he no longer needed Selina with him all the time.

Nowadays, they would first agree on a time beforehand for their Brazilian jiu-jitsu training sessions.

Selina would usually come pick Luke up after his shooting practice before heading to the police department’s gym for their Brazilian jiu-jitsu training.

Today was the same.

After an hour of training at the shooting range, Luke hopped into Selina’s car. The two then headed to the gym for another hour of training.

After the training session, Luke passed Selina a glass of water.

Selina drank slowly. Gasping for breath, she said, “You freak. Why do I feel like you’re getting stronger? It almost feels like I haven’t improved at all, and I’ve gotten weaker instead!”

Luke smiled. “No, Selina, you’ve improved greatly. In fact, it took me three months to reach your current level back then.”

Selina replied, “Are you sure?”

Luke replied, “Yes. If you continue training, you’ll be able to utilize a majority of Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques during actual combat in half a year. Of course, you still won’t do well against a pro fighter.”

Selina wasn’t discouraged when she heard the last bit of Luke’s words.

She knew that the so-called “pro” Luke was talking about referred to those who trained specifically to counter Brazilian jiu-jitsu or those that were very good in hand-to-hand combat.

But in real life, these people were very few in number.

Even among gang members, most of them only knew basic boxing skills and weren’t good at Brazilian jiu-jitsu or any other martial arts that were counter to the Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Thus, she was satisfied with her rate of progress.

Even Luke had needed four years to reach his current level. Selina didn’t think that she was any more talented than he was in martial arts.

Right at that moment, Luke’s cell phone rang.

It was currently the year 2003, and the cell phone was already a widespread item.

But of course, cell phones in this era were nothing like the later smartphones.

Luke took out a cell phone that looked more like a brick. “Luke here.”

Robert’s voice rang out. “Where are you? Still at the police department?”

Luke replied, “Yes. I’m in the gym. I just finished training with Selina.”

Robert sank into a short silence before saying, “Go wash up and wait for me. Both of you. Wait inside my office.”

Luke asked, “Did anything happen?”

Robert replied, “Someone from the FBI is here. It’s related to the Carlos Family.”

Luke replied, “Oh, ok.” He then hung up with a pensive look on his face.

Selina asked, “What’s up?”

Luke replied, “The FBI is here. Robert told us to wash up and wait for him in his office. Let’s go.”

Selina stood up. “Why are they here?”

Luke replied, “Robert said that it’s related to the Carlos Family.”

Selina stopped walking as her face lit up with excitement. “For real? Hehe, looks like I’ll get a chance to have some fun this time.”

Luke smiled bitterly. “Why are you so happy? Do you want to draw the Carlos Family’s attention?”

Selina snorted coldly. “Remember, both of us were involved in catching the two drug traffickers. Do you think they’ll spare me after they’re done with you?”

That left Luke speechless.

Although the Carlos Family might not necessarily come looking for her since Luke was the one who had killed Francisco Carlos, nobody knew for sure what those madmen would do.

Thus, something had to be done about the Carlos Family.

A cold glint flickered in Luke’s eyes when he made this decision.

When they arrived at the bathroom, Selina stepped forward before sneering as she said, “Do you want to join me? My Little Skywalker?”

Luke shivered and said, “No, I wouldn’t dare. Enjoy yourself, Milady.”

Selina roared with laughter before entering the bathroom.

The two took turns showering and they put on their uniforms.

It was a good thing they had been in their sportswear when training. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have a different set of clothes to change into right now.

They waited in Robert’s office, and in a few minutes, Robert arrived.

When Robert entered the office, he said, “I’ll give you a rough explanation now before they arrive.”

The two nodded.

Robert said, “The FBI is here to bust the Carlos Family’s smuggling route. They received intelligence that the Carlos Family has spent the past few years looking for a suitable smuggling route. Our town is part of some of the routes being considered. That was why the two traffickers you guys caught were here.”

Their expressions turned solemn.

Robert continued, “The FBI found out that we’re investigating the Carlos Family, and that Francisco Carlos was killed here a few days ago. After some back and forth, they’ve decided to send someone here to talk to us and see if we can deal the Carlos Family a heavy blow this time.”

Selina asked, “They want to use us as bait?”

Robert nodded. “That’s right. I haven’t agreed. I need to know first what you guys think.”

Selina knew that Robert mainly wanted to know her thoughts. After all, he had plenty of other opportunities to ask Luke the question if he wanted to know Luke’s thoughts.

Without any hesitation, she answered, “I’m in.”

Robert asked, “Don’t you want to think about it?”

Selina replied, “I don’t want to gamble on whether those madmen will spare me and my family.”

Robert nodded. “Ok. How about you, Luke?”

Luke answered, “I’m in, too. But what’s the plan?”

Robert said, “Well, we’ll wait and see what the FBI has to say.”

Luke thought about it and said, “So long as we can keep our families safe, I don’t mind not taking any credit for the operation at all.”

Robert waved his hand. “Bullshit. So long as the operation is successful, everyone will be recognized for it. The only difference will be the amount of credit everyone gets. Focus on how to deal with the Carlos Family instead.”

Luke found himself in agreement with that and thus shut up.

Less than ten minutes later, two men in black suits walked in.

One was a Caucasian who was around 40-years-old, while the other was a Latin American who was about 35-years-old.

The Caucasian reached out and said, “Hello, Chief Robert. I’m Agent Chris Jones. This is Agent Mario Santos.”

Robert maintained a flat expression and shook his hand lightly before saying, “Welcome. Let me make the introductions. This is Selina Hayek and this is Luke Coulson. They were the officers who caught the two traffickers.”

The four shook each other’s hands before sitting down.

Robert stood at the table with the agents to his left and the officers to his right. He said, “Alright, let’s cut to the chase. Chris, tell us your plan.”

Chris wasn’t too startled by this straightforwardness. He nodded and said, “I have a group that has been monitoring the Limedog Gang for a year. They are in fact a front for the Carlos Family on this side of the border, helping them with their drug distribution. We’re planning to get rid of this gang.”

Robert frowned. “Shouldn’t that be the DEA’s job?”

Chris nodded. “If the Limedog Gang was focused on just the sale of drugs, we might not have set our eyes on them. After all, that’s what the DEA is for. But they’re behaving like the Carlos Family as well. In a short span of three years, they’ve been involved in several dozen shooting cases in the country, and a total of 17 civilians and 3 police officers have been killed.”

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